Bute vs. Froch-Who Do Ya Like?

BUTE FROCH 5500d18274I'm sticking with Lucian Bute by decision, but I feel there's a strong possability of a knockout in Bute's favour. I see this alot like the Mayweather-Hatton-Pacquiao scenario a few years back. Heaeding into Pacquiao-Hatton, many thought it would be extremely competetive, with some even suggesting Hatton would defeat Pacquiao, remembering how De La Hoya was weight drained and Hatton would now be fighting at his optimum weight of 140 pounds -nobody was picking Pacquiao to trump Mayweather's performance over Hatton.
Styles make fights -a boring statement, but a truer than true statement. Ward is all about cancelling out an opponent's best weapon through smothering among other things. Bute is a puncher, a BIG puncher. Froch, like Hatton, is not gifted in the defense department.
Hatton had never been stopped in over 40 fights before he faced Mayweather and Pacquiao -at that time, Hatton, like Froch, was thought to have a cast iron jaw. Mayweather and Pacquiao are very accurate….sometimes accuracy is a better punching formula than power. {Does Mayweather hit harder than Micky Ward? Of course not, but looking at Mayweather-Gatti, you'd be mistaken for thinking that wouldn't you?}
I think Froch will be hit clean and often by Bute, who combines accuracy with power…..Froch's chin had better be as good as advertised.
Most people are picking Bute or Froch by decision. Some are picking Froch by knockout. I can't find a single person picking Bute by knockout? Readers, what say you, could Bute drop and stop Froch?

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-Grimm :

Bute KO Froch rounds 11-12.

-BHarper85 :

Bute in a close decision. So many people are high on him but this will be by far his toughest test, both in terms of opponent and environment. I'm not completely sold on Bute as an elite fighter. Sure, the attributes are there on paper, but he needs to prove himself under fire against a prime, world-class fighter. He has a chance on Saturday. It'll be interesting to see what happens.

-deepwater :

froch all the way. look at the hometown advantages. bute might not be comfortable because england will be rough on him plus froch girlfriend screams too much. froch has power and bute got dropped by that mexican fighter who isnt that good. close rounds to froch. rounds to froch as long as he is aggresive. rounds to froch if bute moves to much. froch wins. maybe close enough for a rematch in canada. more money for everyone. everyone happy. froch.

-deepwater :

bute will not win by knockout. take that to the bank. there is more of a chance obama will bring home the troops,let the corrupt banks fail, and stop the class warfare nonsense. wont happen

-fightscorecollector :

i will be covering this fight for the blog saturday night so remember and add your scores on TSS and i will add to the blog along with all the other scores i collect. Regarding the fight , TSS just like most forums are pretty split on who they think will win the fight although in just about all of them Bute is the Favorite. I think that Bute has all the questions to answer in this fight...he is away from home in a big fight for the 1st time and Froch is by far the best opponent he has faced. Froch has beat and fought the much better opposition although many dont know how much he has left..too many hard fights. Can i just say this...Arthur Abraham did what Bute has done....he stayed at home fighting decent although NOT elite fighters BUT when he eventually did fight the elite HE was found out...BIGTIME. Froch to me has always been the favorite in this fight and i give Bute respect for taking this in Nottingham. Saying that though Froch is tested against the elite and Bute isnt thats why i think Froch will win on points around the 8-4 , 7-5 mark.

-Real Talk :

I'm taking tough as nails Froch against Bute or how my Babygirl says ....Booty LOL, who to me is overrated and protected. I'm taking timing and toughness over speed in this fight. Bute is no Andre Ward and doesn't have the elements to beat Froch. I'm looking for Froch to land hard leads and counters and check that china chin of Bute. Night Night Bute, bring a pillow with you to the ring LOL. Dueces

-Real Talk :

The Brits vs. the French ...classic. Oh yeah how come we can comment on this but we're not able to comment the Arum doesn't think Peterson and Berto are Cheaters article??? Wow..... First Pacquiao says he had leg cramps after the fight then he says it was family problems. He's becoming more of a politician everyday, and please no more of anything from Bob Arum who needs a colonic cuz he's full of $#!T. The more he opens his mouth the bigger the hole in the Ozone gets...all methane. A dirty is a dirty(positive test) period! Then again keep talking Bob Arum. I wonder why he's taking up for cats that got caught DIRTY??? Hmmmm........Dueces

-DaveB :

I'll go with Bute via an UD. I think Froch does have a good chin and it will be tested. I think Bute is every bit as tough as Froch. Bute hasn't learned how to lose. It should be a good one but I think it will be the second consecutive loss for Froch. A ton of respect to both men for manning up and fighting each other. There has to be an easier way to make a million dollars.

-ultimoshogun :

Froch has a punchers chance, but if Bute isn't too rattled by a rowdy crowd and doesn't get tagged clean by something big from Froch he'll win by decision...Since this is his first time not fighting in his own backyard I think Bute will be playing it too safe to KO Froch.

-the Roast :

I will go with Froch by KO late. Too bad most of us wont see the fight. This fight should have been on Showtime.

-deepwater :

froch wins by ko. the mexican knocked bute out in the last round and got jerked by the ref. bute is in enemy territory. the fans,ref,froch are his enemy.

-amayseng :

I am with Grimm, bute tko over froch, either knocked out or stoppage.. froch moves like his feet are on the wrong legs, he is slow and does not have power. bute will box his ears off and go to the body, what does froches gf screaming and being annoying have to do with a guy in a fight? it wont deter a professional athlete in any disciple...

-Buzz Murdock :

the more i think about it, the more Lucien Bute starts to sound like the winner. Laying down the gauntlet of his unbeaten record in Froch's hometown is a statement. This won't go to a decision...Lucien Bute by late round stoppage...the legend begins.

-amayseng :

just watched the fight, what a joke or a set up. bute was out boxing froch then just decides to lay on the ropes in the second round and take shots, then preceded lay on the ropes and absorb punches through round 4 just weird also, frochs promotor jumped in the ring during the standing count from the ref wouldnt that be a disqualification?