Pacquiao-Bradley: Another Travesty

Bradley Pacquiao 120609 004aThe fighters managed a smile afterwards..but the fans still fume, and head for the exits. Too many think the sport is riddled with corruption. (Chris Farina-Top Rank photo)

Let’s get one thing straight right off the bat to avoid further disappointment. Nobody is going to do anything about it.

Of all the sad things you can say about what happened at the MGM Grand Garden Arena Saturday night that is the surest and the saddest of all. Nobody is going to investigate a robbery conducted in front of over 14,000 eyewitnesses. Nobody is going to make it right. Nobody is even going to try.

Manny Pacquiao has been the recipient of a gift decision or two during his career, including in my opinion the draw and two razor-thin wins Las Vegas judges awarded him over the years against Juan Manuel Marquez. Frankly, I don’t believe he won any of those fights nor more than about a third of the 36 rounds fought between them.

Having said that, those decisions were at the worst only petty theft. They were at least in the first two cases, debatable. What was done to Pacquiao by Duane Ford and CJ Ross however was grand larceny at the Grand.

Ford and Ross were the two judges who committed robbery using a lead pencil, ruling that Timothy Bradley had defeated Pacquiao 115-113 when most observers, including prize fighters like George Foreman, Roy Jones, Jr., Evander Holyfield and even Floyd Mayweather’s father, saw a one-sided win for Pacquiao.

Ford tried to defend his score the following day in the Las Vegas Review-Journal by claiming Bradley had “given Pacquiao a boxing lesson.’’ Then in the next breath he admitted most of the rounds were close. The lesson in that is the 74-year-old Ford has seen his better days…and apparently not much of that fight.

There are two ways to look at the split decision win those judges gave Bradley. You can simply shrug your shoulders, holler about unproven corruptness and buy the next pay per view when it comes along or you can do what discerning shoppers do.

When the product turns bad you stop buying. That is what fight fans need to do until this matter is thoroughly investigated. Not that that will change anything but at least the people allegedly in charge will be on notice that someone is watching because Saturday night no one was – including the three judges at ringside.

The fault does not lie with Bradley or Pacquiao. Both fought bravely and well. They entertained, took risks and rewarded the fans with their efforts. But the result demeaned those efforts, the sport and the fans who pay everyone – including those judges and Nevada State Athletic Commission executive director Keith “I Know Nothhhing’’ Kizer.

In less than 24 hours Kizer admitted he thought Pacquiao won but in the next breath said the officials’ work would not be reviewed. The chairman of the commission said it would not “second guess’’ the officials.

Then what are they there for? They don’t do an adequate job on medical exams, especially in the area of performance enhancing drugs. If they catch anyone it’s always after the fact until Dr. Margaret Goodman started actually using tests that might catch someone before hand and almost immediately forced the cancellation of two straight big-money fights as a result of positive tests for PEDs.

They allow endless mismatches as well. Hell, in California Antonio Margarito was allowed to slip two bricks in his gloves without anyone but Shane Mosley’s trainer noticing. So what are the regulators doing in the locker room? Having a Coke?

Now, worst of all, Kizer concedes they won’t even regulate the work of their own officials. So what does Kizer get paid for? Watching?

When an arena of over 14,000 people, nearly the entire Internet world, most professional fighters and commentators and almost the entire boxing press corps agree Pacquiao won somewhere between eight and 10 of the 12 rounds and CompuBox stats argue loudly against the decision how do you come out and say you’re not even going to look at it?

Because it’s boxing which despite the presence of guys like Kizer is the most under regulated business this side of Wall Street’s investment banks and hedge funds.

In sports, one understands how a referee or umpire can miss a call from time to time. But how do you miss an entire fight? Ford even got the 11th round wrong, which he gave to Pacquiao. That was the round after which Pacquiao’s trainer Freddie Roach was so angry at him for taking it off he ordered him to go for a knockout in the 12th. And Ford thought he won it? Even the two blind mice in the other judging chairs disagreed on that one.

As for Ford’s statement that “Bradley gave him a boxing lesson’’ one needed only to listen to Tim Bradley to know otherwise. After his hand had been raised he said he’d have to go home and watch a tape to see “if I won the fight or not.’’

Usually if you give someone “a boxing lesson’’ you know it. Bradley didn’t but Ford did. If Ford thought he saw someone giving Manny Pacquiao a boxing lesson he must have been watching tape of Pacquiao-Marquez III on an iPad rather than the fight.

“You can hear the boos in the crowd,’’ poor Bradley (29-0, 12 KO) said. “Everybody feels I lost the fight.  This is boxing. Nov. 19th we can do the rematch.

“It was a good, competitive fight. Every round was pretty close. Pacquiao won the early rounds. Later rounds I controlled with my jab. Moving.’’

What jab?

According to CompuBox statistics, Bradley landed 12 fewer jabs than Pacquiao (63-51), which meant he averaged 4 ½ jabs per round. He had a connection rate of only 11 per cent because he missed or had blocked nearly all of the pawing, range finder type jabs he threw, none of which came with any sting behind them. They were not offensive in any way except to someone like Larry Holmes or Foreman, whose jabs were lethal weapons. Bradley’s wasn’t even a tracer because seldom did anything come in behind it.

If you throw 449 jabs and miss 398 of them how did that help you control anything? It didn’t. But Keith Kizer sees no problem and Duane Ford says he saw a “boxing lesson.’’ I say we saw another travesty in a sport that long ago cornered the market on them.

Truth be told, even the guy who got it right got it wrong. Roth had the correct winner but that’s all he had right in scoring the bout 115-113 for Pacquiao after giving Bradley the final three rounds.  I saw Pacquiao winning 117-111 and felt I’d been exceedingly kind.

HBO’s unofficial scorer Harold Lederman, a former judge of world championship fights himself so unlike everyone else who Ford dismissed as unknowing would seem to have at least a reasonable understanding of Ford’s job, awarded only one round to Bradley, scoring the fight 119-109. So a former professional judge differed with Kizer’s judges by HALF A FIGHT yet he says there’s no need to review it.

That says as much about what’s wrong with boxing as the rest of the sport’s shenanigans. If this were the NFL or major league baseball, league officials would already have reviewed the controversial events and announced publicly what they’d found. If there was wrong doing or human error, they would say so.

Boxing officials? They just shrink back into the cave from which they sprung knowing nobody is going to do anything because, frankly, other than the fighters and a few loyalists, nobody really cares any more.

Boxing is looked upon by most sports fans today the way you look at your kooky uncle: occasionally interesting but seldom to be taken seriously which is how they get away with what happened Saturday night.

What really gave this outcome a stench that left the Twitter world atwitter was that in the weeks leading up to the fight Bradley openly kept talking of a Nov. 10 rematch already been arranged. He had posters made up and a phony ticket to that fight but later insisted it was all just hype.

Surely it was but if boxing regulators think the larger public believes that they are fooling themselves more than Duane Ford was when he said Pacquiao got a boxing lesson.

“When I came into the ring [after the fight], I said to Tim, 'You did very well,' and he said 'I tried hard and I couldn't beat the guy,’’ claimed Bob Arum, who promotes both fighters. “Something like this is so outlandish, it's a death knell for the sport. This is f—— nuts. I have both guys, and I'll make a lot of money in the rematch, but it's ridiculous.

“You have these old f—- who don't know what the hell they're looking at. It's incompetence. Nobody who knows anything about boxing could have Bradley ahead in the fight.

“You all know who won. I hope boxing recovers because this isn’t arguing about a close decision. This is an absurdity. Everybody involved in boxing should be ashamed. Let’s be honest about the situation.”

Why start now?

The placid Pacquiao urged observers “not to be dismayed or be discouraged at the result. I respect the decision but 100 per cent I believe I won the fight. In your heart you know who won but the best attitude is respect and professionalism.’’

No, the best attitude is to not buy any more fights until something forceful is done about this kind of theft. The decision may not be the worst in my memory but it’s the worst I can remember without spending a week thinking about it. Certainly it was worse than both the Pernell Whitaker-Julio Cesar Chavez and Lennox Lewis-Evander Holyfield decisions because at least they were draws so no title changed hands. In this case, the loser got the title and the winner got the shaft.

By Sunday Arum was claiming he would not stage the rematch despite the fact he is contractually obligated to do so if Pacquiao insists upon it until a full investigation into how the judges came to their decision is held. Earlier he hinted if the fight does go off it will likely be taken to Texas instead of back to Nevada, which means the city and the state will lose millions in revenue.

If that happens, maybe then somebody in state government will finally take a look at regulators who are unwilling to regulate their own business and unable to see blind incompetence when it’s staring them – and millions of witnesses – in the face.

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-deepwater :

we wuz robbed as boxing fans. arum is a pos. he thinks he will earn even more $ with the rematch. wont be no rematch. pac won already. no need for rematch. the judges are corrupt. really corrupt. so corrupt arum should be investigated along with his scumbag friend sheldon aldonson. follow the money.

-deepwater :

sheldon aldeson is the casino mogul that raises money for illegal israeli nuclear weapons. sheldon and bob/lovee arum are in cohoots. follow the illegal money to illegal isreali weapons.

-brownsugar :

with a decision this foul, something is afoot.

-deepwater :

hey man. a billion dollars was transfered in the black market on account of this fight. poof a billion dollars just got transfered. big money goes to big things. sheldon adelson hijacked the republican primary in nevada a few months ago and is under investigation for voter fraud. he made us voters sign a pledge to isreal if they wanted to vote. sheldon adelson supplies the illegal israeli nuke dept. big money does big things.

-deepwater :

everyone knew pacman was going to win. the bookies knew it too. pacman did win. why did the judges score that fight like that? because they were told to. follow the money.arum plus adelson= no good.

-deepwater :

and its funny that the first thing out of arums mouth was im going to make alot of $$$ with the rematch. bob smells dirty

-brownsugar :

Even Floyd SR and Roger Mayweather said it was robbery... I still wouldn't dismiss the Floyd jr confrontation... although I thought Bradley fought bravely and boldly by going into the trenches with Pac, and electing to trade when he was shooting .22calibur bullets against Pac's .44 magnums,... Bradley helped create a exciting confrontation as the only man besides Marquez who actually confronted Pac and tried to fight... Bradley was outgunned in the end. and as the fight ended and the conversation increased in volume within my living room,.. discussions turning to other things nobody paid attention to the TV because we all knew who the winner was.... We had ignored the TV to the point that we didn't even know it was a split D. It wasn't until Bradley was hoisted atop his trainers shoulders raising his hands in victory did we understand what happened. It reminded me of 9/11 My birthday is 9/11, my eyes opened groggily to sight of a plane crashing into a building multiple times until I realized it wasn't a TV show or and advertizement to new movie.. Similarly I rewound the DVR 3 times to hear the verdict again, thinking we caught up in a collective dream. This was no dream. And all the obsessive talk by the sometimes irksome Jim Lampley about Pac having become converted to pacifism instead of Christianity during the prefight proved false as Pac was unloading all the heavy artilliary in his arsenal to halt the elusive Bradley. Pac's comments showed a peace that surpasses understanding, and a dignity that one can only achieve with spiritual enlightenment. Bradley has a broken foot and would seem to need more than 4-5 months to heal properly,... Get Arum out of the way and make the Floyd/Pac,... everybody know's who won,.. it would be bigger than ever.

-brownsugar :

It's interesting that there has not been a formal request by Bob Arum to dispute the decision. Arum was quoted as having said "I'm gonna make a lot of money on the rematch". Was this a conspiracy by the Casino or Arum?, everyone knows the Las Vegas gambling industry has taken a huge hit(why do you think they delayed Floyd's sentence?) , as the spending for new larger and more elaborate Casino's has outstripped the incoming revenue from tourists willing to throw money away during a tight economy. Did Arum bet on Bradley?. Whose Idea was the mandatory Rematch? Can Bradley even participate in a rematch with a broken foot as soon as november? Does the public really need a rematch? Lot's of questions need to be answered and all fingers point to Arum.

-deepwater :

bob arum is dirty. is bob and sheldon adelson smart enough to pull this heist off? Im not sure but who pays for isreals nukes? the money comes from the black market . hmmm??????? also bobs wife lovey shoots her mouth off about how much power arum actually has. lovey does not props to pacman for being humble.

-Radam G :

Wow! When the lowlives, cheats, haters and scumbags do their dirt -- JUST BLAME IT ON AN OLD JEW! OMG! Da BobFather is really gettin' da hate. But he is an innocence MAN! Nobody ever got upset about what Muhammad Murad Muhammad was doing to Da Manny. Nobody ever got upset about what Don King was doing to 90 percent of fighters under his flag. C'mon Danggit! Quit trying to put Da BobFather on the cross. He's aight! Da cheat and the fix were in from ___ ___ ____, but not Da BobFather. I'm down with talking head Stepen A. Smith. Da Manny "easily won that bout. He wuz ROBBED!...Pain and simple!" Huh! Hum! But what do you expect? One judge was 71 years old and couldn't stay awake. But he scored decently, but too close for Da Manny. Another judge was 74 years old, a Pinay hater about the "American Idol," has bad eyes, anger and medical problems. He got it wrong, deliverly, IMHO. And was in need of his late, night meds, and was angry at Da Manny for delaying the bout for 45 minutes, while Da Manny loosened up on a treadmill after watching the National Basketball Association Championship game. And, the last judge, in her 60s, had jungle fever, and is known to give controversial decisions to "muscular, well-built" ebonic-colored pugilists. She was fantasizing about ____ ____ ___ and suffered from inattentional blindness. Da Bradley bod put da whammy on her. Hehehe! The Sin City corrupted powers that be have already said that there will be no changes, nor action taken against the judges. While! Talking about arrogance! But that's boksing. It will forever be seedy and naturally crooked like a banana. And everybodee and dey momma will continously go ape syet! Hehehe! Uncle Roger May has already said: "******! I ain't gonna lie. I hate Manny. But he beat da muthaf***ing sh*t outta dat bytch-a$$ Bradley.... And that says it ALL! Da Manny won the bout. It is now time to move on. This is prizefighting, not pridefighting. I'm with Uncle Roger: "___ ___ ____ Tim Bradley! Let 'em fight Paulie Malignaggi in November. And the Magic Man Paulie will whup his arse. In the meantime, Da Manny can fight new meat in November and Money May will be back to take on a chump. OMG! I hope that he doesn't call out Bradley. Sin City, with its sinful, Judas arse, may just robbed Money May too against Bradley. Then the bout between Da Manny and Money May would take place. Hopefully in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Republic or in Macao, China. Holla!

-Hamburger88 :

if the people were cheated, the government should investigate.

-hans_castorp :

This is a preposterous comment by a person ('radam G') who, I bet, loves to read and re-read his own posts. Gimme a break in claiming we should give ARum a break. How do you know this???

-james_ian :

two things pacquiao can do,... leave bob arum and find another promoter or retire, no rematch,. if NSAC does not want to review, or to something about it, WBO being a respected organization(rather than WBC) should do something.., or else this will be the end of boxing

-jzzy :

Nobody is interested in Pacman fighting Bradley in a rematch. We'd rather see Pacman fight Marquez in a neutral site, not Vegas or Texas. Bradley has plenty of options. Pacman and Marquez are almost done boxing and have a bigger fan base. The fans know who the real champions are.

-MisterLee :

Gentlemen, no crow shall be dished this week. I will hand the leftovers to Jerry Roth...

-deepwater :

In all seriousness . Forget the conspiracies . Those judges have no excuse for their cards.

-deepwater :

Whoever picked Bradley still gets no credit

-amayseng :

i am a home health physical therapist, therefore i spend my days in my car between patients listening to sports radio, espn and fox, and THIS IS THE FIRST TIME EVER, that boxing was news worthy on all the shows.. jim rome, dan patrick, mike and mike and the scott van pelt show all talked for long periods of time about the robbery from pacman this weekend. they even had teddy atlas on both mike and mike and jim rome. the robbery also made PTI today after work and the jim rome show... that is how much of a robbery this bout was.. people say pac didnt fight the first min of each round, but how could he when timmy was no where to be found, running and hiding, secondly how can a fighter be punished for closing STRONG the last minute of each round???????????? bs, i am more of a floyd fan following this robbery because of arum and his BS...two faced liar hugging bradley then back stabbing him right after.. i hope floyd doesnt fight bradley, he will beat him like a drum... also, that judge said tim gave manny a boxing lesson, wth is he talking about, floyd vs jmm was a boxing lesson, this fight was pacman dominating every facet of the game, in the rule book he dominated in all ways a pro fight is scored... the sport is just shiiit on by corruption it is sickening

-amayseng :

In all seriousness . Forget the conspiracies . Those judges have no excuse for their cards.
they were speaking on mike and mike this am how some bouts are close and can go either way in the eyes of the judges, but they said this bout was not close therefore speculation and fact tells us that it was incompetency but CRIMINAL what went down and an investigation needs had.. this was on espn radio this am..

-maykeept :

Very well said. If I were Manny he should retire to give lesson to the boxing world, at least he left the boxing world in awe. Bradley will never get a bigger paycheck until he give his welterweight belt back to Manny. If Bradley is a genuine professional, person and boxer he MUST give the welterweight belt back to Manny, otherwise he's one of the robbers joining the 3 blind judges in the ring side. The BIG Lesson in this decision is to BOYCOTT all Top Rank promotion.

-ultimoshogun :

Well I can't give my two cents till I watch it saturday, but i've noticed we suddenly have a bunch of new members posting. Hamburger88...I think that might be my favorite name here in the TSS universe!

-Fe'Roz :

Arum Arum Arum. Radam is right. This has nothing to do with Arum. The only thing he did was put up a lot of of his own money and make a great event.... and a great night. The judges and the commission that regulates them did a horrible job and as Borges said, they will continue to because there is no money nor will in the Nevada State treasury to fix the problem. BTW, there will more than likely not be a re-match. You heard it here first. I say Manny fight Marquez next....and.....Bradley fights Judah next

-amayseng :

tim bradley has a chance to not only be a HERO but to start the boycott of this criminal activity and incompetency of these JUDGES in boxing by giving back the belt in a press conference, REFUSING to accept it as a man of honor and asking pacman for a rematch so he can win it legitimately. if he did this not only would he be respected, but the sport of boxing would be put on the right path of righteousness for the first time EVER and tim would be the instrument conducting this, he would be a true hero and remembered forever in boxing history. that would make him a true champion.

-Matthew :

As big a travesty as this decision is, getting government to investigate is a bad idea. If you think the NSAC is incompetent, the government is one hundred times worse! What has government ever done effectively or efficiently? The answer is NOTHING! Kizer looks like a real buffoon here, as if his reputation wasn't already questionable. The bottom line is that Borges is right; nothing will come of this. At least New Jersey suspended the judges that robbed Erislandy Lara in the Paul Williams fight, but don't expect the same to happen in Nevada.

-Radam G :

I disagree with you, amayseng. Everybodee and dey momma should just suck it up and move on. This syet comes with the territory of pugilism. Tim Bradley is a fighter, not an official. He fought the fight. He didn't judge it. It is not his fault. It is the Sin City Stanks, who need to become heroes. And just tell that the cheat and fix were on from them, not an 80-year-old Jew. Yall all oughta quit blaiming Jews for all the scums of the world. WOW! Holla!

-Radam G :

Ditto Matthew! Holla!

-amayseng :

Why allow this radam? That is the problem, it's been allowed and ignored for 100 years. And yes the government is crap but something needs done.

-Radam G :

@Amayseng! Well actually, this jive is fairly new. Tex Rickard, the promoter of the first black heavyweight champion of the world refereed the champion Jack Johnson's fight against on-the-comeback-trail-to-whip-a-N-word James Jeffries so that the powerful scums that be would not have robbed him. In those days, the referee was oftentimes the only one scoring the bout. And since Tex was ole Jackie boy's promoter, Tex could run syet. The promoter could do everything in da game back then. And since Tex and ole Jackie were both Texans, Tex travelled with Texas Rangers and Texas outlaws and would kill mutharacists and 20 crosseyed people who looked like 'em in a Texas-quickdraw sec. In November of 1933, when a relative of your's truly beat da hebejeebeez outta Henry "Homicide Hank" Armstrong and was robbed, the Cali commission changed that jive really quick to a draw and escorted the referee out the stadium before the crowd got into his arse. Not much obvious runaway cheating went on back then. But close fights happened all the time. In other words, back 80 to 100 years ago, there were real Americans, instead of these Sin City stanks, who stand for cheating and make sure that they get their checks. And even when the Mafia was running syet in Sin City long back in da day, the fixed fights were on, but not the cheating ones. So believe me or not, all this super-duper outrageous cheating is in the last 30 to 40 years -- all in our time. Before then that Bradley-Pacquiao decision would not have ever happened, or if it did, there will be dead bodies of judges and 30 people who looked like 'em spreaded around Las Vegas. Nowadays, in our time, all we can do is just suck it up, hold our heads up and move da double fudge on. And, of course, just accept that Da Manny got the job put on him by an angry judge and a jungle-fever judge. The sleepy judge had it close, but got it right. Nobody is going to do anything about crooked-arse boksing. Why do we like our sport broke? Because all of us are a bit double fudged up. Hehehehe! The WBO is talking about declaring the bout a no contest. It is that alphabet sanctioning organization's prerogative. But it is just playing politics. I won't agree with its action to punish innocent Tim Bradley. The Sin City stank-arse boxing commission should fired those judges and leave the foul-arse win against Da Manny like it is, or maybe change it to a draw. And that is as far as I will go, because every boxer knows that bad decisions and straight-out getting cheated come with the territory of the hurt bitnezz. Yo' a$$ will get a hardarse bite sometimes. So let it go. It's just another "LUV TKO!" Holla!