Manny Pacquiao Conference Call Recap

PacquiaoBradleyLAPC Blevins9Manny Pacquiao took part in a Tuesday conference call to hype his June 9 bout with Timothy Bradley. He touched on many subjects, including his last fight, against Juan Manuel Marquez. Pacman said that family problems affected him going in. He said his conditioning was great but the mental was off. His trainer Freddie Roach weighed in on that subject. Roach said JMM will always give Manny problems. Camp was great but things fell part the last week of the fight. He said that probably won't happen this time around, because he is totally focused.

Roach said Manny's focus is spot on, because he has no night life anymore, and he doesn't come in hung over or tired. “He's a hundred percent better athlete with no distractions,” Roach said. Roach said regarding the same-sex marriage kerfuffle that Manny won't be distracted by that stuff.

Promoter Bob Arum was asked if the numbers for this bout need to match up with Floyd's last bout. Arum said Floyd's numbers are irrelevant. The Marquez numbers, he said, are much greater than Floyd's numbers against Victor Ortiz. Arum said Mayweather did great numbers against Miguel Cotto because Cotto is the third-best PPV attraction in the industry, and was built up by Top Rank.

Pacman was asked if he expected the same-sex marriage flap to be so controversial. “Yes,” he said. He was asked his opinion, he said, and he gave it. His commitment to religion, he said, won't affect how he takes care of business in the ring. Roach said the religious immersion hasn't affected his work at all. “Everything's right where it's supposed to be,” he said. Arum said Manny looks fresher, not as worn, as he was when he was partying. “I think the religious awakening has been all for the good,” he said. He noted that he's biased, because he's religious.

Arum was asked about Pacquiao-Marquez 4. He said everything is on the table. But Bradley is a tough out, and he hasn't discussed future opponents with Pacman. He said the Pacquiaos will travel to Israel after this fight, and they will discuss the future then.

Roach was asked about Bradley, about his counterpunching ability. He said he doesn't think he's a great counterpuncher, that Bradley is focused on offense, and that they will have a great gameplan and offer an exciting fight.

Pacman was asked if he comes across much trash talking in the political realm. He said he doesn't want to engage in trash talk, or use bad words. He says he prays for trash talkers. Is he the toughest public servant on the planet? He said it's hard to compare himself to other people. Freddie grumbled that it was a dumb question.

Roach said Bradley is strong, comes forward, is well conditioned, and they know it's a tough fight. Margarito was bigger and stronger than Bradley, he said, when asked if they've fought anyone like Bradley.

Roach was asked if indeed he thinks Bradley will be right there in front of Manny. The trainer said they will be prepared if Bradley stands and trades, or if he tries a lot of movement. Manny has an edge in experience, speed and power, the trainer said. Manny said they don't take Bradley lightly, and they will not underestimate him.

Arum was asked about Bradley compared to other foes. The promoter said Bradley is the freshest guy he's fought of late. “He's not a great name, he's a great fighter” who is fresh, and that means he can be dangerous, he said. His mind is strong, very determined, and that is a plus for an athlete, Arum said.

Freddie says Manny is now more focused, and the KO that hasn't been there for awhile could easily come on June 9. Pacquiao isn't focused on the KO, he said, but he will train as hard as he can.

Arum was asked about the cancelled Lamont Peterson and Berto fights. Arum said he doesn't think Peterson or Berto is a cheater. He thinks we have to hear out Peterson and Berto and hear their explanation. He said he doesn't think anyone would say that Peterson or Berto would get an edge before the bout, based on their levels of PEDs in their system, and thinks the fights should have gone on. Maybe they should have been fined after the case. Arum said it's quite possible that tainted supplements could have caused a positive, yet not provided a benefit to performance. Everyone lacking knowledge, including himself, should shut up on the subject, until everyone sits down and gets on the same page, he said.

Pacquiao in closing asked all to watch and thanked all for taking part in the call and coverage. Arum said in close that he thinks June 9 will be a special fight. Also, Arum said Top Rank will shoot tonight's Pacquiao Bible study class, and release it to all. “I think when an athlete has a religious moment and becomes truly a religious person that's a great, great thing,” he said, “and I want as many people to see it as possible.”