Kelly Pavlik Beats Aaron Jaco, TKO2, in Texas

Pavlik Jaco 120331 003aSan Antonio, TX – After almost eleven months out of the ring, Kelly “The Ghost” Pavlik (38-2, 33 KOs) shook off any semblance of rust to dispatch 35-year-old Aaron Jaco (15-3, 5 KOs) by TKO at 45 seconds of round number two.

The bout took place at the Illusions Theatre, a new makeshift configuration of the cavernous Alamo Dome.

There were questions coming into the fight as to what effect, good or bad, new trainer Robert Garcia would have on the former middleweight champion.After struggling to win a lackluster majority decision in his first fight at 168 pounds over Alfonso Lopez last May, Pavlik ditched longtime corner man Jack Loew in order to enlist Garcia’s help instead.

So far, it appears to be paying dividends.

The first round began with Pavlik establishing his powerful jab.Pavlik shook Jaco’s head back early with hard shots that really seemed to get his opponent’s attention. He strafed him one probing left hook, then dropped him with another one soon after. Jaco made it to his feet, and the patient Pavlik was content to continue stalking him until the bell sounded.

The fight would soon be over.

Pavlik came out in the second coiled like a snake. Again he landed a crisp left hook flush on Jaco’s chin to drop him. Jaco, whose nickname is the “Jedi,” made it to his feet only to have referee John Schorle wave it off, deeming him unfit to continue. There were no complaints from his corner afterwards, though, as it appeared the focused, re-dedicated Pavlik was just too strong.

“I was calm, relaxed,” said Pavlik after. “I thought he was looking for a right. I got him with my left. I feel good. I am back.”

“Kelly did everything at a high level,” added Garcia, who seemed impressed with the work of his fighter.

Even Jaco got into the act.

“I’ve never felt power like that,” he said. “He’s a great fighter.”

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-the Roast :

Hey! There's that douche bag ref again!

-deepwater :

The ref woulda put up a harder fight then jaco. They should keep these set-ups off tv.

-the Roast :

You are probably right deepwater. I wonder who that ref's daddy is that got him the gig. He looks like a Bush cousin.

-mortcola :

Yep. Jaco was game but seriously over-matched. And, Pavlik looked renewed, sharp, whatever you can tell without a serious opponent. Maybe Loew did a good job with Kelly, but that relationship was years past its shelf life.

-amayseng :

Even though Jaco was limited it is good to see pavlik on track. i have always been a pavlik fan, he is an exciting fighter and worked his way up with tough fights. he always gave back to the community, was humble and carried himself well in interviews and such. nothing wrong with seeing a man working to overcome his demons and addictions either. on a side non boxing note, the killing season two premier tonight.....excellent show....ha

-ali :

Im with u Roast this is ref is terrible WTF is he stopping the fight for SMH...Anyway Pavlik looked no different then he has in the past I don't think he can beat any of the top guys at 168...if Chavez Jr moves up I think he has a chance to beat him but that's about it.

-CPX :

Love KP, good to see him back, even if it was a limited opponent, 1 step @ a time and needs 3 more fights this year before rematching and defeating Sergio :)