24/7 Heats Up: Roach Says He Might Recommend Manny Fire Ariza

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In the second installment of HBO’s Pacquiao-Bradley 24/7, viewers are presented with the possibility that Timothy Bradley is a man at peace, not in recent flux, as Manny Pacquiao is, or was. Bradley is grounded, and has been for some time, in family, while Pacquiao has recently comes to grips with an emptiness inside which plagued him, and has now apparently been filled with a fuller embrace of religion.

In the opening scene, we saw Timothy Bradley at the gym he uses in Indio, CA, the Boys and Girls Club. Bradley said he doesn’t need a posse; the unspoken comparison is to Manny Pacquaio, who surrounds himself with a bunch of folks who have no clear job description. Bradley says trainer Joel Diaz is like a big brother to him, and he says he believes when the trainer tells him he will beat Manny.

Diaz recounts an occasion when Bradley ran 23 miles a week before a bout. It was just an eight rounder, the boxer says. Sometimes he works too hard for his own good, Diaz says.

Then, we see Manny’s Ferrari, which has been sitting idle in LA for six months. Pacman heads to the Wild Card, where he does mitts with Freddie. He says LA is like his second home. We hear that as before he trained in Baguio, for three weeks, first conditioning, then sparring, before coming to LA. We hear that Roach and Ariza have been feeling tension, because Ariza left Baguiao to work with Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. Ariza said he spoke to Pacman, and he was OK with it. Michael Koncz says he feels the tension, but doesn’t care if Ariza works with Manny or not. Khan fired Ariza for leaving, but Pacman says the media makes a big deal of it. “I gave him permission to leave,” Pacquiao said. (With Ariza’s continued Twitter slaps at Bob Arum, regularly calling him “senile,” one wonders if this exodus will continue. I just can’t picture Ariza winning that battle…but the guy has to get points for being brave-crazy, one could argue. Note: I texted Ariza, asked for a reaction. He called me, asked if, “This was my first 24/7?” I was perplexed, asked him what he was getting at. He asked if it was the first 24/7 I “produced.” I was mystified, and told him, as I’m sure he knows, I’m a writer, that I have nothing to do with producing 24/7. He said something about confusing me with someone else, and hung up on me, and didn’t answer texts asking him to clarify. In his defense, I can imagine that might be upsetting, to hear your friend and mentor say that he’s going to try and convince your top client to fire you. I believe he might have been insinuating that material is played up for effect for 24/7, which is something that Team Mayweather has stated before, when flaps bubble up. But I can’t be sure, because he didn’t clarify to me. This is, for sure, a strange subplot, and has the feel of someone going off the rails a bit. I hope my instinct is wrong. Sunday AM update: Sometime after I went to bed, still perplexed, Ariza texted me, saying that he hadn't seen the show. No response to the provocative Roach critique, for the record. My guess…Moving forward, unless Ariza's self-immolative side is pathological, you have to think Freddie's message will rein him in from his path towards professional self-destruction.)

Bradley, then, is seen running. He runs hills, and says that his foe tries to take food off his table. We see the boxer at a surprise anniversary party for he and his lady. He admits he used to party, but when he was 23, he met Monica, and he knew she was the one. She had two kids, though, and was hesitant to go all in. He said he asked her boy about marrying his mom, and he gave the OK.

Manny then says he is beyond happy, because he has “eternal life. If I die, I know where I’m going,” he says, while the Doobie Brothers’ “Jesus Is Just Alright” plays. We hear that Pacman felt empty, which he told pastor Jeric Soriano. “I’m empty,” he told the pastor, though he had fame and wealth. We see Manny at Bible study. The pastor says this is the real deal, and it’s not for show. The same-sex marriage flap is referred to. One of the posse says a lot of the team is now along for the spiritual ride. “I hate the old Manny,” Pacquiao says, who says he is a “new creation.”

At the Bradley home in Indio, we see Timothy driving stepson Robert to school. Good stuff; I like to see athletes giving up things for family. Bradley then spends quality time with his baby. He says she has a “Bradley head,” a hard head. Then, it’s time to hit the gym. He trains for more than three hours. Later, he does an eight mile jog. “I’m the best,” he roars as he runs. “You gotta prove to me you’re better than me!” His intensity stands out, as we regularly see fighters in this mode; Bradley’s zest seems above and beyond.

Pacman’s pastor has no problem with him doing damage in the ring, he says. Roach said he’s got three next sparring partners, shorter guys, like Bradley. Roach says he thinks that Manny knows people are saying Manny is on the downside. He now has something more to prove to the masses, the doubting hordes. This is the most focused Manny has been, Roach said, in some times.

Roach says that Ariza’s head has gotten too big, and it is mentioned that JCC might have fired Ariza. “One thing about Alex, he's very good at what he does,” says Freddie, in the gym, while the Wild Card hums. “But he just overdid it. He's a great strength coach, but he wants to be trainer, cut man, everything else, his head's gotten too big, and we need to calm him down a little bit…. I think he's bullshitting a little bit, and I don't appreciate that and uh..uh..I'm going to suggest to Manny that we maybe get rid of him or I get a new strength coach.”

All in all, this was a rich episode, with the Ariza-Roach material, and Manny’s confession that he hates his former self. Take that, folks who have said that they think the franchise is stale…

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-prince111705 :

i think this is a very good episode of 24/7...people are gonna wait for arizas reaction to freddie roach statement about him asking pac to fire ariza.

-Radam G :

HBO is so full of humbuggery, bullsh*tology and outlandishness. Forget all the side jive. Tim Bradley is gonna be stunk in the bout, as if he had been in a 100mil-strong Pinoy beehive. Da Cali Cranium Crusher's head is shiny and shaved clean. And da muthasucka, and his wack team talk so mean. But "Desert Fox" Gen. Omar -- I mean "Desert Storm" Tim -- Bradley fights with a bad lean. Da Manny's gonna crush himmm...---- like a JELLY BEAN! PacMomma say to knock yooou OUUUUUUUT! Da Maaannneeee gonna KNOCK YA OUT! Just wait and see! "Desert light rain" Bradley will be KAYOED in round three. Hehehehe! Holla!

-amayseng :

i have no problem with roach making statements, manny is his #1 guy so of course he wants the best for him at all times. much respect to tim bradley, a true family man and hard worker. he comes to fight and june 9th he is a live dog. i think we will have an all out action fight on our hands..

-ali :

Mayweather has been looking real good lately with Peterson and Berto testing positive for steroids. If Ariza and Pac split I got a feeling he's going to spill the beans about pac using PEDs. Ariza acts like Pac knows better then to parts ways with him that why Pac is saying the media is making a big deal out of it.

-ali :

Is it just me but Ariza is way to arrogant in my eyes seems like he got a ace in his back pocket.

-the Roast :

I think Radam said it best awhile back. 24/7 is not for us. This is for casual fans that HBO tries to sway to buy the fight. We all know better. I havent watched 24/7 since JMM drank his own urine. It's just hyperbole. Real fans know whats up.

-brownsugar :

There's always fractures, factions and Chaos in Pacs camp,... dudes slapping each other,.. backstabbing each other,.. and Ariza cussing out the promotor on every website in the country while trying to rack up all the credit he can whenever Pac does well, and distancing himself from Pac when he doesn't. it's crazy, but they seem to thrive on it for the most part. while Pac smiles the smile of serenity in the background. it's crazy yo.

-brownsugar :

"My ex used to love to watch "Bad Girls", "Jersey Shore", Mafia Wives", "NBA Wives", and "RuPauls Drag Race"... I dispise those shows,..as they have nothing in the way of entertainment value to offer me, (you may feel different and that's ok),"

"I think I told her not to even play "RuPauls Drag Race" or "Bad Girls" if I'm in the house because of the level of irritation I felt of listening to all the foolishness. "

"But I have to say, HBO came up with something meaningful with the last 27/7"

"I loved the unique glimpse into both mens lives,.. Bradley training and actually living at home because he thrives on going to work like the rest of us and coming home to be a dad and family man,.. awesome. Bradly breaks every convention and stereotype in existance for his demographic."

"Pac using his fame and celebrity status to draw others into the Kingdom of Faith in his off-duty time,... I was waiting on the healing line to begin..... Good Stuff!!!"

"Just wish Brad's Dad would save the celebration and horn blowing till after the fight.... (but who can blame the man for being so proud and loud about his son getting his 15 minutes of fame,... a position that they worked hard to achieve). "

"Regardless of the outcome,.................... this fight is selling itself courtesy of the self-assured Bradley doing double duty as far as the promotional aspect of the game. "

"Sure, he could fall flat on his face but Tim is singlehandly raising interest in this fight because of the integrity he exudes,.. people are slowly becoming convinced that he'll be able to bring something special on fight night. "

"Of course we've seen this type of hype before, only to watch the guy who sounded confident crash and burn(Green and Bute are recent examples),.. but that's part of the fun. "

"if the fight lives up to even half the hype,...... it'll be worth my entertainment dollar."

-brownsugar :

one question, did Pac purposely hire the 3 stooges for his own personal entertainment?


Alex Ariza is simply one of those big personalities who has outstayed his welcome. The writing was on the wall from a very early standpoint during old 24/7's and when Roach added JCC Jr to the roster. Alex simply doesn't understand that it's not about him. He is a distraction in Pac's camp and career, albeit, might be the only one speaking truth about Arum. He is coming to the end of his rope and the lesson will sink in later when his pockets are thin: PLAY YOUR POSITION. THE 800LB GORILLA IS TOO BIG FOR YOU. The fighter is the groom. S&C coach is a support player - try your hardest not to bite, nor distract, the hand that feeds you. As for JCC Jr, take a look at any of his Roach era fights, and you will clearly see Ariza between rounds uncomfortably stepping on Freddie's toes. Conclusion: His star rose too quick. He wasn't mentored by anyone to handle the fame. But, he can and will recover as he is young. Hopefully he humbles himself.

-ali :

B-SUG great post...

-Radam G :

SCLA Ali, continue the silly, hateful posts from you. I guess that you are still trying to make sense. And that is TSS old-schooler reader/poster Anony, not me. Go get your arse a bean pie from Brother Kareem Abdul Ali. The only bean spilling will be Money May's secret steroids usage. Da Manny doesn't do, nor need to do steroids. The Ebonican boxers talk all type of syet about steroid cheating, but they keep coming up dirty. OOPS! I musta' fo'got! Da white man is conspiring against 'em! NYET! If Money May ever fight outside of Nevada and Michigan, he'll come up dirty as a muthauser. Da muthajoker is clearly on da juice. This is why he points his fingers at others. He's conning those who don't care about his trickery. Da Manny can beat Money May on a water diet. And Money May knows it. You don't! Because you don't know ____ ___ +_____ __()____ 'bout boksing or being honest and getting along with out-of-group people. Just go on Crenshaw Blvd. and holla at Bro. KAA. He will get you off your ghettoligion and Boys-in-da-hood hatred of everything that is not ebony. Holla!

-brownsugar :

thanks Ali... appreciate the comment.