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MartinezMacklin Bailey2Fight fans, I do believe a tussle you guys have been clamoring for could well happen. I'm hearing that a Sergio Martinez-Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. tangle is real close to being made.

Martinez has been lobbying hard for that one for almost a year, and has been rebuffed by Team Chavez and Top Rank, his promoter. The kid has a hold on the WBC middleweight held by Martinez, which he lifted from Kelly Pavlik in 2010, and dumped when he didn't want to battle the man the WBC had installed as his number one challenger last year. Martinez, promoter Lou DiBella, the WBC, Bob Arum and Team Chavez have engaged in a word war since then, as Martinez has made no secret that he think Chavez doesn't deserve to even borrow that belt.

A source tells us some details, yet to be cemented totally: the bout could unfold at the MGM in Vegas on Sept. 15. Chavez would have to get by Andy Lee first, in Texas in June. Martinez, coming off a March 17 stoppage win over Matthew Macklin in NY, would not fight in the interim.

For those focused on money matters, it is believed Chavez, the son of the legend, would enjoy a 6-40 split.

We are all hopeful that details get ironed out, and get to watch a most anticipated fight, one which will answer some questions, such as: is Junior all that, or just a product of smart matchmaking; is Martinez truly a master craftsman worthy of being in the pound for pound top three, or has he lost something with age? My take: if this occurs, I tip my cap to Chavez, for taking on the skilled pugilist Martinez when he could kick the can down the road, and wait until his hair is a bit grayer. And props to Team Martinez and the fans, for their vehement lobbying, as well.

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