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FightNightZab Judah showed himself and the fightworld that he still has it, or at least, still has enough to beat the Vernon Paris' of the world at the Aviator Complex in Brooklyn on Saturday night. Judah, fighting for the first time as a pro in Brooklyn, looked sharp, and strong against a fighter who probably hadn't seen anything like Judah's combo of speed and power in the main event which ran on NBC Sorts Network. “Brooklyn, Brooklyn, Brooklyn,” the fans shouted after Zab dropped a sharp lead left, and then flurried with a combo platter, forcing the ref to halt the event. The time of the ending was 2:27 of the ninth.

The ex 140 and 147 pound champ Judah (age 34; 41-7 entering; from Brooklyn) was 138, while Paris (age 24; 26-0 entering; from Detroit) was 138 as well. The fight served as an IBF 140 pound title shot eliminator.

In the first, Judah came out sharp and fast. He buzzed Paris, and the crowd went loco. The straight left did it, and Judah got over-excited. He answered with a snazzy left hook late in the round.

In the second, a straight lead again hurt Paris. His eyes said that he hasn’t felt power and speed like Judah’s.

In the third, Paris went low with a right, and also turned his back a few times on Judah? Was he misbehaving because he was frustrated? His left hook was working a bit, however. In the fourth, Paris had good luck with both hands, especially the lead right. Zab came on in the last third, but Paris was now in the bout a bit more. In round five, it was tight, as Paris was ripping some shots. Judah’s right uppercut midway through had the crowd jazzed.

In the sixth, Paris took the round off, or he was tired. Judah’s right to the body was subtle and sharp. Paris didn’t do enough to impress the judges in the next round either. In round eight, Paris started peppy, but Judah took the next two thirds. In the ninth,Judah hurt him and finished him

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