Mikkel Kessler KOs Allan Green

Mikkel Kessler Allan GreenMikkel Kessler proved that he still has some pop, but he had to shrug off a scare from Allan Green while taking the vacant WBC silver light heavyweight crown in Copenhagen, Denmark on Saturday. The 33 year-old Dane, who rose to 45-2, was sent to the mat in round one by Green, off a right hand and a flurry follow, but did the loser one better when he closed the show with a hellacious left hook which zombified the fighter from Oklahoma in the fourth.

The 32 year-old Green dropped to 31-4 when he was dropped by the ex longtime super middleweight titlist, off the left hook. The finishing blow came when Green was starting his own left hook, but he never finished his.

As for Green, he has lost every step up bout he has taken, except for a win over Tarvis Simms in 2009. He's dropped bouts to Edison Miranda, Andre Ward, Glen Johnson, and now Kessler. This opportunity, I believe, only came about because manager Greg Leon worked his tail off to get this scrap for the vet. If he wants to continue, sad to say, it will likely be as nothing but a steppingstone. Leon probably won't be able to get his guy another title crack, though we can never say never with some of those soft Euros who always manage to find the softest of the soft touches for their title defenses.

So, where does this leave the Dane? He dropped a Nov. 2009 bout to Andre Ward, came back to hand Carl Froch his first loss in April 2010, and then needed to take time off because of a left eye injury present before his fight with Ward. He was supposed to meet Green back in 2010, in the third stage of the Super Six tourney, but had to exit the tournament because of the eye. We can see him providing a solid test for, say, WBA light heavyweight champ Beibut Shumenov, who should get the better of Enrique Ornelas in a June 2 title defense. Readers, what say you?

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-mortcola :

Kessler is a solid, intelligent, middle of the road fighter who will usually find the resources to win. He has always looked good except against Ward, who will always make a bread and butter fighter look ordinary. Green is talented but chinny and mentally/emotionally never quite there in the fight. He is now officially a trial horse.

-brownsugar :

"For some reason it never came on at my place...kept getting a message... "wait for it".."

"anyway From what I read Kessler was down early (which I find surprising) and Green was fighting with bad intentions in between getting pummelled. "

"I figured Kessler to be the better quality fighter between the 2 because Green doesn't seem able to go the rounds...where Kessler has been the distance multiple times against tougher guys... plus the fact Green suffered a devastating KO at the hands of his friend Glen Johnson. "

"Greens potential seems to move down a notch with every fight. "

"Can't wait to see the replay on youtube."

-Grimm :

No doubt Kessler was hurt, getting up quickly but with shaky legs, but bounced back with intensity in the second stanza - put in a higher gear and gradually took command of the action. Green seemed relaxed and mentally composed, but could'nt capitalize on Kesslers unability to avoid getting hit too easy and too much. For Kessler, I think this was the kind of victory that swings him back to the upper echelons, ensures him a good payday - and in reality was his last major hurrah.

-ali :

Kesslers thanks a lot for knocking this bum the **** out.

-dino da vinci :

Green will be back in two months to campaign for the vacant WBC bronze light heavyweight crown. That 'title' is still vacant, right? Hey, if his manager was worth his salt, he'd be able to steer him into a vacant Interim Diamond Jubilee Junior Strap. Collect them all! Trade 'em with your friends! JoSul should pray there isn't a Boxing God, because his little interim soul is going to burn for all eternity. :mad:

-DaveB :

Like I've always said, Green looks and talks the part but doesn't belong with the the top tier or even second tier fighters. Kessler is not an elite fighter. Ward and Calzaghe went through him like a hot knife going through butter. Easily with good matchmaking he will win another title. If he steps back into the land of the elites he'll come crashing back down. That was a tremendous shot he threw and I will give him credit for coming back after being hurt in the first round. He won a fight he needed to win and was favored to win. I would favor Ward or Dawson over him big time but he'll probably gain another title or two before he is done.

-Radam G :

Allan Green has fright demons. Something that he had even in the amateurs. Da sucka has always gotten hurt or kayoed with psychological sucka punches. AG really, really needs a head doctor, some what let Kenny Norton had back in the day when he was jaw breaking and chin smacking GOAT Muhammad Ali around. KN was the AG of the 1970s. But Doc Deen -- a hypnotist -- straighten him straight out. But when hardhead-arse KN believed that he could do without Doc Deen, [Rev.] Big George Foreman, Earnie "Arcorn Head" Shaver and "Gentleman" Gerry Cooney showed him differently and knocked him da double fudge out. We all need some type of jive, though most of us won't admit it. Holla!

-brownsugar :

Just saw the replay,... WOW!! Kessler looks good for someone who should be a bit rusty. Sweet one punch KO via a perfectly timed hook sent Green on his back like a domino, Out Cold!. Like to see Kessler against Dawson after another tune up (or Bute),.. I think Dawsons better, but Kessler has to be considered a live Dog and capable of pulling out an upset. Dawson doesn't do so well against fighters who bring a lot of activity, or boxers who rush the pace. A motivated Kessler makes for exciting fights.

-brownsugar :

I though Shumenov was going to be one of those "I'll fight anybody" type of guys,.. but his earlier boisterousness has become severely muted as he never quite fulfilled his early hype. Shumenov is no cutie, but he still has a drama filled face-first style backed-up by a solid chin and good determination. He's not as good a boxer as Kessler,.. but he's more durable and will go for broke. It would be a great matchup.

-deepwater :

green hasnt had a chance since he checked the chin checker