Bradley Ultra Relaxed, Confident Four Days Away

Bradley media day 120529 008aTop Rank has already hit a home run in choosing Tim Bradley to face off with Manny Pacquiao. His heartfelt declarations of confidence have resonated with fans, and will add a good number of buys to the PPV tally. (Chris Farina-Top Rank)

Tim Bradley looked like he's relaxed, and happily soaking up the atmosphere, as he made his entrance to the MGM Grand in Las Vegas this afternoon, four days away from the biggest night of his life, when he can pull off a massive upset and elevate himself to superstardom..or do what Manny Pacquiao fans expect: give a solid effort, but go down in defeat while winning a payday that he can retire on.

A scrum of print and TV reporters clustered around the 28-0 Californian, and peppered him with questions and flashbulb explosions, but he wasn't sweating. “Manny hasn't seen anybody like me. I'm very fluid in the ring,” he said. “I'm going to take care of this guy to you,” he said to the Hispanic population. He said he ran this morning, and feels great.

He was asked about headbutting, and dismissed that as head games, mostly from Fredddie Roach. “Watch my dreams come true June ninth,” he said. “This is my moment, this is my time,” he said, before turning around, and greeting the fans assembled. Most of them were there to check out Manny Pacquiao, but everywhere Bradley has gone, all who have heard him have been impressed with his composure, his heartfelt declarations and his seemingly superior confidence heading into the scrap. He has done bangup job selling the fight; no matter what happens June 9, Top Rank hit a home run with Bradley's salesmanship.

He said he was gunning for a KO. He said time and again that he was relaxed and liking the attention. He will get rest and go over what he needs to do on fight night in the next few days. “It will be an extremely competitive, high volume fight,” he said. “I need a knockout, a knockdown,” he said, implying that he won't get the nod in a close fight from the judges. He said this is the perfect time to catch Manny, coming off two subpar showings. “We will see what Manny still has on Saturday. I want to become a superstar in the game of boxing,” he said. Beating him will grow his popularity even more, he said. He thinks Pacman will try to catch him early, catch him cold.

Bradley said he thinks Manny's religious immersion will likely help him focus. Asked for a prediction, he said he wants a KO, but he foresees a win. “I'm ready to get it on, I'm sick of training,” he said.

Bradley thinks he is quicker than Juan Manuel Marquez, and that will help him Manny a lot more than JMM did. “Witness this history, I'm going to do it,” he said.

Readers…will he? Are you buying what Bradley is selling? Has his confidence level changed your perception on what will occur Saturday night?

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-ultimoshogun :

I'm betting the farm on Bradley, he's at the right place right time to upset Pacman. I'm not so sure boxing is at the top of Manny's batting order anymore...seems like religion and politics are his top priorities now, plus his trainers are acting like a couple of school girls which doesn't help. I'll be helping Caveman Lee in the kitchen preparing crow come sunday. Let us know how you like yours prepared, maybe we'll throw on some Sweet Baby Ray's on it too.

-deepwater :

I dont think bradley has enough power to hurt pacman. pacman gets no respect from us media. one communist guy at cnn said something was wrong with manny making 40 million while his country is poor.

-deepwater :

shogun makes a nice point. timing is evrything and I think if bradley had more power he might take advantage because manny corner is playing games with the strength coach. a freakin strength coach shouldnt even be in the corner in the first place so roach should of put ariza in his place. I think manny is going to knock out bradley in 5 or less because bradley might just get comfortable in there and go for it. if he goes for it he is gonna get hattoned. manny vs floyd next year or forget it. mayweather looked old against cotto and pacman is slowing down because he has too much on the plate.

-Grimm :

It ain't so much about Bradley. The question is where Manny is at as he reaches the final chapters of his career. Whereas Bradley is an intense, high-frequency fighter, Manny is - has been - an intense, high-frequency fighter with power to take opponents out cold, added with movement seldom seen. Yep, the right guy with the right plan and the ability to follow it through has occasionally been able to make the machine hack, but overall: it's been one helluva ride, and I don't even wanna think about what the top-of-the-pop boxing scene would've been like the last 6-7 years if it hadn't been for him. I wish he has some great nights left in him, and I can see him stop a Bradley who after some initial cautiousness and some middle-rounds success becomes a little too careless and sure of himself.

-DaveB :

I like Bradley a lot. I like his confidence and that he is self assured. He trains like a demon so his stamina should be top notch and he has good speed. I know that he doesn't have a lot of pop but Manny should not be able to walk through him. But two things about him worry me. First if he gets hurt I think he will try to walk through fire to get to Manny and that could be a big mistake and he may also get caught up in trying to exchange. The second thing is he punches too wide and I think that may be his undoing more than anything else. If he keeps it under control and doesn't come inside with wide punches he can get the job done. Win or lose I think he will give Manny fits. If he gets caught early that may all be moot but I don't think he will. If there is a stoppage it will come late. I think this one goes to the scorecards.

-Radam G :

Nice wishing, DaveB. In Sin City, the brimstones and hellfire of Da Manny's punches will rain down on Tim Bradley's big,ole dome. The optical illusion of confidence, self assureness and good speed of TB will "all be moot." The Anger Of God Has rubbed off on Da Manny. Bradley will go one round for The Son. One round for The Holy Ghost. And one-third of a round for The Father. Count it? Holla!

-amayseng :

im a big fan of bradley, the humble, respectful, family oriented and hard working boxer he is. he brings it, every fight. he comes with fire and intensity and he comes mentally and physically prepared. one problem for timothy though, he gets a bit out of control during his exchanges and combinations. manny is perfect when it comes to distance and coordination and i think bradley will get blazed out ala hatton or just take too many shots and beat to a pulp. either way it will be good scrap, high octane offense and power shots.. unless, however, manny is done, mentally that is not physically.. when a man has everything he strives for nothing...he can lose his edge... just like rocky 3.... haha

-Fe'Roz :

For what it's worth, I think Bradlety has seen his best days...and that he should enjoy them. He is about to get a beating.

-brownsugar :

All I can say is...... Manny is obviously the overwhelming favorite, (a lot of great opinons on this thread BTW) .... I couldn't bet against him because I have nothing to compare Bradley to except some really good junior welterweights and that's like comparing apples to oranges when you consider Pacs opposition. Some old, some weight drained, But who can argue with Pac throwing enough punches at Clottey (who's really a strong junior middleweight) to keep him contained for 12 rounds en route to a lopsided decision??,.. now that was an incredible feat for someone so much smaller, too me it was Pac's best win. but how did 38 year old Marquez punch him around easily for 12 rounds and not even get staggered???? If Bradley uses his head,... (no I don't mean as in head butt), he can be very resourceful and very effective from the outside. Bradley won't be rushing in, he'll be circling while waiting to ambush Pac whenever the opportunity presents itself. The bottom line is,.... are Bradley's reflexes and footwork good enough for Tim to escape Pac's power shots? Nobody knows yet,.. but I wouldn't be surprised to see Bradley as the better ring general.. the potential is there... just want to see a good fight. Pac should win,... but the upset is possible.

-ali :

Dave B & Amayseng y'all right on point I see Pac catching Bradley in a exchange and knocking him out. I was watching Bradley vs Holt yesterday and if Holt would have thrown more punches he would have beat beat him. Pac has never had a problem pulling the trigger so I really don't see how Bradley can win.

-Fightingmajor :

I understand how everyone can get caught up in the hype to sell the fight. The promotion and HBO have done a terrific job of selling the chances of Timothy Bradley, with even Bob Arum saying it is an even fight. The reality is far different. When you factor in the major hand speed difference, the major power punching difference, the agility of Pacman to turn and deliver devastating shots at odd angles, and quite frankly the defensive limitations of Bradley, this fight does not look to have the making of an upset at all. People are banking on the depreciation of Pacman's skills based on the Marquez fight. That is a bad thing to be betting on. Manny is ready to go this time, and Bradley is nothing like Marquez fighting style wise.

-Radam G :

Well said, FightingMajor. I salute you. Humans are the dumbest -- while also rising to the smartest -- animals. Any hype and hope shoot right through their grills and crash right into the neurons and make the dudes and dudettes go straight-up loco and use about five of the 100bil neurons that are up inside a full-grown human's cranium. Chances are better that Jesus Come Back Riding the Long Ranger's horse Trigger on a red-angry cloud and Tonto be his sidekick than Bradley beating Da Manny. Danggit! Some people are so easy to trick. The bullsh*tology of HBO and the hatred of Da Manny have really sent some folk plain old haywired. But to each his own. I ain't hatin!' The Stanks -- I mean Yanks -- have always amazed me. Da Cali Cranium Crusher goes down in round three. And he ain't da guy who use to drink his own pee pee. Forget about age. This is all about stage. Bradley still fights green. Da Manny is gonna crush his big, ole dome like a jelly bean. Holla!

-deepwater :

let me be clear. if bradley gets comfortable and goes for it then he is going to get hattoned by round 5. bradley vs margorito? who wins. pac man by ko

-DaveB :

Brownsugar makes a good point - Bradley hasn't been tested in this weight class and not at this level. Will there be an upset? Is the person who makes the upset ever really expected to deliver an upset before hand or does it always catch people by surprise? Isn't that why we always just go ahead and have the race or fight? I remember two events off hand which relate to this fight. In the Olympics Gail Devers was expected to win the 100 meter race. Gail was fast as all get up. She broke out of the blocks and lead the field with her little legs turning over so fast. She was on her way to victory all she had to do was coast to the finish line. And then a devastating thing happened. About 15 meters from the finish line Gail's legs were turning over too fast. They made her trip and fall and the whole field passed by her. That is why they always have the race. When Holyfield fought Tyson the first time I read a number of articles interviewing Holyfield on his take about Tyson and fighting him. I was impressed and I started thinking this guys knows something. I thought if Holyfield gets in there and goes four or five really good rounds and gets knocked out, after all he was supposed to be finished as a fighter, but makes a good account of himself I'll be proud of him. Around round six I said Holyfield can win this fight. When I came home that night my wife asked me who won the fight. I said Tyson, she frowned. I said Tyson got knocked out. She thought I was lying. And that is why they have the fight. I really think Bradley is a live dog. "Pacquaio come break down this wall." If he can and it is a good fight I'll still be happy. Maybe I'm crazy, wishful thinking or not, but I'm not counting Bradley out.

-DaveB :

@Ali, you are probably right about Bradley getting knocked out if Holt had of thrown more punches. But I give Bradley credit for getting off the deck. I know he cannot afford to get hit like that period vs. Pacquaio but could Pacquaio have weathered Holt if he got hammered like that. I know Bradley doesn't possess that type of power but that showed something special about Bradley. Maybe just maybe Pacquaio doesn't know what he has got himself into. Just a thought.

-Radam G :

Bradley is a live dog -- a poodle fighting a pitbull. That wall has small cracks in it. It is thin like a gingerbread cracker and will crumble like the Walls of Jericho. Da Manny is all holy and ___ ___ ___! He is gonna be just as God Can BE and Sometimes IS -- Hellbent on whuppin' an arse. Don't let me have to name on the arses that God Put violence on. Maybe the Cali Cranium Crusher and all his team and syet should regret Da Manny new faith in God. Trust me! I know! God Is Known for Meanness and Being Nasty. Just holla at the Bible and read about Moses, David, Jacob, Lot and Jesus to name a few. You won't have to count Bradley out, DaveB, the ref will do just fine. I think that I will have me a glass of cherry wine. Hehehe! Holla!

-MisterLee :

Bradley gonna blow this guy out of the water! Forecast calls for rain on Sunday, RAINING CROW!!!

-MisterLee :

I'm glad Bradley's defense was noted. He's got great head movement, great footwork, and great ability to anticipate punches.
-> Please count for me how many times Bradley got hit cleanly in rounds 11 & 12 of the Peterson fight. Thank you.

-ultimoshogun :

Good post DaveB, and so true. Its easy to look past an opponent on paper. ESPN's Chris Berman has used the line "And that folks is why we play the game" several times when referring to NFL upsets.

-Radam G :

Bradley is gonna get his arse MASHED! No reality distortion with Da Manny. Da Manny is for REAL! He's going to chew the Cali Cranium Crusher's arse up like a tasty MEAL! With Da Manny's speed and power, Timmy "Desert Drizzling Rain" Bradley won't be able to DEAL! All this "great" syet that Bradley has is just media manipulation razzle-dazzle for haters and hopers. They all live in their own little bubbles of distorted actuality imagination and hardcore talking syet before an encounter. [It is as if they are all from the desert and are seeing the ultimate mass hysteria mirage.] But afterward they continue with the denials and hardcore coulda, woulda, shoulda fantasies. Maybe because they have been fooled again out of their hard-earned money believing in bullsh*tology that will forever be aimed toward 'em. Let heaven and hell rain and flow. STILL! Off Bradley's dome, Da Manny is gonna knock da glow. Da sucka Bradley is so darn musle-bound slow. (BTW, I would have use shine on Bradley's dome and rhymed it with porcupine, but the self-described hoodologist in my posse warned me that the ___ ___ ___ haters and groupies would accuse me of using a racist word. Some readers just love to make up hateful jive-turkey ___ ___ __!) Holla!