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Mayweather , Cotto, Canelo , MosleyThis graphic was kindly supplied by long-time TSS reader “Anony.” He indeed believes, and likes Cotto, via stoppage.

The Floyd Mayweather-Miguel Cotto weigh-in staredown might be better than the fight, though we hope the clash on Saturday lives up to the hype. At the Friday weigh-in, which unfolded at the MGM in Las Vegas, Mayweather and Cotto peered deep into each others' souls for more than a minute, and jawed at each other, before being pried apart. They'd been respectful, and even broke into smiles a few times before during press conferences, so it was nice to see and feel some emotion in the mix.

Michael Buffer emceed, and announced Mayweather. The crowd booed. He stepped on the scale, and was 151 pounds, three pounds under the max. That was with gum in mouth. Cotto was 154 on the dot.

Max Kellerman chatted with Mayweather, and asked what the jawing was about. “I told him when you facing Floyd you facing the best,” he said.At 151 pounds, “I feel great, I feel good,” he said.

And why 151, why not 154? “I feel comfortable fighting at any weight..he looked dry, he looked drained,” Floyd said.

What's the plan tomorrow? “Take my time, execute the game plan from the beginning,” he said.

The weigh in looked to be near a 5,000 capacity, which Floyd said he loved.

Kellerman asked Cotto about the staredown. “He's never faced anyone like Miguel Cotto,” he said he told the unbeaten hitter. He said he will work the body, and everywhere tomorrow, Cotto said. “I'm here for the fight,” though he will be ready for a moving Floyd. The fight will be for all Latinos, on this Cinco de Mayor weekend.

The Mexican boy-wonder Canelo Alvarez took to the scale, and was 154 pounds. Foe Shane Mosley, who is seen as a live dog by just about no one,turns 41 in September, was 154.5 pounds at the first attempt on the scale. He had an hour to burn off a half pound. Kellerman chatted with Canelo, and asked him how he'd stop a man who hasn't been stopped. He won't try and stop him, he said. He then asked Mosley how he'd beat Canelo. By being Shane Mosley, he said. Why should we believe you when you say you will beat him, he asked, with admirable directness. You don't have to believe me, but I will do it, Mosley said. Losing the half pound will be no big deal, he said. His scale before the weigh in wasn't on the same wavelength as the MGM scale, he explained. Does this make you like Canelo by a wider margin, or no? Weigh in, readers. Note: Mosley dropped the half pound and made 154 within the hour.

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