Post Weigh-in Propositions for Mayweather – Cotto You Won't Find on the Boards in Vegas

MayweatherCottoWeighIn Hoganphotos1STARDUSTED SPORTSBOOK SPECULATIONS- Almost any boxing fan could feel the magic, manic tension rising from a buzz to a storm as Floyd Mayweather, Jr and Miguel Cotto weighed in before an energized MGM swarm, at 151 and 154 pounds respectively; looking quite ready to conduct what is very likely the biggest sporting event of a multi-championship weekend everywhere from the ring to the ice to the pitch to the hardwood.

The cool as ice gentlemen will be pitching some serious Everlasts and Reyes, in less than 24 hours. Mayweather may be the closest thing boxing has to a slam dunk, but Cotto is the type who fights like the best way to block a shot is to throw a shot, and his full court press will make it very interesting unless he has enough early success to force Mayweather into a defensive strategy, a game plan that should win the fight by a decent margin but would also frustrate many observers once again. Something like the Mayweather – Oscar de la Hoya bout.

To hear some of Mayweather's recent comments, he might choose the safest route just to hear the boos.

Much more likely he tries to dominate and put Cotto away faster than the 33.55 minutes it took Manny Pacquiao, back in November '09.

On the eve of the encounter, here are the percentages of probability, out of 100, on some of the weekend's primary punching issues.

“Winner” of weigh-in : Even, which looked like a statement of sorts for a confident looking Cotto who will hear plenty of support, and probably got a lot of wagers as around a 5 to one underdog. Nice shades.

Good fight : 85 – 15 Unless Cotto was already damaged goods

Cotto already damaged goods : 15 -85 Not yet, maybe by Sunday

Crappy fight : 35 -65 Cotto just motivated and talented enough to keep Mayweather moving (and scoring) backward but not good enough to corner him

Cotto to earn his approximately 8 million dollar (before taxes) payday : 95 – 5 Seems like he already did with his name on the bill, as the exact type talented, respected fighter people will pay to watch

Mayweather to net 50 million bucks for fight : 50-50

Mayweather to know, if data available, on his numbers compared to Pacquiao – Juan Manuel Marquez in which Pacquaio made approximately 50 million: 99 -1 From a business ego standpoint alone

Las Vegas the sporting capital of the world this weekend 30 – 70

Vegas the sports betting capitol of the world this weekend:80 -20 Would be a lock, but I hear Macao is rocking.

Shane Mosley makes those who bet against him as 8 to 1 underdog very worried during the first half of his fight against Canelo Alvarez : 55 – 45 Plenty left, but just not enough.

Alvarez to mention Mayweather as future opponent : 60 Right now, other fish to fry.

Alvarez – Mosley to go the distance : 30 -70 Somebody's in for a bad night.

Alvarez – Mosley to steal the show : 20 – 80 It will have a more dramatic conclusion.

Mayweather by KO before :55 of round 12 : 50-50. Mayweather will stop him earlier than Pacquiao because Cotto will make Mayweather stop him earlier.

DQ for biting :.001 – 99.999 That act played here already.

Draw : 7 – 93 Seven percent solution to general apathy.

Mayweather to win by retirement : 0 -100 Cotto's actually the one you'd have to “kill' to stop. Mayweather wisely health conscious.

Cotto to win by retirement : 0 – 100 Hard to imagine anyone able to dominate that much unless injury occurs to Mayweather.

Cotto to Bleed : 85 – 15 It's going to get rough inside.

Mayweather to Bleed : 40 – 60See above.

Knockdown scored by either fighter : 20 – 80

Multiple knockdowns by either fighter : 20 -80 But wouldn't it be nice.

Cotto to be pounded into career retirement : 15 – 85 The worse he loses the less likely he is to hang 'em up.

Mayweather to be pounded into retirement :20 -80 Less than Cotto's chances in the fight, but if Mayweather loses, he could be shocked or bitter enough to say goodbye.

Likelihood of Mayweather to enter detention center as scheduled after fight: 50-50. Mayweather's reported line about lawyers being paid liars is the type remark that only adds to his loyal followers. Courts have been paid to lie to themselves for a lot less than Mayweather can afford.

Likelihood of Mayweather entering detention center to serve best interests of justice : 10-90 – since he's already proved he can stay out of trouble, do good deeds, and draw a considerable positive financial impact on the city's vastly troubled financial resources.

Why not an extensive community service term, funding homeless programs, domestic violence shelters, and children's care centers. He and his crew could probably build a great Habitat for Humanity man cave. Giving anybody the chance to improve both their family and community standing is usually worth it.Is there a point to incarcerating Mayweather beside Vegas proving they'll punish him? Whatever you think of Mayweather's attitude, if you think it will change after this jail time, I can get you a good price on that new bridge past Hoover Dam.

Some fool from major media to use the “boxing is dead” line as his lead in : 90-10

Boxing to be alive, well, and rolling after Mayweather – Cotto : Guaranteed unless the asteroid hits, and probably even then.

The Sweet Science to provide best written, most comprehensive coverage of Mayweather – Cotto: 100 – 0 As always. Enjoy the fight.