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Bradley media day 120529 008aTop Rank has already hit a home run in choosing Tim Bradley to face off with Manny Pacquiao. His heartfelt declarations of confidence have resonated with fans, and will add a good number of buys to the PPV tally. (Chris Farina-Top Rank)

Tim Bradley looked like he's relaxed, and happily soaking up the atmosphere, as he made his entrance to the MGM Grand in Las Vegas this afternoon, four days away from the biggest night of his life, when he can pull off a massive upset and elevate himself to superstardom..or do what Manny Pacquiao fans expect: give a solid effort, but go down in defeat while winning a payday that he can retire on.

A scrum of print and TV reporters clustered around the 28-0 Californian, and peppered him with questions and flashbulb explosions, but he wasn't sweating. “Manny hasn't seen anybody like me. I'm very fluid in the ring,” he said. “I'm going to take care of this guy to you,” he said to the Hispanic population. He said he ran this morning, and feels great.

He was asked about headbutting, and dismissed that as head games, mostly from Fredddie Roach. “Watch my dreams come true June ninth,” he said. “This is my moment, this is my time,” he said, before turning around, and greeting the fans assembled. Most of them were there to check out Manny Pacquiao, but everywhere Bradley has gone, all who have heard him have been impressed with his composure, his heartfelt declarations and his seemingly superior confidence heading into the scrap. He has done bangup job selling the fight; no matter what happens June 9, Top Rank hit a home run with Bradley's salesmanship.

He said he was gunning for a KO. He said time and again that he was relaxed and liking the attention. He will get rest and go over what he needs to do on fight night in the next few days. “It will be an extremely competitive, high volume fight,” he said. “I need a knockout, a knockdown,” he said, implying that he won't get the nod in a close fight from the judges. He said this is the perfect time to catch Manny, coming off two subpar showings. “We will see what Manny still has on Saturday. I want to become a superstar in the game of boxing,” he said. Beating him will grow his popularity even more, he said. He thinks Pacman will try to catch him early, catch him cold.

Bradley said he thinks Manny's religious immersion will likely help him focus. Asked for a prediction, he said he wants a KO, but he foresees a win. “I'm ready to get it on, I'm sick of training,” he said.

Bradley thinks he is quicker than Juan Manuel Marquez, and that will help him Manny a lot more than JMM did. “Witness this history, I'm going to do it,” he said.

Readers…will he? Are you buying what Bradley is selling? Has his confidence level changed your perception on what will occur Saturday night?

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