Chad Dawson Beats Bernard Hopkins in Rematch

Dawson-HopkinsHe did quite well for a 47 year old, and truth be told, fought well for 37 year old. But Bernard Hopkins didn't have the energy needed to hang with Chad Dawson in their rematch in Atlantic City last night. The 29 year-old Dawson took a majority decision, by scores of 117-111,117-111 and a fairly inexplicable 114-114, as he was too active for the boxer who cannot was readily be called an “ageless” wonder at this juncture in a bout that no one will remember even a near classic.

Hopkins (52-6-2), ever pugnacious and prideful in the arena of the spoken word, asked after what Dawson (31-1) did to win the do-again of their October No Contest. Well, he threw a few more punches and connected a bit more, to name two things. Dawson went 151-431 (35%) while Hopkins went 106-400 (26%). Neither man draped themselves in glory with their workrate, so the calls for a third scrap to get total clarity on who is the better man do not exist. The smart money like Dawson going into the bout, based on what they'd seen in the abrreviated first clash, but all had to consider that Hopkins could do it one more time, pull off a stunner, show the fightworld that they are fools to even wonder if he's not a ultra-master of craft.

Dawson gave Hopkins props after, calling him dirty, but admitting he is a future Hall of Famer. The victor called out Andre Ward after; the fan reaction, judging by a scan of Twitter feeds, wasn't across the board positive. Both are cautious pugilists, and the fear is that only ultra-purist would dig their dance.

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-Real Talk :

Hopkins fought a helluva fight and has my respect. He took the youngin Chad Dawson into deep waters and pushed him to the brink and almost drowned him, almost broke him but looked as though he took his foot off the gas a little when he had him in trouble. Still he gave Chad a boxing lesson for a good portion of the fight. Hopkins showed true grit and masterful skill of his craft and kept Dawson honest for most of the fight. I called good money when I said B-Hop is mentally tougher as it showed in the fight. A 37 year old B-Hop would've mop the floor with Chad, but to give Chad props he didn't fold or wilt under pressure. Chad was able to land a couple good straight shots, but those combos B-Hop was slipping those like Sweat Pea. I enjoyed the fight. I got to ge ready for church so I'll holla later. P.S. Chad needs to stop ducking that wreck and cleanout his division. Tavoris Cloud is there. Dueces

-Real Talk :

Two more things, The Ref sucked and ruined the inside fighting, it's like this ref was Chad's bodygaurd or something. That was one of Hopkins major advantages. Around the 11th I was cussing at the screen like let'em fight!!! LOLOLOL hold up hold 6 year old just posted up behind my right shoulder and started reading what I'm posting so I got to keep it clean LOL!!!! I didn't know she could read so good, caught me off gaurd >=-). The second thing is Jim Lampley has no appreciation for boxing skills, good technical boxing or the chestmatch of tehcnical boxing. That's crazy how somebody could be invovled in the sport for so long and have that much of a voice but have so little understanding of boxing. I'm going to end this by saying.....Hopkins rumbled man, when he got caught he took a good shot, he gave a good shot and kept on rumbling. The fight could've easily been a draw but in the ocurt of public opinion Hopkins got my nod. Deuces

-brownsugar :

I feel your pain RealTalk,... Bhop put in a good couple of rounds at the beginning of the fight, his sneak right hand had me afraid that my prediction wouldn't come true. As the fight wore on (and I do mean it certainly dragged-on with the lack of activity) Dawson became very adroit at reacting to whatever Bhop Did,... Bhop was a few hundreths of a second behind Dawsons' reaction time,.. I think if Dawson cut loose more, but he could have won in a more devastating fashioin. Dawson needs to accelerate his offense if he wants to make himself more marketable. The only reason I watched the fight was more academically motivated than because I thought I'd've been treated to fan friendly fight... And as I predicted ( big self pat on the back here) Dawson would exit as the better man. His lack-of-focus tag is just a cliche' that announcers keep repeating until it eventually was morphed into an excepted fact... but nobody beats Bhop that easily without being totally focused 100% of the time... Big props to Bhop for staying competitive through-out the fight.... Bhop was soundly defeated but he wasnt' outclassed.

-SouthPaul :

Bernard needs to change his moniker from Executioner to the Con Man. Dirty fighter he is and its not even that part I find so bothersome, although, digging his head into Dawson's face is a lowdown grimy snake move. But beyond that what's annoying is how Hopkins tries to manipulate and con us into believing he's being robbed of the decision. Stormed off out of the ring like a spoiled house fighter. A--- hole!:mad:

-ali :

Im with u SouthPaul B-Hop is a sore loser he lost the damn fight. Hopkins fought a hellva fight but the better man was Dawson give him his props. I would love to see him fight Andre Ward I actually think he would beat him also.

-gibola :

I had it 118-113 Dawson and I must say I'm glad Chad won - I respect Hopkins' marvellous career and the ability to be competitive at his age is a tribute to his discipline and commitment. However, what he did last night was incredibly negative (again) and typical of what he's done for the last decade as he has aged and been faced with dangerous opponents. His strategy is simply to make sure he doesn't get hit for two and a half minutes of a round then try the lead right, run in with his head down and do a bit of mauling to swing the round. As he spends that two and a half minutes stepping round the ring he lulls fighters to sleep then tries to nick rounds with a punch or two. It is impossible to look good against such a skilled (but negative approach) and the best you can do is hustle a points win. Taylor, Dawson and Calzaghe managed it - Tarver didn't. I remember seeing Howard Eastman being totally baffled by Hopkins and landing nothing in 12 rounds while losing widely despite hardly getting hit himself. Hopkins hit him with two or three clean shots a round - it was enough, but it was painfully dull. Against fighters he can overpower (Winky) or fighters he's totally outclassing (Pavlik) he could be aggressive but on the whole he has adopted this 'I'm gonna shut your offence down - even if it means I hardly land a punch myself' mentality since Trinidad really. I respect Hopkins, he should walk into the HOF and I forgive the many, many dull fights because he frequently fought top fighters and he did it his way. I'm no BHOP fan but I give him the respect he's due - you've had a marvellous career Bernard, enjoy your retirement - it's well deserved.

-DaveB :

I'm really, really hoping that was the last we've seen of B Hop. He was beat but not beaten up. I will give him respect for fighting Dawson again. I really never thought he would. I thought he would say something like - A Chad Dawson fight is not marketable. Been there done that. Now it is time to give some of these more willing young tigers a chance at the old man and my title. Blah, blah, blah. And by doing that he would get to avoid Dawson and take the easier road. So on that end I will give him props. Basically you know when you see a B Hop fight it is going to be an ugly, drawn out boring fight unless he is in there with someone without many boxing skills like Pavlik. I think the ref, Eddie Cotton, did not want the fight to deteriorate into what it did in the first fight with Hopkins getting on Dawson's back. I really wished Dawson had of been more active and closed the show better but I do agree with the 117 -111 scorecards. Hopkins always cries that he has been robbed in the end. He is one of the dirtiest fighters out there but that is B Hop. That's his mentality. It just wasn't enough last night.

-amayseng :

bernard has nothing to be ashamed about, 47 years old and making an elite 29 year old lhv champion look ordinary for 12 rounds, ordinary, hesitant and frustrated...i did have chad eeking it out, i had a sub par stream therefore there were many rounds i didnt score either way because i just was not able to visually see what was cleanly landed or not. however, bernard made it a rough tough close fight, cant be mad at hopkins for being a bit dirty and rough inside, for one he is a throwback to those ways of fighting and secondly he is 47 years mad at chad for not developing the tools needed to keep a 47 year old hopkins from tying him up inside and turning him at will for 7 rounds before becoming exerted....what tools? well a check hook for one, a push jab to the body for two, and a lead left and immediate tie up himself, none of which i saw him do... either way, chad needs to take pascal out, erase that loss from his mind and soul then beat campilla who beat cloud, before he gets beat by andre ward who is similar as far as grit and smarts with all the tools like hopkins, but 20 years younger... i would like to see bernard hang them up, he is an all time great, however i know he will NOT retire off of a loss. he should take out cleverly and retire a champion... thoughts?

-SouthPaul :

I don't think he's going to retire. It's easy money these days--- he's in good with one of the super power promoters-- he'll continue to pick and choose fights that he thinks he can survive and create the illusion he was robbed. And I am tired of his age being the storyline. His real talent was how he adjusted to life after a prison stint and then used his manipulative con man skills to hustle the fight game out of a lot cash. I ain't made but lets call it like it is. He'll occasionally woo us with a Trinidad and Pascal type performance and then most other times give us eyesores like last night. I'd actually like to see him become a regular fight commentator on HBO or Showtime. That's where he'll likely end up in his retirement years.

-Radam G :

Danggit! The structure and flow of the game has changed. If this fight would have been between 1890 and 1990, B-Hop would have cleaned up on Super Bad Chad. In the words of Uncle Roger, "Most people don't know sh*t 'bout boksin!" Chad didn't do all that and a bad of chip. And his arse, B-Hop was sinking like a ship. Maybe the Titanic, so the powers that be got all panic. In the first place, between 1890 and 1990, judge always took boxing defense into consideration. You got points for making a bytch swinger miss, just as you got point for knocking the hebejebeez outta his arse. Haven't you muthasuckas ever heard how the late, supergreat Willie "The Wisp-o-Wiz" Pep use to win rounds without throwing punches. He'd make bitch-swingers miss that wind-mill jive like B-Hop did SBC. But I know you hating cats didn't see syet, because your a$$es are too busy listening to the talking-head know nothings like Jim Lampley, instead of the know-da-syet experts like GBG Manny Steward. In attention blindness, because of stupid talk is jack-up amazing. WTF! That monkey jive would have an owl dazing. By nowadays' standards, the bout was close because dumb-arse judges have not been taught the sweet science game of giving points for the defense, just as for the offense. Life is not about just gun-ho offense. It is about a balance of defense. Just like a real-life war. OMFG! The game use to be WAR! Now, "WHAT IS IT GOOD FO!' Absolutely NOTHIIIIIIIIIIIINNNN!" [Those lyrics come from the song, "WAR." An ex amateur boxer composed that.] Because the live-cast humbuggery bullsh*tology organization like HBO is running syet and brain washing the general public. And HBO has the unofficial fight judge Harry Lederman influencing syet with make-believe bullsh*t offense only of the crafty game of whup arse. He needs to STFU! Back in the DAY -- WAY fudging back in the -- radio commentators and 1940-90 television ones boxed before and know the darn. Or if they didn't, in the immortal words of the late, great Howard Cosell they would spit, "IIIII never PLAYED da GAMEEE!" The game has been hi-jacked and weak-bytch macked by talking-head know nothings, who have sublimical power over a lot of similar know-nothing referees and judges. If Steve Smogder [name misspelled] or Kenny Bayless or Earl whasaname, who are old-school referees would have refereeing that bout, SBC would have gotten an a$$-thrashing. B-Hop has a right to act the way he is acting. For he is RIGHT! He is a dying breed in the game of BOXING! By today's standards, the late, greats Willie Pep, Willie Pastrano, Archie Moore, Benny Leonard, Ralph Dupas and Sugar-Ray-Robinson-ducked Charley Burley would not have been syet, because most of their winnings were from making bytch-swinging, missing-punches chumps MISS! MISS! And MISS! And the judges of those good, old, days correctly counted defensive syet in da squared-jungle whup-a$$ art and science. Holla!

-SouthPaul :

Interesting read, Radam. You got me thinking and reflecting. Good job. Still, I can't give too much respect to last nights performance. His dirty tactics may have Dawson on the sidelines for a while. Not anything to respect in that but I do respect the mans career as a whole. The mugger who becomes a boxer, the boxer who becomes a mugger. You can take the man out of the con game but you can't take the con game out of the con artist. Once you lived that lifestyle it'll forever be with you. Never leaves. One can only manage and keep it in check so it doesn't land you back in the penitentiary. Love or hate 'em; Bernard has managed it perfectly. And he'll be around for several more years to pick pocket a few more lucrative paydays. His rants are downright comical nowadays. He's screaming robberies and politics and foul play but he's the house fighter with the support of a very powerful promotional company who in one way or another conned one of the judges to give him a draw. LOL, sort of humorous, just that when you think of how he once fought against who he has turned out to be these days. He needs to lose that script of yesteryear cause it no longer fits his current role.

-Radam G :

Uh hum! @Southpaul, the game is full of optical illusions and can quickly cause cofusions. That is, until you peep at the DVR. Back in the day, it was "Until you look at the film," then it was "Until you at the video tapes. Be your own investigator and self-thinker and take a peep at the first butt, where Super Bad Chad got cut and you will see that it was his head mashing into B-Hop's, thus SBC caused the butt and the cut himself. Look again and again at the fighting. It was SBC doing the foot clipping and tripping and the spinning and throwing of B-Hop. B-Hop was an innocent man, who the powers that be cannot stand because he is da MAN. He can do something that they cannot, so he is RIGHT! They want his old arse out of the game. It is a young man's game and the old a$$es, who apparently did not take care of their bodies and are no B-Hop are hatin!' And they got the power and are doing what they do well -- KEEP THINGS THE WAYS THAT THEY HAVE ALWAYS BEEN, because simple bytches like they -- DO NOT LIKE CHANGE! B-Hop is the Apple commuter of boxing, and these IBM, TI, HP, Sony, Dell and _____ ______ are trying to keep him from ruling the world. Holla!

-teaser :

few if any have the skill and mental toughness of Hopkins...he looked comfortable the whole fight if not crowd pleasing ...I just marvel at his defensive skills still able to slip punches from a younger stronger faster and naturally bigger man ...kudos to Dawson for keeping it all together for a well deserved win

-ali :

Teaser your 100% right for a man to be 47 and still be able to do what he does is incredible. But at the end if the day B-Hop clearly lost the fight. Its hit and not be hit not just not be hit Hopkins should have made him pay for those misses but he didn't so you lost MF except it. Stop being a cry baby B-Hop you really too old for that sh*t.

-the Roast :

I saw Hopkins clearly lose that fight. Thanks for a great career Bernard but its time to get off the stage. That fight was dreadful. What about Seth Mitchell? No story about that fight? Seth is raw but has size, power, and heart. I'd like to see him in with Arreola or Adamek or Chisora. Seth may not be quite ready to beat a Klit yet but he's getting close...

-Radam G :

Sorry, the Roast, but Seth is a fat marshmellow, who fought one in Chazz Witherspoon. Seth is chunky, chubby and oversize for even a heavyweight. No way that 246 pounds should be on that built of a body. Dude is top heavy, especially in the belly and around the underarms. Dude looked like he had angels on his fat-arse back. Arreola, Adamek or Chisora would kayo him in one round. The same that Witherspoon should have done by just going to the torso a time or two. Holla!

-Real Talk :

Chad was crying about Hopkins being a dirty fighter but the first headbutt was caused by him, he moved his head to the left when he was throwing the right hook and butt Hopkins. The second so called butt was cause by GOOD STIFF JAB to the eye that opened up the cut. Chad needs to stop crying and clean out his division. He doesn't deserve a figh with Andre Ward until he handles his business at light heavy. I'd like to see him in there with Campillo or Cloud, rematch Pascal or something. Ward cleaned out his division an is the man at 68, Hopkins cleaned out 60, Chad is looking like a Cherry picker at 75. All the seniors are out the way, let's see what he does now, we're watching and we're hip to you. Dueces

-deepwater :

Hopkins made it a close fight. chad doesnt have the killer instinct. just ask scully who tried to beg him to close the show. hopkins didnt lose a thing from this fight and still has 1 or 2 left in him.