Vitali Klitschko To Attend June 6 BWAA Dinner


Brothers Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko have inspired many with their tremendous success inside the ring, as the current co-holders of the world heavyweight championship. But being role models extends outside
the ring as well. Both brothers give generously to charities and have
their own foundation. Vitali is very active politically in his native
Ukraine, fighting corruption.

The Boxing Writers Association of America will be officially
recognizing their good deeds at its annual awards dinner when it
bestows upon the Klitschkos the James A. Farley award, which is given for “Honesty and Integrity in Boxing.” The dinner will be held at the Copacabana in New York City, on Wednesday June 6, 2012

Although the Klitschkos want the respect generated by their
achievements inside the ring, it is just as important to them how they
are judged as sportsmen and individuals of high moral character. That is why they were pleased when the BWAA informed them they had won this award.

“It was totally unexpected” Wladimir said. “It means a great deal to
us to receive such a great honor from the BWAA.”

Because he will be in training camp preparing for a title defense
against Tony Thompson on July 7, Wladimir's attendance at the event is
in doubt, but Vitali has confirmed he will be in New York for the

For ticket information and a complete list of the honorees, go to the
Boxing Writers Association of America's website,

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-deepwater :

he will put that audience to sleep just like his title fights.

-Radam G :

Hehehehe! Deepwater is taking his comedy into deepwaters again. Sad thing is that he may just be right. Holla!

-mortcola : me, Vitali is an action fighter - high punch output, high connect ratio, highest KO percentage in history. I think its just a convenient joke. Not a bad one though.

-brownsugar :

Three Cheers for the KBrothers... they certainly deserve the honor... but how about more sleep jokes.

-deepwater :

What?....... I just woke up from reading this article. Even reading about klitco puts me to sleep.

-deepwater :

if it wasnt for chisora , klitco would of put me to sleep in that one.