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MayweatherCottoNYPC Fusco16Floyd Mayweather's charitable blitz continues. And it's a good bet little Austin York of Gardnerville, Nevada,  an 11 month old baby who was born with a severe heart defect, and his family, are mighty glad the skilled boxer has been for the last few months very active in the giving arena.

Mayweather Promotions' David Levi alerted us to the good deed Mayweather did. I give him the floor for a spell.

I am Floyd's assistant. I left Floyd's training camp early to attend a Fight Night charity fundraiser put on by a University of Nevada, Las Vegas organization on March 15, 2012. I was coaching one of the fighters in the main event and was told the event was to raise money for a child's medical bills. The organization informed me that Austin York whom is under a year old has a rare heart abnormality and had a massive hospital bill from major surgeries he had underwent to save his life. I spoke with Floyd on the phone and told him about the child and everything he and his family had been dealing with. He responded: “Let them know I will take care of all the medical bills. I want to help him.” The total of the medical bills that have piled up over the 10 months of Austin's life add up to a little more than $49,000.

Levi tells us that both the ventricles of little Austin's heart didn't function when he was born, on May 23, 2011. He had surgery in the first week of his life, and then another six months later. He had another surgery, to total three, not long after that.

Quite a bit of fighting that little guy has had to do. I can only imagine the worry his family has to deal with. Compound that with the panic that can come with crushing medical bills, well, you can bet that the York family, including parents Scott York and Meghan Adams, will be rooting hard for Floyd on May 5, when he meets Miguel Cotto in Las Vegas.

Yeah, that's a big fight, but can we all agree not nearly as big as the fight Austin York and family have been in this last year?

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