AVILA RINGSIDE: Bradley Ends Pacman's Seven Year Streak

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LAS VEGAS-After winning some controversial decisions Manny Pacquiao finally lost a close fight as Timothy Desert Storm” Bradley out-worked the Filipino superstar and won the WBO welterweight world title before a stunned crowd on Saturday.

A crowd of more than 16,000 saw what Juan Manuel Marquez suffered against Pacquiao (54-4-2, 38 KOs), who lost for the first time in seven years, at the MGM Grand Garden Arena. Bradley (29-0, 12 KOs) remain undefeated and emerges as the new champion.

Bradley started with some quick jabs to measure the distance. Pacquiao landed a stiff left hand that connected through Bradley's guard to perhaps win the first round.

After a somewhat cautious first round, Bradley opened up with some combos including an 11-punch barrage when both were tangled inside in round two. Pacquiao landed some left counters and Bradley a right counter. It was clear that Pacquiao's vaunted power was not hurting Bradley.

Pacquiao opened up with the big guns in round three though few landed. Bradley was able to slip most and counter with some smaller blows but it looked like Pacquiao was going for the knockout that never came.

Pacquiao fired two dozen punches with few landing but was in full attack mode in round four. Bradley caught Pacquiao at the end of the round with a big right hand. It was his best punch so far.

The fifth round turned into a brawl with Pacquiao initiating the inside fight and Bradley responding. A big counter left by Pacquiao connected for the best punch of the round.

It's apparent now that Pacquiao was not throwing many blows in the first minute of each round. Bradley took the initiative with jabs and counters. Pacquiao landed a good left uppercut but was hit with an overhand Bradley right hand flush in round six.

Both fighters seemed tired in round seven as the brawling continued inside. Bradley connected with rights to the body and a left hook while Pacquiao connected with a counter left.

“I got my second wind in the sixth round,” said Bradley. “I worked on angles and movement and scoring with counters.”

The fight went toe to toe with Bradley having his best action against Pacquiao. Some right hands connected with Pacquiao still looking for the big bomb.

In round 10 Bradley landed and threw more than Pacquiao who was still looking for the big blow. It didn't come and meanwhile Bradley was scoring points to the body and head. A big right hand scored for Bradley. Round 11 saw Bradley score with some sneak right hands as Pacquiao mounted some flurries but few punches were connecting. So far neither seemed hurt during the fight.

“Tonight he never hurt me. He was hitting me on my arms,” said Pacquiao, who felt he won the fight.

Bradley praised Pacquiao's power.

“He hurt me a couple of times with the left hand,” Bradley admitted. “My corner told me if I won the last round I would win the fight.”

The final round saw both fighters unreluctant to make a mistake. Some clean right hands from the fresher legs of Bradley seemed to be the difference in the fight. Pacquiao never could score the knockout and paid for it as two of three judges scored it for Bradley.

Judges CJ Ross and Duane Ford had it 115-113 and Jerry Roth favored Pacquiao 115-113. There were no knockdowns.

“I want the rematch,” said Pacquiao.

WBA junior featherweight Guillermo Rigondeaux (10-0, 8 KOs) blasted out Philadelphia's Teon Kennedy with a left cross at 1:11 of round five to retain WBA title. It was his first world title defense.

The former Cuban Olympian floored Kennedy five times and made the fight look easy as he riddled the Philly fighter with counter lefts whenever he pleased. Kennedy tried to make a fight but was unable to solve Rigondeaux's southpaw speed and power. Referee Russell Mora saw enough and ended the fight.

“He has the kind of punches you can't see,” said Kennedy, who though knocked down numerous times got up to fight.

Rigondeaux was never in trouble and looked relaxed at all times.

“All my punches are great, I don't have any bad ones,” said Rigondeaux explaining the knockdowns. “That was one of my best performances.”

It truly was eye-opening.

In an ultra slow fight for the vacant IBF welterweight world title Philadelphia's Mike Jones and former junior welterweight champion Randall Bailey matched feints and both refused to lead an assault through eight rounds. Then Bailey lowered the boom in round 10 and said good night to Jones in round 11 with a perfect right uppercut to the chin to win the world title at 2:52 of round 11. Referee Tony Weeks ended the fight.

“Nobody knows what I had to go through,” said Bailey (43-7, 37 KOs) teary eyed. “I just did it.”

It had been more than a decade since Bailey held a world title and had been striving since 2002 to regain a world championship.

“He hit me with a clean shot,” explained Jones (26-1, 19 KOs).

It wasn't until the ninth that Bailey took the initiative and began to mount an attack. A right hand counter seemed to hurt Bailey and that ended that attempt to engage.

Bailey scored big in round 10 with a one-two combination to Jones' chin and down he went. He beat the count and the round ended. Then came round 11 and Bailey waited for the moment and delivered.

Mexico's Jorge “Travieso” Arce (60-6-2, 46 KOs) was fouled by a head butt, a low blow and a blow behind the head all within seconds by Puerto Rico's Jesus Rojas (18-1-1, 13 KOs) and was unable to recuperate to resume the fight in the second round. The match was stopped at nine seconds of round two and ruled a no decision.

“This isn't ending well have a rematch. We have to do this again,” said Arce.

Other bouts

Philippine fighter Ernie Sanchez (13-3, 5 KOs) won by unanimous decision over Minnesota's Wilton Hilario (12-3-1, 9 KOs) on a weirdly scored fight. Judge Robert Hoyle gave Hilario only one round. It was a much closer fight with Sanchez having a difficult time landing a blow but he was aggressive. Hilario landed the cleaner blows but was not given credit.

Canada's Mikael Zewski (15-0, 11 KOs) knocked out Colorado's Ryan Grimaldo (8-2, 5 KOs) 59 seconds into round three of a welterweight match. Zewski landed a right to floor Grimaldo. He got up but couldn't recover and seemingly went down without another serious blow landing. Referee Cortez ended the fight.

Philadelphia's Jesse Hart (1-0) took advantage of referee Joe Cortez's warning for an infraction and while New Mexico's Manuel Eastman (0-2) attempted to touch gloves he was met with a right hand and a flurry of bombs. Is it coincidence that Cortez was involved again? Eastman should have realized it was not a sparring match and been prepared to fight, not shake hands. Shades of Floyd Mayweather and Victor Ortiz. The fight ended in a mere 33 seconds.

Oxnard's Andy Ruiz (2-0) floored Taylor Lawson (0-3-1) of Las Vegas with a counter right hand in round one but couldn't finish the job. Lawson is trained by Floyd Mayweather Sr. and has skills and a big heart. He managed to get in his licks but is a little too short for the welterweight division. Ruiz won by unanimous decision.

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-undisputed34 :

My friend, your reporting on what went on in this fight is only surpassed in its misrepresentation of the facts by the utter lunacy of the judges decision. Bradley did not win a single round of that fight much less enough to win the whole thing. He didn't even deserve the 113 they gave him on the card he lost. I have to say that I was impressed by Timothy Bradley's tenacity BEFORE this fight but even though he is an undefeated fighter (which if that stat didn't mean much before this fight, it definitely means nothing now) I honestly think he should retire. He appeared to be almost utterly without skill in this fight and then after doing a little recon, I noticed that that's how he has always fought. His footwork was terrible...his punches wide, looping and ineffective whenever they happened to land..and he looked gassed in the fourth. Pacqiuao did whatever he wanted to do, whenever he wanted to do it. It did seem somewhat like a sparring match in that pacqiuao didn't seem to step on the gas from bell to bell but when he did up his output, he swatted Bradley around like he had he had a magnet in his face and Manny's fist was made of steel. Horrible, horrible, HORRIBLE decision but I guess many knows now how JMM must feel. Kudos to pacqiuao though for how he refused to take umbrage with the judges decision or downtalk Bradley himself. A true class act, and if there is question about who is the better fighter between Floyd and Manny, there can be no doubt about who has the stronger character...

-jzzy :

Nice piece of fiction. Pacman was the clear winner in a one sided bout. Somebody paid off the judges who voted for Bradlley and they should be arrested. Nothing is for real in Vegas except the mean green.

-vjoe :

What a sad night for boxing and really there is no fixing what happened. Rematch? If I was Manny, I'd skip it. He has a limited number of fights left in his career, he clearly bested this guy (I found it hard to give Bradley 3 rounds), and neither he nor the fans should have to pay with their time and money to make things "right." I wonder what Floyd is thinking? Relief? Bummed? And, yes, Manny accepted the terrible decision with complete class. Hopefully, his new found religion will help him cope with what has to be an incredibly frustrating situation.

-the Roast :

I'm soooooooooo glad I didn't order this PPV. Sounds like a nightmare. Why did they rob Pacman? Isnt he the golden goose? I gotta catch the replay next weekend. I was happy to read Randall Bailey won his fight. I always liked that guy and never thought Jones was anything special. And oh yeah, congratulations to my dream babe Maria Sharapova for winning the French Open and completing the Career Slam becoming only the 10th woman in history to do so. Nice job Maria!

-jzzy :

Since there's such a tsunami of outrage at this unjust decision that smells to high Heaven, I have a suggestion. Roach should file an official protest, the Nevada commission should have a public inquest to investigate this travesty that everyone who saw knows Manny won, even Bradley. Boxing desperately needs to save itself, otherwise it appears the fix was in by those who would benefit from a Bradley win, i.e. ARUM(Bradley is a Top Rank fighter) and the powers that be in Vegas. Can the Nevada Commission be trusted??? They selected the judges?? Everybody in Vegas is on the take. Bradley doesn't deserve a rematch, nice try but he lost big.


Judges CJ Ross and Duane Ford, should never work another fight..NEVER

-Real Talk :

This fight makes me sick to my stomach an I hate to do this beacause I respect the fighters and the countless hours of work they put in training, watching what they eat and the whole grind of making weight and getting in tip top shape. This fight I feel was a waste of my money man. Bradley did not look like he belonged in the ring with Pacman AT ALL. The speed and power of Pacman as well boxing IQ and ring generalship and savvy was in another class. Tim Bradley needs to ease up of the heavy lifting and get down with natural body exercises and much....MUCH more stretching. He looked tight and slow while Pacquiao looked fluid and relaxed which helped his speed and power even more. I'm trying to keep level of pissedness down as I type this but they carried Pacquiao to the left man after all that work he put in for boxing and Top Rank this is how they repay him. BOB ARUM IS THE SLIMIEST SLEAZE BAG IN BOXING RIGHT NOW AND MAYBE OF ALL TIMES IN BOXING....AND I MEAN BARRING NONE...NOT EVEN DON KING IN HIS HAY DAY. Did you see how he slithered in there to congradulate Bradley with a smile then turn around and say he's ashamed of the decision WHEN HE RIGGED THE FIGHT IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!! Greedy Old Bastard wants to keep all the money in house so he fixed it for Bradley to make sure the next fight is an all Top Rank affair. Bradley looked a Hot Sloppy Mess. The only thing he did was throw a good body shot every 3rd round. I was like damn I wasted my money buying this fight cuz Bradley was stinking up the joint and then BOY OH BOY LOL....they weren't done yet....The grand finale was the Icing on the cake. On everything I love I will NEVER....EVER.....buy another TOP Rank ppv fight again until Bob Arum kicks the bucket. I refuse.....no way I'm getting behind or contributing to this garbage that is killing boxing. Bradley didn't even win 3 rds. might not have won 2. SMH.....Disgusting, horrible rape of the sport I love. The sooner Arum is gone the better this sport will be. Yeah I said it an if I ever got around him I would've shake his hand or pretend to be his freind. Dueces

-MisterLee :

I thought Pacquiao won, and I'm a Bradley fan. Bradley looked afraid of his power and his class after round 2. Bradley would flinch and over react often, and did not do a good job of pretending to be Marquez, b/c Marquez would initiate to draw counter opportunities, but Bradley just waited which seemed like running. Also bending from the waist did not work, he should have tried slipping left and throwing the right hand or left uppercut/hook. Bending from the waist doesn't create counter opportunities, and as Hozumi Hasegawa learned agst Montiel and Gonzalez, it allows your opponent to predict the movement of your head and knock you on your way to bending. Yep. Anyway, that's it. I was disappointed. However, everyone was a little right, a little wrong: Pacquiao did not blow out Bradley is a few rounds, Bradley did NOT headbutt, Bradley did work the body and fight in spots, Bradley did not bring the fight, Bradley had some good countering moments but not enough, Pacquiao's power was the difference, Pacquiao was a little slicker than I thought he'd be and trickier, and Bradley's will was tested after round 2 and looked Hatton-ish and lost his confidence early and seemed to cringe for the left hands. Weird. Pc!

-MisterLee :

And shoulder rolling a southpaw is an awful idea. B/c where do you put that right hand to catch the left? If you put it in front of your face, Pacquiao can loop it. If you put it by your ear or temple then Pacquiao can throw it straight, plus Pacquiao can throw way more angles with the left than those two. Yep.


I haven't been writing here for quite awhile and I didn't see the fight. But by the looks of it, the dirty hands of boxing strike again. This whole stuff is getting serious and more obvious. This is exactly what's killing boxing. The sport is not dead, but it's really ruining itself. Everybody can speculate all they want, but the one who's got a lot of explaining to do with this whole situation is the one and only: TOP RANK, INC. CEO and founder Robert Arum. This is not the first time the old geezer resorts to this sort of tactics and it's clear that he wants to keep his company to run the whole show. Bradley-Pacquiao II in November this year to keep the money within the house. The same ol' same 'ol. On the personal side, I would be lying if I didn't say that I'm glad Pacquiao finally got the sour end of the business. He, his team, and their fans got a taste of their own medicine regarding several fights in his career that were gifts to him. But who knows, perhaps an investigation would stir up many things and declare the fight a No-Contest. Who knows? And yes: I was also SMART enought not to buy this fight. Saved my money on this TOP RANK, INC circus.

-Pz2u2 :

I think we are all in agreement that Manny won the fight, so now I ask myself why would Boxing want to steal Manny's title. Here is my theory; I think that Manny was going to retire after the fight and that would mean the end of the money that he brings to boxing. So by stealing the title the vultures figure that Manny would fight the rematch, which means more money for the guys in suits. They assume that Manny would not walk away after a loss. Bradley did not belong in the same ring with Manny.How many times have you ever heard a fighter say the he was going to go home and watch the fight to see if he won? He and his fans were as stunned as Manny's fans were when the decision was given. I also think that Manny not accepting the Mayweather offer made the promoters angry and taking his title is a way to force him to fight again. Looking back at how Manny made everybody wait might have been his way to tell them that he is in charge, but then they stole his title. All of Manny's family was there and they took pictures ,all this seemed like a going away for Manny and now he has to decide if to do the rematch or walk away from the stink of boxing like Marvin Hagler did after the Leonard theft. I will not watch any re match and I hate to say this but this obvious theft may be the end of boxing because if they can fix a Manny fight that was so easy to judge who is going to have any faith in other bouts? Of course Manny has to make the decision but the best way for him to get back to the thieves would be to retire and not allow them to make a single dime more from his sweat and blood. I have been a fight fan since I was little but this is the end for me. I can't remember a bigger robbery of a title in all of my life. Manny is a Campion por Siempre in my mind. Peace to all.

-Radam G :

The atmosphere to rob Da Manny was in full effect. With the talk of an "upset in the air," it was no way that this bout was going to be scored fair. For some people, there is not an iota of shame. Up on the brain, they are straight-up lame. But that is life, and it is truthfully a those-with-the-control game. And with a false belief or a straight-out lie, many humans don't mind burning and dying in flame. Judge C.J. Ross, as HBO Harold Letterman said, should not have ever be allowed to judge a bout of that gravity. The woman suffers from "Jungle Fever." She clearly thought that she was voting in a muscle contest. She got distracted and flaky heated from watching Bradley's bronze body insteading of his lack of fighting. I've give him credit, though. Even after hurting his foot in the early rounds, he still ran like Bambi, because he knew that the fix and cheat were on, and that he'd get a decision if he didn't get kayoed. Like Don King says, "Only in America!" The hatred of Da Manny's success and dominance is as American as apple pie, baseball and chevrolet. It simply comes with the territory, as do reality distortion, make-believe actuality and oftentimes media manipulation. Poor Tim Bradley has been used to keep a myth alive. What a subliminal way to protect Money May from ever facing Da Manny. Holla!

-Radam G :

If Money May has some cojones, he'd come outta hiding -- I mean jail -- when the time is up, and in classic Fam May's cussin' and talkin' sh*t, say that: "Da Manny was fu*kin' ROBBED! But I will fight him next. He can go ahead and cancel the bout with Bradley. Bradley ain't sh*t!" Holla!

-amayseng :

manny dominated tim in such fashion that i caught myself saying out loud numerous times throughout the entire fight that i just feel bad for tim that he is not even competitive and looks foolish and lost in there. he just was so discouraged and terrified to engage and fight. i was cleaning up with my back turned to the monitor when i heard the first score and i immediately turned with a foolish and surprised, yet terrified look on my face as to say, they surely arent going to rob pacman, thinking, no way, you have got to be kidding me.............and they did... what a joke. dana white should start a boxing league similar to mma, i would be all for it.

-Radam G :

Actually there is a boxing league/outfit similar to MMA, Amayseng. It is called "Shoot Boxing." Maybe you should check it out. Holla!

-Radam G :

My !09-year-old Uncle Mamoy, a former fighter way, WAY, WAY back in da day, told me that this bout is the worst scandal in sports since the Black Sox jive-turkey scandal of 1919. WOW! And he says that it is no need to fight Bradley again, because everybodee and dey momma, who's honest, know who won - CLEARLY! i agree with da old fart. Matter of fact, the boxing grapevine is already saying that WBO may just declare this syet a no contest. I disagree with that. Xenophobic homeboy -- I mean home-cooking crooking and cheating come with the territory of da seedy biz. And we don't need the alphabet sanctioning organizations meddling. They already got their paid fees. Bring on Money May. Da Manny will still kick his arse for less pay. Holla!

-Fe'Roz :

?I got my second wind in the sixth round,? "And then got my *** kicked around the ring in the 7th like a ragdoll. Then went to my corner discouraged and clueless and had my trainer kick my *** again" Tim: You lost. There is no shame in it.

-ali :

Pac should have knocked Bradley out though he left it in the judges and paid for it

-jzzy :

The real shame of it all is to see classy people like Manny, Bradley, Marquez toiling for a scumbag like ARUM and the powers that be in Vegas. These are proud warriors who risk it all in a very dangerous sport only to have their efforts erased time and again by corrupt officiating. Arum, that manipulative, duplicious bastard didn't have the decency to move this fight date which conflicted with the IBHOF induction weekend that honored Hearns and Roach, Bernstein and others.

-Fe'Roz :

Whatever we think of the decision last night, Arum had nothing to do with it. He made the fight. Period. The issue here is with the ridiculous decision by judges. This has nothing to do with promoter X Y or Z. Tim Bradley and everyone in the entire arena...and I mean everyone...knew what happened. This isn't Pacquiao Marquez or even Ali Norton. Those fights were close. This was lopsided. You have to go a very long way back to find as high a profile fight in which such a bum decision was passed down. Too far back for most fans here I suspect.

-Condor :

This is not a debilitating "loss" for Manny Pacquiao at all. The comments here are strong, and if true, guys belong locked up. It's big business and can judges manipulate outcomes? Perhaps. I can't quite go there. I'm probably naive. One of my heroes, Marvin Hagler, always said he brought his own judges into the ring with him, for fear of what happened last night. But geez, Manny is still Manny and he's still the most remarkable fighter, in my mind, since a mid-80's Tyson.

-Condor :

And not for nothing. Manny Pacquiao accepted his "loss" with CLASS. No storming out of the ring, acting a fool. He's a sportsman. Total class and professionalism all the way through. He's a credit to the sport. Character is defined not by one's successes, but by his defeats, and you really can see what one is made of in that regard. That struck me in a big way. This mars Manny ZERO.

-ali :

Whatever we think of the decision last night, Arum had nothing to do with it. He made the fight. Period. The issue here is with the ridiculous decision by judges. This has nothing to do with promoter X Y or Z. Tim Bradley and everyone in the entire arena...and I mean everyone...knew what happened. This isn't Pacquiao Marquez or even Ali Norton. Those fights were close. This was lopsided. You have to go a very long way back to find as high a profile fight in which such a bum decision was passed down. Too far back for most fans here I suspect.
Come on Fe'Roz Arum paid them judges off ain't no way in hell they really thought Bradley won. Manny really needs to leave Arum he's a f*cking snake plain and simple.

-Fe'Roz :

Ali, You are letting emotional predisposition and prejudice cloud sound thinking. You and many a Floyd fan has accussed Arum of of simulataneously manufacturing the myth of Manny, matching and protecting him carefully, even fixing the JMM decision in his favor to continue milking him as their cash cow...and avoiding putting him in the ring with Floyd Mayweather. And all in the name of greed. Well let me tell you about greed. If greed were the only motive, Arum would be running now to cash out (the man is 81) by matching Manny with Floyd. The funny thing is that you are right although doesn't believe making the match is cashing out because he believes that Manny will beat Floyd. The fact is he wants the so fight badly he has chased Floyd (and had a negotiated contract agreed to) for years. To this day he tells/berates his young guns, the guys who at this point are virtually running the company, that he wants them to go make that fight. That is not necessarily greed but let's say, for the sake of this discussion, that it is. But Guess what? Floyd doesn't want it. He is the one who has createc one then moved to the next goal post. So obviously greed, whether it be Arum's, Floyd's or anyone involved, is not a powerful enough motive alone. Last month fans screamed that a close decision went to the 'house' fighter and although I disagreed, I respect their position. What I knew then to be wrong and I know to be wrong today is that Arum had anything to do with the judges looking more favorablt on Pacquaio that night. You can't have it both...or all ... ways. Arum can't be protecting Manny's record in November, showcasing Bradley the same night, refusing to indulge Floyd in January...and then fixing things so that the man who has been his most profitable charge in June is jobbed and/or sabotaged last night. Manny Pacquiao, even in 'losing', is the most globally marketable boxer on the planet. He makes a fortune in the ring and he now makes a very significant steady and growing fortune (thanks to his promotional agency) outside of the ring. No one in boxing has anything remotely close to the global brand that Pacquiao has established. Your position just has too many contradictions based on nothing but blind hate and possibly a dose of FighHype type misinformation, which unfortunately has impacted and resulted in flawed judgement. You are better than that.

-xavierdex7 :

Bradley never ever even in his wildest dream has out-smarted and ended pacman run of winning streaks...the judges have a nightmarish scores in favor of bradley which blackened one of the best performance of the 8-division title holder from philippines..a very sad story to tell..

-herando :

the writer is either between paid or nuts..

-francissd :

I think you should change the title of the article into "Judges Ends Pacman's Seven Year Streak"

-gibola :

I score fights all the time from the TV (which is never the best way to do it) and I'm usually in agreement with the mass of opinion so perhaps I've got this one badly wrong but.... (here goes, deep breath!) I watched a Russian version of this with no commentary (or no commentary that I could understand anyway) on Sunday morning without knowing the result and I scored it 116-115 to Pacquaio. There, I said it!!! When I added up I was surprised I had it so close and I sensed it should be wider to Pacquaio, but I do recall thinking that in the second half of the fight Pacquaio is cupping his gloves over his face for 2m while Bradley is working, however sloppily. I thought both guys were unimpressive and it was an awful fight but I had it close for what it's worth. Hey, it's best to be honest and that's how I had it. I would just say that in every Pacman fight I see on HBO (particularly Marquez 3) Jim Lampley loves to say when Manny throws a few one-twos after the ten second clap 'That flurry seals probably the round for Pacquaio.' I have often said 'No it doesn't Jim he lost the first two and half minutes.' I wonder how much HBO's view has an influence on viewers. I had Pacquaio winning this but thought he faded badly and lost rounds when Bradley was busier. I'm going to watch it again to see if I've had a Eugenia Williams, but perhaps we should all have a second viewing with the sound off and see where it leaves us. This reminds me a lot of ODLH-Mosley 2 where the vast majority of people saw lopsided to Oscar but a sizable minority (including the judges) saw a close Mosley win. HBO run with the story of the fight they want us to see at times and ignore what is actually happening. PS - I bet I have it 119-110 Pacquaio next time I watch it and I'll regret this post, I'll never learn!

-mortcola :

And not for nothing. Manny Pacquiao accepted his "loss" with CLASS. No storming out of the ring, acting a fool. He's a sportsman. Total class and professionalism all the way through. He's a credit to the sport. Character is defined not by one's successes, but by his defeats, and you really can see what one is made of in that regard. That struck me in a big way. This mars Manny ZERO.
Brilliant points. Especially about Manny's class. Almost suspicious how self-effacing he is. But, in a funny way, this "loss" can even add to the legend.

-mortcola :

There is no interpretation of events in the ring that explains a Bradley win. He did some nice survival, some reasonably clever counterpunches, and he otherwise got manhandled and beaten up. Now, Pac DID pace himself in the early parts of rounds (I think he is cramp-shy, and quite possibly a bit inhibited about trying to hurt people - he doesn't attack with the same ferocity anymore) - but during that time, Bradley did not steal rounds in any way. One possibility is outright corruption; another is that there may be some unconscious over-emphasis on the belief that Pac had it coming, or that Pac was slipping, getting the judges to delusionally inflate every move Bradley made into greater significance than it possessed. There may be the fact that history shows a number of major judges who really don't know what the f--- is really going on in the ring. But however you slice it, Bradley was beaten, fought like he was trying to survive, didn't believe that he himself had won the fight afterward, was out punched by an order of magnitude by a bigger puncher. A nice contrast, though, echoing Condor, was that there was a good deal of class in the post-fight interviews. No screaming, no ego-tripping. I feel bad for Bradley having to be saddled with the burden of someone else's fraud on his head.

-amayseng :

I've lost respect for tim watching the post press conference Either he was coached what to say or he just came up with the dumbest " I controlled the fight" nonsense. Either he he lost and looked lost in there. Was hurt in probably 6-7 rounds.

-puncher :

I did give Bradley several rounds due to him outworking the Pac-Man for the first 3/4 of the round and then Pac Man coming on. To me that is not how you win fights. He even did that in the last Marquez fight. Still to me Pac-Man won the fight but it was not due to a large margin. Pac-Man did a great job with his straight left, but missed a ton when he went into his "wild mode". It smells that this result forces the Pac-Man to accept Money Mays terms if he wants to be the man.

-Matthew :

What a travesty. I am not among the conspiracy theorists (although you are all certainly entitled to your opinions, no matter how far-out they may be). I believe this is simply a case of incompetent judging. It's not the first time, and sadly, it won't be the last, but it is the worst decision I have seen in 30 years of following the sport. Whitaker-Chavez used to be my benchmark for robberies, but this is worse. Give Tim Bradley credit for finishing the fight with two damaged feet, but he appeared to have conceded the fight in the last few rounds, even though I actually scored rounds 10 and 12 for him. That was really only because Pacquiao took his foot off the gas. I can't believe Bradley is intellectually dishonest enough to really believe he won the fight, but when was the last time you saw a guy actually come out and say he was given a gift? Even Ray Leonard wouldn't publicly admit that he lost the Hearns rematch until many years later. Boxers delude themselves all the time, otherwise they wouldn't climb into a ring and face a possibility of death. I guess we shouldn't expect Bradley to come out and say that he lost, even if he really believes that he did.

-Radam G :

Tim Bradley has an entitled-by-God personality. He believes that God Obdained him to win, and TB will never admit to losing. And he is definitely a believer of what the late, gambling man Jimmy the Greek believed about athletes. So is Sin City boxing judge C.J. Ross. To her being dark-skinned and muscle-bound is da sh*ts and da BOSS. Again, I'm reminding the haters that Harold Letterman said that she should not have been allowed to judge that bout, "because she is SHAKEY!" Harold Letterman's words, not Radam G. Holla!

-deepwater :

bob arum just transfered over a billion $$$ on the black market. judges did as they were paid. bob arum+sheldon adelson supply illegal isreali nuclear weapons