Weigh In! What Do You Think of WBC Plan To Fix Bad Judging?

jose-sulaiman 997x777The result of the recent Pacquiao-Bradley fight outraged the boxing fans of the world, the press, and even politicians in the U.S.A. The many damaging commentaries against boxing were unfortunate. It was certainly a bad decision – Manny Pacquiao should have never lost a fight that he so clearly won. Some are talking about investigations, but for what? It was to me nothing but a wrong appointment of one judge without enough experience for this type of fight, and one other – well-known as a good judge who, the same as any human being, just had a bad day. There is unquestionable honesty and experience in Duane Ford. The Nevada Commission? There is no doubt of the rectitude and high respectability of all of its members.

Boxing is perhaps the must subjective sport. The only score is punches thrown at high-speed from one boxer to the other that are practically impossible to count. It is also excellency in dominating the round – either by the boxer not letting the puncher score, or the puncher not allowing the boxer to excel. Because of its subjectiveness, the appointment of ring officials needs extreme care and competency. The decisive punching with power and accuracy that almost knocked down Bradley three times, like Pacquiao did, and who was clearly far superior, according to basic guidelines, against the fast glove and arm punching by Bradley, that count much less.

The main problem lies in the fact that the appointment of ring officials is no easy matter, as many think that it is just routine. The highest responsibility of a boxing commission is the right appointment of ring officials for the sake of justice and respect for the boxing fans – the appointment of ring officials is as important as being a judge in a highly competitive fight. Judges have the same mentality as boxers: they are either punchers, fine boxers, or a mixture of styles. If you appoint a judge who likes fine boxing in a fight that a puncher and a boxer are rivals, you are helping, inadvertently perhaps, the boxer. People in other countries are not happy with some, but not all, commissions in the U.S.A. disregarding the neutrality of judges. The NFL, MLB, the NBA, etc., send their own neutral officials, but not boxing.

In the old days, New York used to score by rounds won. California by 0 to 0 on even rounds and 1 to 0 on wide margins. Great Britain had a 1/4 of a point as an advantage in a round, later modified to 1/2. The amateurs had 20 for the winner an 19 or less for the loser. Today amateurs use a device that is highly criticized today – that if three out of five judges click at the same time, the boxer scores one point.

In 1963, the world got together to found the WBC and they all agreed to implement the 10-point Must system. It gives the winner of the round 10 points mandatorily, and 9 or less to the loser. It has worked for 50 years. The big problem is that judges score 10-9 for the winner of the round, regardless if it is by a slight, clear, very clear, or overwhelming difference. It practically destroys the fairness of the system. Boxer A wins slightly the first round: 10-9. Boxer B wins the second, but overwhelmingly, also 10-9. Where is justice? Judges are afraid of scoring 10-8 rounds, which they should. In any of the systems, however, it is absolutely necessary to put the appointments in the hands of competent officials, who are constantly trained and boxing-educated, and appointed not by “being my turn” or any other form, rather than for proven professionism in boxing matches.

Due to all of the above, I believe that we have allowed the 21st Century to leave boxing much behind. The invention of the computer has invaded most – if not all – systems of today, in every activity of science, medicine, industry, and even in children's entertainment and school. But scoring in boxing has remained in the 20th, or even 19th century. We at the WBC are known to be people who practice reform. Some times we have failed, while other times the reform has taken years to be applied by others. However, with the unity and similar ideals of a good number of outstanding boxing commissioners from all over the world, including many Americans, the WBC has changed the world of boxing. Many rules and actions of reform have been implemented to take the old legalized savage sport of boxing to the highest levels of safety, justice, and equal opportunities.

We at the WBC have one more plan to reform – to bring the officiating of boxing into the present times of the 21st Century. We will be bringing boxing into the computer era. We will have our judges leave the paper and pencils at home. We will present a new computerized system by having a computer devise in the hands of each of the three judges, connected to a main computer that will be adding automatically, instantly, and accurately, the information sent by the judges’ devices into the computer.

We will propose to totally change the system into clicks on buttons designating the differences

in the action, but not in numbers. We will let the judges click the buttons for: 1- very slight difference; 2- somewhat clear difference; 3- clear difference; 4- overwhelming difference; and 5- a beating. In addition to that, we will have: 6- one button for knockdowns; and 7- one other button for fouls. We will let our English speaking friends find the right name for the buttons. And I apologize and feel very sorry for the ring card girls not to take the scorecards from the judges to show their beautiful bodies to the cheers of the crowd, but we can still have them show the number of the round, as ring card girls have become a tradition in boxing.

We could still discuss, in addition, the possibility of raising the number of judges to five instead of three, not approved before because of the opposition of promoters, probably right, in not raising their total expenses.

The computer and devices will be taken for demonstration to the WBC’s 50th anniversary convention in the paradisiacal city of Cancun, Mexico, where we all will find light blue-green waters, blue skies, warming sun, traditional Mexican hospitality, and a great reunion of the nicest people in the world: the boxing family.

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-SouthPaul :

I think it would be like Bernie Madoff stepping in to fix Charles Ponzi.

-deepwater :

This article is propaganda . Duane ford is honest? How do you come to that conclusion ? Do you assume that or do you just feel that or do you have any evidence to support that claim?? Duane fords explanation is PAC didn't look like he did in other fights? That right there is corrupt judging. Ford compared boxing to basketball. That right there is negligence at best. Why isn't ford suspended? Corruption at the highest level at boxing should be exposed by the press but writers like this cover up the nonsense. Horrible article

-Radam G :

WBC is on the right track. But NO! NO! NO! NO! AND NO to humans pushing any darn buttons on a computer. Computers can do every darn thing themselves better than a human could ever do it. Just place nano chips into the boxing gloves and program the rules of scoring in professional boxing and the dang computers will get everything right. Just as nowadays the computers have yet to make mistakes with shutting down dangerous syet when operating on a human or opening up things of pure safety for a human, they won't make a mistake on CORRECTING "Bad Judging." [Computers are keen on 100 percent safe activities for mankind going into outerspace. Computers will never score a bad decision and can even signal to the referee to stop a fight because the combatant is in great dangerous of expiring -- taking a permanent nap.] Just look as track and field, you don't need a man determining if a runner jumped the gun, the computer is keen on that 100 percent of the time. You don't even need a man holding a stopwatch to time a runner. The computer will be correct 100 percent of the time. Bottomline is that computers are making the cheating-arse judgement of mankind and mankind's various gods extinct. I don't give a double fudge about anybody getting heated and angry, but with great sincerely and honest of computers, you no longer need man or a god judgement and affecting syet. You cannot depend on either one of them. Over 2,000 years ago, Jesus said: "Hey Big Poppa, these Roman are whuppin' my a$$! Have Thy Forsaken Me? Can a left-handed, 33-year-old Jew get so luv and help?" Now a computer would have told Jesus that Big Poppa was going to let the Roman kill yo' arse with a weak death, and you will be back to magic in three days. Then you will have to put up with Doubting Thomas calling Your ho Mary Magdalene a lie about your return. Two weeks ago, Da Manny said: "Hey Big Guy in da sky, these Sin City Stanks -- I mean Yanks -- robbed my Pinoy a$$. Can a 33-year-old left-handed Catholic get some justice? Or is it JUST US? I quit being a sinner and everything." Now a computer would have scored the bout for Da Manny and told Bambi -- I mean Bradley -- to get da double fudge outta Sin City with his losing arse. And these juvenile-acting haters would not be blaming an 80-something-year-old Jew of setting Da Manny up and selling him down the river for greed of money in making a rematch during turkey month. WHAT Da goba-goba jive-turkey fudge. Moral of the fixing of bad judging: Take da double fudging human factor outta of it. Taking humans out of timing with the stopwatch and shooting the gun when they thought that a runner jumped are now MOOT! And Track and Field is wonderful, and the favorite of the O Games. There is no jive-turkey cheating anymore. The computers get it RIGHT 100 percent of the TIME! These computers will do the same for boxing without needing for humans to push syet to register a score. Let me make a sell pitch NOW! The computer wizards in my G FAMILY can fix these bad judging problems in boxing YESTERDAY! Of course for a LARGE PRIZE. Straight-up prizecomputering fixing prizefighting. Everybodee and dey momma will be happy. And the G Fam will be going to the bank. Hehehe! Holla!

-Radam G :

BTW! I 100 percent agree with Deepwater. Daune Ford needs to be exposed. Dude is 99-percent corrupted, even more than controversial referee Joe Cortez, who needs to be forced to retire. And "Jungle Fever" loving C.J. Ross should not be allowed to judge fights where she will be distracted by a muscle-bound chump with dark skin. I know that the true hurt and is not politically correct. But that is my story, and I'm sticking with it. Thick-skinned Radam G rolls with the ___ing truth. Holla!

-dino da vinci :

BTW! I 100 percent agree with Deepwater. Daune Ford needs to be exposed. Dude is 99-percent corrupted, even more than controversial referee Joe Cortez, who needs to be forced to retire. And "Jungle Fever" loving C.J. Ross should not be allowed to judge fights where she will be distracted by a muscle-bound chump with dark skin. I know that the true hurt and is not politically correct. But tht is my story, and I'm sticking with it. Thick-skinned Radam G rolls with the ___ing truth. Holla!
I, for one, happen to love 'thick-skinned insane Radam G when he's in the middle of rolling with the ________ing truth.' And of course when he's Holla-ing, as well.

-Radam G :

Thank you, DdV. I appreciate da luv! Holla!

-TotoyBato :

5 judges sounds good, and allow scoring even rounds. Just minimize controversy. Controversy is part of the allure of boxing. Forget that hi-tech gizmo. Computers don't have emotions and therefore can not affect emotions. We will not have discussions if there were no controversies to stir emotions.

-gibola :

The ridiculous ten-point must system takes no real account of the margins a round is won by so either scrap it and go back to rounds or use it to it's fullest extent. At the moment you get a 10-9 if you win the round very narrowly or dominantly. Ten-point must is really the rounds system with supplemental points. 118-112 is really 8-2 and 2 even. Newcomers to the sport actually think Witherspoon and Tubbs somehow scored 143 and 144 points in their fight when it's a nonsense. Either go with a sophisticated 10-point must (eg 10-9 very slight edge, 10-8 edged round, competitive but clear round 10-7, dominant round 10-6, one-sided 10-5, plus extra points for knockdowns) or just acknowledge that we score rounds, some are won bigger than others but we just score rounds, 1 extra point per knockdown and no flexility. A knockdown always means a round to that person and a supplemental point, regardless of who was winning the round previously. That may seem a crude way to judge but it's more or less what we do at the minute and it would be clear to everyone what was happening and how the round would be scored. I'm coming round to the idea of a really simple rounds system and a rigid set of simple rules judges must follow in rounds where there are knockdowns. The day computers get involved I'm finished with boxing.

-Radam G :

And that is the point, TotoyBato! We don't need cheating to have discussions. Emotions are for Rocky Movies, not for the fight game. It is prizefighting for da moola -- pay to see, pay to play. Not crying and bytching for the hoola hoola, Muthasuckas can get off those emotions and discussions with seeing the ring girls shake and work those arses. Holla!

-Imperial1 :

Wait a sec the WBC and Joe Suliman wants to fix boxing ?Thats like a theif trying to fix crime !

-Imperial1 :


-jun_bayno :

The WBC's decision to bring the scoring into the 21st Century is very timely. I appreciate your prompt decision and action to save the boxing as a sport business. However, I suggest, in addition to what WBC has proposed, to include in the final scoring the "COMPUTER BOX" Records of number of Solid Punches that landed, number of Jabs that Landed, number of Punches that landed, etc. There is still subjectivity in the Assessment and Appreciation of the Judges round by round on the proposed Scoring on 1-slightly defeated, 2-clearly defeated, ... 5-a beating, etc.--Make it 55% of the Total Score. Then Factor In the Computer Box Records--Make this 45%. This will somehow balance the Judges' subjectivity.

-Radam G :

There are computers that can and will be 100 percent objective. Turn 'em on and let them go. They don't need a single hand from a human or god. Gods and humans are some bias muthas. Get 'em outta of scoring. Holla!

-brownsugar :

Why not let Jerry Sandusky be your baby sitter?,... or let Bernard Madoff (Ponzi scheme) handle your stocks?..... and why don't we give Arthur Andersen(Enron) the positon of CEO at Chase Bank? The letcherous boxing council was on it's heels when Rocchigiani sued them for taking his title illegally...because Roy Jones wanted to be reinstated as Lt Hv wt champ the WBC told Ricchogiani he was history. The ensuing law case left the embattled Suliaman with the only option left. .... he could liquidize the WBC in an attempt to pay the 30millions in damages owed to Rocchigiani or face far worse consequences. (Suliaman said that naming Rocchigianna champ after defeating Michael Nunn in 1998 was a typo). The existing boxing insiders at the time convinced Rocchigiani to settle for 6 figures lest his lawsuit destroy the largest boxing administrative infrastructure that existed at the time. Their lack of vision and insight and ability to think outside the box damned the future of boxing and turned a 6 headed Hydra into a 12 headed Demon of Chaos. ......We should have rebuilt.....started anew. Now we're stuck with one of the most currupt organizations in boxing... who implants hometown paper champs every 6 months while stripping legitimate title holders like Martinez, Ward and Bradley for guys like Canello who won a welterweight title for beating Ricky Hattons Journeyman brother. Suliaman the one time water boy and fetch-it man for Don King has invested nothing to improve the quality of life for boxers after they retire punch drunk and have to make ends meet doing janitor jobs.... or by collecting welfare. What good is reducing fights to 12 rounds when fighters have to panhandle when they're done? Now he's going to give suggestions on how to avoid the "Fixed decisions"? Let Suliaman rule boxing Mexico, his home country... so he can facillitate requests from men like Chavez Sr. A New boxing Czar (sanctioning body) needs to be created right here in the capital of boxing...the USA. let them open up new schools to validate new judges, and officials. Pull the veil of ligitimacy off the PED cheats,... along graft and nepotism... retire the old school network of clandestine officials like Jerry Roth.. and open up more positions to qualified applicants. The dawn of a new order is long overdue. The boxing community is reeling and rupturing because of gross mismanagement.... DOWN WITH SULIAMAN!