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BUTE FROCH 5500d18274I'm sticking with Lucian Bute by decision, but I feel there's a strong possability of a knockout in Bute's favour. I see this alot like the Mayweather-Hatton-Pacquiao scenario a few years back. Heaeding into Pacquiao-Hatton, many thought it would be extremely competetive, with some even suggesting Hatton would defeat Pacquiao, remembering how De La Hoya was weight drained and Hatton would now be fighting at his optimum weight of 140 pounds -nobody was picking Pacquiao to trump Mayweather's performance over Hatton.
Styles make fights -a boring statement, but a truer than true statement. Ward is all about cancelling out an opponent's best weapon through smothering among other things. Bute is a puncher, a BIG puncher. Froch, like Hatton, is not gifted in the defense department.
Hatton had never been stopped in over 40 fights before he faced Mayweather and Pacquiao -at that time, Hatton, like Froch, was thought to have a cast iron jaw. Mayweather and Pacquiao are very accurate….sometimes accuracy is a better punching formula than power. {Does Mayweather hit harder than Micky Ward? Of course not, but looking at Mayweather-Gatti, you'd be mistaken for thinking that wouldn't you?}
I think Froch will be hit clean and often by Bute, who combines accuracy with power…..Froch's chin had better be as good as advertised.
Most people are picking Bute or Froch by decision. Some are picking Froch by knockout. I can't find a single person picking Bute by knockout? Readers, what say you, could Bute drop and stop Froch?

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