Erik Morales Overweight, Title Stripped

MoralesGarciaMediaWorkout Eilts9Erik Morales was stripped of his WBC junior welterweight title when he weighed 142 pounds at the Friday weigh-in ahead of his Saturday clash with Danny Garcia. The ultra-veteran didn't try to sweat off the two extra pounds and instead immediately gulped a drink. Garcia weighed 139 1/2 pounds, and he can win the vacated crown at the Reliant Arena in Houston if he gets the W.

Morales (57-2) is 35, and many are thinking that the young gun Garcia will just be too fresh and fast for the surefire Hall of Famer. HBO will show the tussle.

For his scale screwup, Morales will forfeit $50,000 of his $1 million purse, according to ESPN's Dan Rafael, and that sum will go to Garcia (22-0), who will gross $225,000.

Readers, are you irked at Morales for not making weight? Or do you give the Mexican a pass, for his superlative service to the sport?

Junior middleweight James Kirkland (30-1, 27 KOs) and Carlos Molina (19-4-2, 6 KOs) both weighed 153¾ pounds. Who do you all like in that one, the gunner Kirkland or the unheralded and crafty pugilist Molina?

No huge surprise, Jose Luis Castillo didn't make weight for his bout with Jose Cotto. He was 147 1/2, well over the 145 pound max, while Cotto was 144 1/2. Their bout was cancelled. Castillo famously missed weight for his anticipated 2005 rematch with Diego Corrales, and the third scrap between the two sluggers in 2006. In 2008, a scrap with Timothy Bradley was cancelled when Castillo was 4 1/2 pounds over the 140 pound limit. For his lack of professionalism, this guy should be banned for a year from the sport, in my opinion.

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-brownsugar :

I can emphasize with Morales, as Team leader of one of the weight loss groups at my job I weighed in 5 pounds more at the mid month weigh-in than I did at the initial check point 4 weeks ago. It's the first for me not making weight....(I'm hoping it's because I'm gaining muscle mass)........ So I can be a little forgiving. But the show must go on. I hope Garcia can give the OL' Vet and honorable send off. Morales has given the boxing world many thrills... but I feel this may be his day of reckoning.

-deepwater :

I am glad that eric didnt make the weight. if he made the weight he would be knocked out in 3-4 rounds. he couldnt lose the 2 lbs. paying $50000 of a million dollar purse for those 2 pounds is the smartest move he could make. if garcia thinks he is weak and tries to rush him watch for a big moreles win. Im rooting for eric and I think he is gonna surprise alot of people tonight.

-the Roast :

It shows just what the WBC belt means to Erik. Nothing. Take the money and run. I hope Garcia pounds Morales into retirement. HBO must be on crack to pay Erik a million bucks at this late stage. I only care about the Kirkland-Molina fight anyway. Judah-Parris fight might be good too. Why no mention of that card anywhere? Busy working on the fantasy Ali-Tyson part 3 article?

-deepwater :

Im looking forward to the judah card. i just called peltz and they only have a few tickets left I might snatch one up and go. judah by tko all the way. detroit people better behave after paris gets beat because brooklyn people will not except any nonsense. go ny!

-Radam G :

Weight rules are there for a reason. Eric was wrong. He never intended to make the weight. And, of course, at his age and stage, he can care less about holding a title belt, more than getting PHAT PAID. End of discussion. Holla!

-the Roast :

I'm picking Paris to KO Zab late.

-ali :

Deepwater Zab about to get his *** kicked.

-ali :

I hope Kirkland wins and gets a chance to face Canelo.