Floyd, Who Has Been Sharper, Beats Cotto (UD) In Close Clash

MayweatherCottoWeighIn HoganphotosIt has been tried 43 times, and still no one has managed to defeat Floyd Mayweather. But Miguel Cottoin came reasonably close in the main event at the MGM Grand on Saturday night in Las Vegas. No, Floyd didn't look like vintage Floyd; there will be talk that he has slipped a notch, as just about every round had no runaway winner. But Cotto must be given due credit. His guard was tight, he was composed and intense the whole way through. But the judges had the last word, and they gave the nod to Mayweather, by scores of 117-111, 117-111, 118-110.

Floyd went 179-687, while Cotto went 105-506. Pacquiao fans will note their guy managed to stop Cotto (TKO12), while Floyd didn't.

Afterwards, Larry Merchant said Floyd apologized to him yesterday and he accepted it, so they chatted. Larry said it was a battle royal and Floyd said it is about giving the fans their money's worth. Floyd said Cotto is a tough competitor. “He came to fight,” he said. Larry asked him about the jail stint. Floyd said he has accepted it, as a “true man” would. Floyd, asked if he'd fight Manny next, said Bob Arum is stopping a Pacquiao fight. He said he couldn't name another potential foe, as Merchant said Oscar De La Hoya told him Canelo is not ready for Floyd. Could he take less than 60% to Pacman's 40%? Floyd didn't answer, and changed the subject to blood tests.

Floyd hopped down to talk with Jim Lampley and Manny Steward after he chatted with Merchant. He said he gave the fans what they want, noting he is older. He said Cotto is tremendous, and gave HBO props, and said he admitted to Merchant that he was wrong for blasting him after the Ortiz fight. Masterful public relations work, it must be said. As he switched it up in the fight, going to the ropes and the corner, and then staying center ring, he keeps us all guessing, never knowing if he'll drive straight on or swerve a subject.

Mayweather (age 35; living in Las Vegas; 42-0 with 26 KOs entering; led to ring by 50 Cent, the WWE's Triple H and Justin Bieber; seven crowns in five divisions) was 151 pounds, while the WBA junior middleweight champion Cotto (37-2 with 30 KOs; age 31; from Caguas, Puerto Rico; three division champion) was 154 pounds on Friday. They both used 10 oz gloves, the same size heavyweights use, so we wondered how that would influence the event. Robert Hoyle, Dave Moretti and Patricia Morse-Jarman were the judges. As always, we prayed they ate their carrots leading up to the event.

In the first, it was a Floyd feel em out. Cotto had a snappy jab. Cotto looked to be the aggressor, though Mayweather landed a few more, perhaps.

In the second, Cotto picked Mayweather up, and oh no, they touched gloves. Would this thing deteriorate? Cotto kept close, and Floyd was fine with that. He had his back on the ropes, and worked from there. His right hand was working. He slipped and ducked and Cotto had trouble landing clean.

In the third, Cotto's jab worked, but so did Floyd's right. Floyd was 47-26 in punches landed to this point. Floyd worked center ring midway through. In the fourth, in center ring, Floyd landed rights. He stayed off the ropes now. Blood did trickle from his nostril. “C'mon damnit, let's go,” Cotto trainer Pedro Diaz said after.

In the fifth, Floyd switched it up, back to the corner. Cotto landed a solid left hook, and the men traded, and the crowd liked it. In the sixth, the blood trickled from Mayweather's nose, from the jab he wasn't slipping or picking off. Cotto was now backing up, of his own volition. Floyd chased him, to not great effect. “That emeffer running,” Uncle Roger said after. But it worked, I thought. Harold Lederman had Floyd up 4-2. I had him up 4-1-1.

In the seventh, Floyd wanted to land power rights. It was a tight round, as Floyd wasn't busy and Miguel looked like the aggressor. Blood was present on Floyd's nose. In the eighth, Floyd was back to having his back to the corner. He liked the uppercut in tight. But he wasn't busy enough, I'd guess, in the judges' eyes. The crowd sensed upset.

In the ninth, it was nip and tuck, not much separating the men. Floyd was up 136 to 87 in punches landed, according to CompuBox. In the 10th, the round was tight, as usual. In the 11th, Floyd stayed in the middle of the ring early. He looked to land power rights to the side of the head, as Cotto kept his paws in front of his chin. In the 12th round, Floyd bombed with the right. Cotto got buzzed by an uppercut with a minute left. We'd go to the cards.

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-Real Talk :

Floyd got his *** whooped, Cotto whooped the shyt out of Floyd. I'm a fan of Cotto, no longer a fan of Floyd or HBO and that Illuminati fa_ Sh!_ ya be on. I should've known Floyd was gon get his a$$ whopped when he came to the ring with Justin 'Beiber....for real?!?!? You some shyt....p4p number 3 or 5 maybe.....Cotto beat all that pretty out that @$$. I'd rather watch the youngins in the tournaments in the city than watch HBO. F__K HBO boxing. Andre Ward is the new P4P King in my book. You can give Floyd a draw and it still will look like a stick up. Larry Merchant sold out....it's over. Boxing is dead. Canello is going to bring it back though and props to Shane Mosley for rumbling like a soldier even though he got the worst end he rumbled....respect. Floyd when that heat was on his @$$ it looked a lot like Castillo...yu had no answers. You lost homie....anybody say otherwise is a racist an only rolling with Floyd cause he's black and they Black. It was an old timer behind me who was black was saying Floyd doing this an that, I'm thinking to me self man you must got cateracts?!?! Floyd got bussed up and when he was talking that I'm glad I'm chosen and throwing up those cult signs I said I no longer can get behind this dude but guess what Miguel got his strength from the one true GOD and gave that @$$ a boxing lesson. I know Don Puto if he's still alive is loving this and called good money on this one. Cotto is the top Dog at 154 F--k Mayweather and Pacquiao and Boxing can kiss my ***. I'm going to start following MMA. Dueces

-amayseng :

real talk, i scored 4 rounds for cotto with a possible 5th round. he gassed out as expected and floyd won some rounds cotto could have stolen had he had energy...cotto stood flat footed with gloves up w no head movement and floyd landed again and again that right hand behind the glove...why would cotto not adjust? and when he had floyd on the ropes rolling and turning he should have just stayed on the body to score points.....floyd had to work for this win and struggled a bit.. pac and martinez will beat the 35 year old floyd......

-ali :

Relax Real Talk... much props to Miguel Cotto and he did kick Floyd *** in some of the mid to later rounds but he still lost fight homie. Round 1 could have went either way rounds 2 through I think 6 Mayweather clearly won 7 through 10 was all Cotto but I gave floyd the last 2 rounds. Cotto has one of the best jabs I've ever seen. Floyd was bleeding from the nose like a motherfu*ker had me worried for a minute. At the end of the day it was a great fight we all got our money worth this fight was great for boxing.

-the Roast :

No question Mayweather won the fight. Cotto fought a great fight, he brought it to Floyd the way he had to to win. He wasn't going to outbox Floyd so he did what he had to do. I did not put pen to paper and score the fight but I gave Miguel four maybe five rounds. I was a good, close, hard fought fight but Mayweather won. I'd like to see Cotto in with Canelo next. If Miguel fights Alvarez like he fought Floyd last night, I think he beats the kid.

-ultimoshogun :

Four or five rds in favor of Cotto sounds about right to me. Great fight though, both guys had to dig deep for this one.

-Radam G :

Money May is now one dull dagger, but his groupies, fanboys, floozies, flunkies and nuthuggers will always and forever have much luv for his Floydeligion swagger. Danggit! Too bad that their pugilistic Christ will now be thrown in da Sin City Jail by a bunch of bad Roman haters. He, who has not sinned, cast the first stone. Or is it, "Carry that cross, Money! Carry that Cross!" Will Money May be able to take his Money Team and bodyguards to Sin City jail with him? Big Bubba is on lock down waiting to show Money May da luv. Hehehehehe! Holla!

-DaveB :

I think Mayweather won the fight. @Ali, I think Cotto's jab is really good when he uses it. The problem is that he doesn't use it much. 80% of the time Cotto would walk in without throwing a punch and let Mayweather get off first. Mayweather just kept looping his punches around Cotto's guard. I wanted to see Cotto work his way in behind the jab. Sometime he would throw a jab in the middle of the exchanges which was quite effective. The fighters who will give Mayweather the most trouble are people who either jab often or let their hands go period. Now that Mayweather had trouble last night I think next month Pacquaio is going to have trouble against Bradley so sentiment will come back to Floyd. After next month's fight who else is left for these guys? The 140 guys could move up but not for ppv's. Pacquaio could fight Marquez but that fight will just be the same as the last three. Marquez doesn't match up well with Mayweather. Looks like they may have to fight one another soon. They've run out of opponents.

-amayseng :

i think pacman knocks out a game and tough tim bradley...bradley is a young lion but he is made to order for pac ala hatton...he will come forward and pacs speed and power is too much for anyone to takes those shots flush....it will be a good fight but then we will see what we knew..pac is a killer and floyd is a technician.... then these two will never fight and we will all be furious once again

-Radam G :

Just so you will know, amayseng. Money May was taught to box by his father in the beginning and now by his uncle in the pros. And I just love correcting syet. Boxing is taught in two ways, academically -- in other words by certified taught teachers of the sweet science -- and by bootleggers from the street, their house, garages, etc., etc. Money May is not a true technician, but a bootlegged-taught master of the craft, as taught by his father and uncles, who have adroitly made their own boksing syet up. And all respect due, very good, effective syet I will add. See boxing is the last sport that unschooled and untaught people can just start teaching and get very limit requirements of certifications. Money May is the greatest bootlegged-taught boxer of all times. In my opinion, he is the second pound-for-pound greatest of all times in my opinion. Willie Pep is the greatest, of course in my opinion. Holla!

-Fe'Roz :

Floyd did what he had to do in capturing the majority of rounds against a determined, confiden, and well protected Miguel. I say well-protected because those pillows which also protected Floyd's hands may have also kept Miguel's swollen and bruised noggin from turning into a split pumpkin before midnight. Credit due both men and appreciation extended for the entertainment. There are a few takeaways that I think are indisputable after watching Cotto now finish what has been a five year circuit fighting most of the very best in his brackets: One, Manny Pacquiao is the far more explosive dynamic and dangerous punchers. He punches in bunches from unconventional angles had Cotto beat in four and running from harms way for the final seven rounds. There is no question that Manny has been and remains the most dynamic and consistent offensive force in boxing today. Two, Floyd is SweetPea slick on defense. He simply does not take many clean punches. His legs may not have their former spring...thus the use if the ropes....and his counters may not have one punch stopping power...but the man can hit and not be hit with the best in this generation and arguably ever. He is no Hearns nor Leonard, both of whom fought each other twice and Roberto Duran in his prime. But he is Floyd mayweather, a master in the ring and a true genius in making the matches that he has fought and choosing the time that he has fought them.

-mortcola :

Hey Fe'Roz! Nice post. My take on the fight, etc: When Cotto jabbed, he dominated. When Cotto exchanged, he matched or got the best of PBF. He did neither consistently, though he made a good effort. He fell into the trap of allowing Floyd to feint and potshot - not easy to avoid, but he had the formula - jab strongly, move on toes, and throw to arms and body - thus losing his momentum and his shot at a win. So many stagnant clinches, long breaks from digging rib shots and throwing strong straight jabs - with that formula, the scoring would have been closer, and he would have had a better shot at inflicting even more facial damage than he did. Now - since styles make fights, this does not mean that Pac will have an easy time of it. What it does say is that a good, varied attack behind a strong jab puts one right in close to even with PBF - straightforward intelligent boxing with some pop behind it. Pac's weaknesses and strengths are very different than Cotto's - the lefty stance, the speed and unusual angles, the snappy footwork, the sheer pain of those sharp punches, can throw Floyd off his game far more readily than the straightforward boxing-punching that Cotto did. However, Pac's relatively weak defensive headwork would also make him more vulnerable than Cotto if Floyd's sharpshooting succeeds in blunting his offensive momentum. And don't tell me about Marquez - he threw Pac off his game by constantly changing angles using his feet, NOT Mayweather's strength, as his footwork is rather ordinary at this stage of the game. Many combinations of scenarios lead to very different outcomes in a Pac-PBF fight - none is predictable, because Pac's unorthodox attack and particular weaknesses are wildcards, while Cotto was technically very predictable.

-deepwater :

floyd will retire after tasting his blood like that. no pacman fight for sure. great fight. props to floyd for hanging in there. props to cotto. cotto showed the blueprint for beating floyd.

-puncher :

Relax Real Talk... much props to Miguel Cotto and he did kick Floyd *** in some of the mid to later rounds but he still lost fight homie. Round 1 could have went either way rounds 2 through I think 6 Mayweather clearly won 7 through 10 was all Cotto but I gave floyd the last 2 rounds. Cotto has one of the best jabs I've ever seen. Floyd was bleeding from the nose like a motherfu*ker had me worried for a minute. At the end of the day it was a great fight we all got our money worth this fight was great for boxing.
Rds two and three were all the way Cotto. He put on his Full Metal Jacket and went after Floyd. 7,8 and 9 he came after Floyd and outpunched him despite what Compu Box says. The difference was Rd 12 in which Floyed just outboxed him. Floyd was not dominant because Cotto did not allow him!

-The Good Doctor :

Biggest Cotto fan in the world here but for those who thought Floyd lost, they are being a bit generous in scoring. I had it 116-112 for Floyd but I can see 117-111 or 115-113 as there were some arguable rounds. As for the actual fight. Floyd deserves credit for fighting through some major adversity and closing the show. His 12th round was beautiful. Cotto deserves credit as an up to 7 to 1 underdog, he brought major noise. I also think Pedro Diaz deserves a nod because he designed a very good plan for Cotto. Selective punching, tight defense, stiff jab, a little rough-housing, and major body work made it tough for Floyd. But as it is for most fighters when facing Mayweather, Cotto expended so much energy trying to get good shots on Floyd that he could not finish as strong as he would have liked. Great fight!!!

-deepwater :

floyd won 7 rounds to 5. close fight. good fight. mayweather hasnt been ruffed up like that ever. ever. floyd retires or takes an easy fight next year then retires. no pacman fight. i dont like floyd but he proved his worth bringing in celebrities and 50 million. pac should take the 40 million or just retire also

-MisterLee :

I also think Compubox didn't count much of Cotto's body attacks, and his small hooks, jabs, and uppercuts inside. All good. The system, the HBO crew, and many viewers are biased. imo. I had Cotto winning 7 or 8 rounds to 5 or 4 for May. Cotto pushed him on the ropes, and when Floyd tried to push his way back to the center of the ring he was wrestled and pushed and sometimes thrown/grappled back there. Cotto's left hook, body attack, and sudden flurries were effective (as Oscar did). Also the pressure was sustained.