Arum: Wait Till 2013 For Pacquiao-Mayweather

marquez rios ppv posterJuan Manuel would very much like a fourth fight with Manny Pacquiao, and he just might get that in the fall, his promoter Bob Arum indicated on a Wednesday conference call to hype Marquez' April 14 scrap against Sergey Fedchenko, which will unfold in Mexico and on pay-per-view.

“Hopefully, he's on the path to fight Manny Pacquiao later in the year,” said Arum. Folks who are hoping that Pacquiao would get in the ring with Floyd Mayweather in the next fight for both following their June and May (against Tim Bradley and Miguel Cotto) tussles can keep on hoping, sad to say. “You have to be realistic about this,” Arum said. “I don't think Mayweather will be available in the fall and he doesn't indicate he wants to fight him. We're better off thinking about that fight next year.” If Pacquiao fights on–not a given, considering his age (33), and immersion in the political realm–Arum said he's “planning, hoping the Mayweather fight might take place next year.”

There you go, the can kicked down the road again.

Arum said there's a great chance the 38 year-old Marquez for his next fight, if he gets past the Ukrainian Fedchenko (age 30; 30-1 with 13 KOs), would take on Brandon Rios, who fights Richard Abril, subbing for the no-show Yuriorkis Gamboa, on the Mexico Marquez card. Arum has Cowboy Stadium in Dallas on hold for July 14 for the JMM-Rios scrap, though he said that nothing has progressed beyond a rough outline.

Marquez, who will battle Fedchenko for the vacated WBO junior welter crown, sounded ready to rock, and it didn't seem like hurt feelings lingered excessively from his latest disappointment against Pacman, in which he lost a majority decision many felt he deserved to win. Marquez, speaking English capably, said he did indeed consider retiring, but decided that he wanted to fight on, and secure another chance to prove to the world he's better than Pacquiao. “I've come back to this sport because I want the rematch,” he explained. He came back again and again to the topic of a fourth Pacman fight, for the record…

“Juan Manuel deserves a rematch,” Arum said. “I would think that's what I'd be focusing on…Manny can chase the wild rabbit in the TV commercial but as a promoter I can't chase a wild rabbit.” Arum was referring to this Hennessy cognac TV ad. Arum explained that Pacquiao indicated that he is open to a fourth fight against his Kryponite, but didn't want to do it right after his third scrap with the Mexican legend.

If I'm Fedchenko, I'm happy Marquez seems at least mildly obsessed with a fourth Pacman fight, as that helps my chances for the upset. That said, based on his resume, which doesn't blow you away with it sterling nature, I think Marquez, still a master craftsman, can afford to operate with one eye on Pacquiao.

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-Radam G :

Wait for 2013 FOR WHAT? Money May will say that 13 is a bad-luck number and b*tch out from fighting Da Manny again. Money May will start making up all type of weird jive-turkey syet like if Da Manny "doesn't take the test from NASA numerologists," who Money May personally picked, "then there will be no fight." And the excuse will be that Da Manny is on 13 different types of powerful Filipino A-side meth steroids that we Pinoys got from space aliens during the days of Noah. And those steroids gave us power to survive the Great Flood. Hehehehehe! Don't you just love the fantasies of Fam May. They will say anything to avoid an arse thrashing from Da Manny. Get it over, fans, fanboys and fanfaronades. There will be no fight between Da Manny and Money May unless Miguel Cotto do us all a favor and kick the holy hebejebeez outta Money May. Then the muthasucka would wanna tangle with Da Manny just for a paycheck, because the Money May stock will go down to the deepest level of hades and all dat sucka's moola will burn in the stove of satan. Hehehehe! Holla!

-deepwater :

f you bob. you greedy sc-bag. your wife lovey arum doesnt even tip the hairdresser at warren tricomi in nyc. know this bob= your greddy b.s. helped to ruin this superfight. your cheap, your wife is cheap, and all the people at that salon roll their eyes when that she comes in there. (my cousin wrks there)

-ultimoshogun :

Geez Louise, Marquez needs to give up chasing the white whale and move on already. A fight with Rios has FOTY all over it. I doubt anyone wants a fourth Marquez/Pacman fight. I guess "sources" are saying Mayweather will be looking to get back in the ring by November once he gets outta the klink. Guess we'll see if he pursues a fight with Pacman...and if so, will Arum put his personal agenda on the back burner and make the superfight be continued.

-SouthPaul :

You'd have to be seriously foolish to believe this fight will never happen. Too much chedda' involved at this point. Both fighters could go on a losing streak and it'll still happen. Pac Vs Pretty Boy Floyd---- the boxing EVENT of the century. Coming to a theater near you, Stay tuned.

-SouthPaul :

There's a silent and unspoken agreement going on between Top Rank and Team Mayweather. They both have the same agenda. Cash in every other lotto ticket before the MEGA event. They should consider employing Mirlande Wilson as part of their racket. She's got promotional potential. .

-Real Talk :

Bob Arum wants to keep his gravy train rolling as long as he can. He's scared to death to put his cash cow in the ring with Floyd "theP4PKing" Money Mayweather. Arum tries to feed us $#!t and tell us it's sherbert. It sounds like 80's politics, stinks to my nostrils an insults my intelligence. He comes at us like we're 3rd graders. @ Radam you need to cut the jokes with that bull$h!t you be puttin up here about Mayweather, you look real thirsty holmes. It wasn't too long ago you was saying he's the greatest, now you sound like a 3rd grader trying to misdirect us from how suspect team Pac's looking right about now. Two words.....WRECK DUCKER!!!!. I'M LOSING ALL RESPECT FOR PACQUIAO, who's looking more like a puppet an a b class fighter who only get's put in with weight drained, over the hill, shop worn, one dimensional cats or fighters coming off crushing KO's. You can say team Pac has been cherry picking'em since 135 which they hauled a$$ from with the quickness because it was nothing nice down there after Diaz, but we so quick to criticize Floyd. N!((@ plaese!!!! Marquez knows he's going to get robbed again but he doesn't care, he's like cut the check....Pacman can't hurt me anyway. Arum and Team Pac are clowns and those comments you post are nothing but jokes. You be hatin liiiiiike........Dueces

-Radam G :

@Real Talk, I'm still saying that Money May is one of the greatest pugilists of all times. He just can't beat and won't fight Da Manny. And he doesn't have to. And I still believe that he coulda kick Sugar Ray Robinson's butt. You are getting caught up in the chameleonic and parasitic behaviors of some these haters. Da muthasuckas are throwing out syet and hoping that it sticks and on our a$$3s separation licks. Any people can agree to disagree. You don't have to agree with me, and I don't have to agree with you. This is the way that even Money May, 50 Cent, Boss Rick Ross, Snopp Doggy and Kayne West and I roll. Don't get caught up with the hateful deadbeats, bro. Holla!

-Radam G :

Just so that you will know, Real Talk. Sounding like a third grader is not bad. BTW, when I was a six-year-old third grader, the sounding and all, I was turoring high school and college students in electronics and business math. When I was a pre-schooler, everybodeee and dey momma and Drew "Bundini" Brown and his air-pilot son were laughing at me when I said that my icon, idol and godpops -- the champ GOAT Ali -- was going to be upset by "vampire-looking" Leon "Neon" Spinks. Muthajokers were hatin' on me even more when I said that the GOAT should not fight and will not beat Larry "The Easern Assassin" Holmes. Zooming forward, when I was an in-my-mid-teens college junior -- the third grade of college -- in Tokyo, Don King and his hoodlums and bullies kicked me off the undercard of the Buster Douglas-Mike Tyson Bout for saying that Team BD was going to knocking the condom-using thugs Team MT da double fudge out. In the old TSSU, haters and chumps were telling Editor Mike to kick me out of the Universe for insanity for saying that Da Manny was going to steam roll Big Money Oscar and make him "punk out on the stool like a confused, scary fool." And the muthachumps really laid it on me when I said that Da Manny was going to kayo Redcoat Ricky in less than four rounds. Haters and faders were losing their minds with me by the time that I said that "Old-arse B-Hoppy and the wise, old Genie Naazim were going to upset my boy K-P. From that point on, haters and nutcases started cloning me. They haven't figured out how to do that yet in this new TSSU. Even if they ever do, that is more power to 'em. I will just keep sounding like an out-spoken third grader, keep getting it right, and being the one and only Radam G -- not an iota of being parasitic or chameleonic to go along to get along. One VOICE jive, no matter what, can never be me. I will post my piece and spit like I see and believe it. Da manny will kayo Money May any day of the week is my opinion, and I'm sticking with it. Money May knows what time it is. And Amir Khan will again -- IMHO -- whup da hebejeebeez outta your boy Lamont Peterson's arse in the fair match in Sin City, where there will be no pity. I'll be there. I hope that you will come. Holla!