Floyd Mayweather Goes To Jail; How Will It Affect Him?

MayweatherCotto Hogan 44Floyd Mayweather has kept it light regarding his impending jail sentence for domestic violence, but the trademark gleaming beam of “Money” was absent as he put his hands behind his back, was handcuffed, and led from a courtroom to begin his term, for three months or less at the Clark County Detention Center in Vegas, this morning.

According to the gossip site TMZ, the judge lauded the boxer, who is coming off a stellar showing against Miguel Cotto on May 5, for doing 45 hours of community service. He has 55 hours remaining. TMZ says he has completed 21 of his required 54 domestic violence classes, as well.

TMZ aired video in which we saw a grim-faced Floyd being led to the court-room, his ever-present right-hand man Leonard Ellerbe by his side for moral support.

He spent some quality time with his daughter, he showed his friends via his last Tweet, and an Instagram photo, right before midnight Friday. “Me & my daughter spending precious time together before I leave my family, friends and fans,” his final Tweet before his sentence said. A few hours before that, he sent out a photo of him dozing while he received a pedicure. “At home enjoying my day,” it read.

ESPN's Dan Rafael reported that Floyd will be segregated from other prisoners for at least a week. Also, he won't have a TV in his cell, Rafael reported, and the jail probably won't pony up for Manny Pacquiao's June 9 PPV bout against Tim Bradley.

Readers, do you think this stint will be “good” for Floyd? Or will the experience not sink in and resonate? Perhaps the term will give him more “street cred” and boost his popularity in certain circles? Do you think he will be treated like a king in the can, and that will make the experience far less painful? What will this jail time do to Floyd Mayweather, if anything?

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-Radam G :

I'm with TSS reader FighterforJC. The only 'Lil' Floyd, aka Money May, who will be in jail is his double. Hehehe! Money May has Sin City rapped around his xynocaine[steroid]-taking finger. So I guess that Hollywood made a really good real-like jail set for the shooting of Money May's and HBO's [Humbuggery Bullsh*tology Outlandishness] jail-time scences. Give me a fudging break. I'm reminded of rapper T-I's jail time being filmed and videoed for Music TV and BET. Go, Money May, GO! Go into hiding and production and get PAID, while you are serving your pseudo-jail-sentence making this Floydocumentary. And, as for the Money May double spending time in the real jail, I know that you are gettin' paid PHAT. Holla! Holla! Holla! Money May is making dat Sin City DOLLA! Holla! Wow! What da double fudge! Those with the powers can always turn a crisis into __ ___ ___ __! Holla!

-deepwater :

he will be in protective custody. he will have a full commisary. the guards will treat him with respect in hope of him giving them $$$$ when he gets out. he will be kept away from all other immates. he will work out all day long,rest and read. floyd will not have it that bad. he might think about why he is in jail but he probably wont change a thing. floyd will be ok.

-amayseng :

deepwater is right on, vegas cant take a chance of floyd getting roughed up or jumped in jail. they probably postponed his sentence just so they could renovate a proper loft, errrrrr a cell for him . hahaha and he will be in fantastic shape. when i was a younger irresponsible lad, i got into some fights which landed me in county for a stint, it was not too bad, worst part was being woken up at 545 every morning. however, all i did was workout and play ping pong. i went from 170 to 156, ripped.

-brownsugar :

Deep,....RG,... Amaseng,... you are too funny LOL. But don't you think this is too light of a punishment for Mayweather? Shouldn't he be sharing a cell with Charles Manson, or shipped off to a Mississipi chaing-gang and forced to make gravel with a 25lbs sledge hammer? After all he is accused and convicted of one of the most horrid crimes imaginable... domestic violence.. I mean its an agregious crime that maybe 12 people in the whole history of the United States have ever been convicted of. I mean it's not like he's so much of an asset to society that he gets to fail to report to probation officers even after 4 arrests and still only gets sentenced to house arrest,.. and after refusing to complete community service gets out early because of overcrowding like Linsay lohan. Wheres the justice? And what about his public display of crying and blubbering so badly that 50cent, Roger, Ellerbe and all 5 of his body guards had to drag him into the courthouse kicking and screaming the whole way? While Floyd held on tight to the hemline of the judges robe??? Again....Where's the justice?

-ali :

Sometimes tough love is needed..


It will not affect him at all and that in fact, JAIL for CheapShot King Floyd is just like heaven for him. For sure the majority of US inmates, his black brothers will definitely protect him and that in fact those black criminal people will treat him like their God inside the jail just like he's been treated by his lunatic followers outside the jail.

-Buzz Murdock :

he's a hyper-active individual, whose used to free range. Solitude for Mr. Mayweather probably isn't very transcendent in a reflective way. I don't think being locked-up will sharpen his reflexes.Time has a funny way of changing me/Floyd was probably somebody different in his memory.

-deepwater :

hey who would win in a fight, tyson or the south beach cannibal? I think the cannible.lol

-Real Talk :

Floyd hold your head. It sucks to be away from your loved ones, that's the thing about prison or college (code for kids) that get's you sometimes. Other than that it's lots of rest and time to reflect. If you have good books time flies. I was reading Tom Clancy's "The Bear and The Dragon" good read. Those carts are rough on your shoulders if you sleep on your side for me anyway. Floyd will be different after this an appreciate freedom more is what I beleive. Dueces

-Radam G :

STRAIGHT @ Bonehead -- I mean -- BOIEMACHO. CUT it out! Don't squat to be a bozo. The usual crowd with haters and lovers are in jail too. There will be no complete ethicity down with or against Money May. Matter of fact, Boneheadsacho, PinoyPrettyRicky is Clark Country and is a loyal "CheapShot king Floyd" fan. And China Joe in CC is too, and is hoping to get Money May's autograph. And my boy, Vanilla T is on lockdown in CC and is down with Money May. And so that you will know, BoboPi$$cho, the majority of U.S. inmates, and those in Clark Country, are what the majority of the U.S.A. is. So stop your imbecile propaganda and hatemongering. LEARN! RESEARCH and CONFIRM! Do be a-making-up-syet __ __ ___ _! NYET! Holla!

-SouthPaul :

I am in agreement with Deepwater. Short and simple. Well said, Deep! That and it'll add to Floyd's already existing bad boy villain script. He'll come out feisty as ever, kicking *** and taking names.. makin' that moola. That's wasssup! Thoughts of Diego Corrales running thru the mind. Pretty Boy harrassed him nonstop about his domestic abuse case. Wonder how many times Floyd has reflected on that? To his credit he didn't nearly come close to what Diego did. That was a real beating Corrales laid down on ol' girl. Broken ribs, broken collar bone, etc.:mad:

-Radam G :

Danggit! Now I hear that Evander Holyfield is on his way to jail in Georgia for not paying child support to one of his love children. Pay up, Holy! Your bar-b-cue sales are going well in Cali. But if these wifes, dames, damsels and hos start protesting outside of the stores, there are goes your profit. Even my evil-twin wife will be out there shakin' her a$$ and gettin' on her protest. And your sales in Manila will be NULL and VOID! Hehehe! Holla!

-brownsugar :

well spoken RG,... the TSS has no tolerance for racial intolerance. This is where the real fight fans express themselves.

-brownsugar :

oops wrong thread.

-brownsugar :

It's just been reported that Floyd will spend the majority of his time protective custody. This has to be seen as the best option when the safety of the general population is taken into account... Although county jails mostly house traffic offenders, petty criminals, drug addicts and a wide range of domestic assault cases.... it also holds it's share of "undiagnosed mentally ill lawbreakers" who could potentially pose a threat to anybody in the general population. Floyd could find himself in an altercation and break a fingernail,... or worse,.... he could suffer and injury that could impead his boxing career. Besides it doesn't make much since having a multimillionaire walking around fanatic fans and anti-fans...... Floyds presence could cause altercations between those who want to protect him and those who would utter the careless insults at the P4P king. Like REALTALK said this is a great time for reflection and soul searching. Only the most incorrigable lawbreakers come out of jail unchanged. Most inmates come out with the conviction never to put themselves in the position to go back again. Once he pays his debt and puts this behind him he can resume doing what he does best and hopefully fight the Pac vs Bradley winner. By the way Floyd has attended all the counseling classes and community service he was scheduled to do during the months his jail time was postponed, he even had to undergo counseling on the day of the Cotto fight. That sounds like the actions of a man who intends to remain relevant on the boxing scene for at least a year or two. Overall like other TSS posters have said before me... Floyds time in jail will probably be one of the most postitive and meaningful experiences Floyd will have.

-ali :

@RealTalk your post was right on point ..I've spent some time in jail unfortunately but I think it was good thing cuz it made me appreciate the things that I had a lot more. I hope once he gets out he has learned for his mistake and then beat the breaks off of Pac lol.