Looks Like Sergio Martinez-Julio Cesar Chavez Near A Go For Sept. 15

MartinezMacklin Bailey2Fight fans, I do believe a tussle you guys have been clamoring for could well happen. I'm hearing that a Sergio Martinez-Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. tangle is real close to being made.

Martinez has been lobbying hard for that one for almost a year, and has been rebuffed by Team Chavez and Top Rank, his promoter. The kid has a hold on the WBC middleweight held by Martinez, which he lifted from Kelly Pavlik in 2010, and dumped when he didn't want to battle the man the WBC had installed as his number one challenger last year. Martinez, promoter Lou DiBella, the WBC, Bob Arum and Team Chavez have engaged in a word war since then, as Martinez has made no secret that he think Chavez doesn't deserve to even borrow that belt.

A source tells us some details, yet to be cemented totally: the bout could unfold at the MGM in Vegas on Sept. 15. Chavez would have to get by Andy Lee first, in Texas in June. Martinez, coming off a March 17 stoppage win over Matthew Macklin in NY, would not fight in the interim.

For those focused on money matters, it is believed Chavez, the son of the legend, would enjoy a 6-40 split.

We are all hopeful that details get ironed out, and get to watch a most anticipated fight, one which will answer some questions, such as: is Junior all that, or just a product of smart matchmaking; is Martinez truly a master craftsman worthy of being in the pound for pound top three, or has he lost something with age? My take: if this occurs, I tip my cap to Chavez, for taking on the skilled pugilist Martinez when he could kick the can down the road, and wait until his hair is a bit grayer. And props to Team Martinez and the fans, for their vehement lobbying, as well.

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Radam G :

Huh! Hum! I will wait and see. The game is full of smoke screens, cracked mirrors and trap doors. Fights get on their Houdini disapearing act all the time. Talk is just that until two combatants enter that squared jungle ready to get it on. Holla!

ali :

Chavez Jr is taylor made for Martinez..

ultimoshogun :

A few weeks back I read one of the snags in their negotiations was that Jr. didn't want Olympic style drug testing as Sergio demanded for this fight. Hopefully its been resolved. I think this matchup makes for an entertaining fight. Then maybe after getting the big payday he's been looking for, Martinez will step in the ring with a Pirog or Golovkin.

Radam G :

But one thing that you forget, SCLA Ali, Pops JC Chavez already kicked the holy hebejebeez outta a "tayor made." History loves repeating itself. Back in da day, the betting think-they-knew s*** was about great-boxing Melrick Taylor would put down JC Chavez, and give him his first defeat. They were wrong like a very bad song. Sergio Martinez is a professional-like amateur, who is straight-up hyped-up more than Jesus Christ coming back to earth riding the white pony "Tricker" of the Long Ranger on a cloud. YUP! Huh! That won't get my attention. Flying a golden Lear jet through black and red clouds is an attention getter for me. Besides, where in the heck will Tonto's red pony be? And who will be riding that one -- Noah? OOPS! I musta fo'got! Noah will be gettin' his drop from a parachute on Mount Arafat to check out his ark! Give me a break! I think that the young JC Jr kicks hyped-up SM's arse every day of the week and seven times on Sunday -- the day of rest -- before night mast. Holla!

ali :

Ultimoshogun im with u on Pirog I think he has the best chance at beating Martinez at 160.

ali :

Triple O.G Chavez Jr has no defense at all...he's going to do the same thing to Chavez that he did to Pavlik watch.

Shoulder Roll Defense :

Please add my boy "Kid Chocolate" to your list that includes Pirog and Golovkin. I think Peter Quillin beats Pirog and Golovkin!

the Roast :

ESPN reports Pirog and Geale are close to signing a unification fight. Maybe we are getting somewhere.

brownsugar :

Just a little hype to wet the appetite... it's not like Chavez jr, while proving himself to be a competent athlete has gained any real respect among the hardcore fans as being a skilled boxer more than he is being perceived as a convoluted product of careful matchmaking . Fans aren't looking at this fight as if it's in the calibur or Hagler vs Mugabi,... or Hearns vs Leonard.... it really has more of a "is Junior really going to fight a live body" type of vibe about it... Presently the noise of a fight with Sergio is only ear candy as the current perception by his promoters is that Jr is still not ready(or Martinez is quite old enough). But I give Juniors team credit for putting him in (suposedly) with another live body in the personage of Andy Lee. In my opinion... Even when Andy was labled as being damaged goods when he lost a fight he was winning on all cards after his gas tank went dry against Brian Vera, ,,,he was still good enough even then to beat Chavez jr every day and twice on sunday. If he actually takes the LEE fight,... thats being reported as "CLOSE"... he'll earn my respects of at least being a warrior willing to accept his duties as a fighter if he actually proceeds with taking the assignment.

deepwater :

wow. this fight will be like benn vs mcclellan, or jones vs toney,hagler vs hearns ,duran vs barkley,. lol lol. not. lee is a bum, a protected bum just waiting for the easiest shot at an easy belt.(thanx manny steward) so far pirog shows that he has the skills. pirog ruined golden child danny jacobs. ruined him. let 180 lb jr keep fighting bums just like martinez is doing.