Could Floyd and Manny Fight, Or Stop Talking About A Non-Fight?

MayweatherCottoNYPC Fusco40It should be clear by now that Floyd Mayweather, Jr. doesn’t want to fight Manny Pacquiao. It should be equally clear that Manny Pacquiao, or at least some of the people around him, don’t want to fight Floyd Mayweather, Jr. either. That being the case could they both do fight fans a favor and just shut up?

America is a free country and boxing is a freestyle sport so neither has to do anything they don’t want to do and they clearly don’t want to fight each other. We all get that. So why do they keep talking about each other all the time? More importantly perhaps, why do we still listen?

Mayweather for a long time insisted (quite rightly in this corner’s opinion) that they both agree to random blood testing for performance enhancing drugs. Pacquiao refused, making an assortment of ever more lame excuses to explain his hesitancy. According to his promoter, Bob Arum, Pacquiao finally relented on that issue and we’ll do something unwise at this point and take him at his word so that issue should no longer be an issue even though all Mayweather does is keep talking about it as if it were.

Pacquiao has long said he would agree to a 50-50 split of the revenue, which is expected to be the biggest haul in boxing history. If the fight shatters the previous pay-per-view record of 2.4 million buys as expected (and at a record cost per household) and sets a new live gate mark in addition to bringing in record numbers of international television fees and assorted other revenue from ancillary rights, popcorn sales and bobblehead dolls, one can only conclude that both fighters would receive a record payday with an even split.

Mayweather once said he thought that was fair enough. He was right that day because like all great attractions there is no B side in this match. He then offered Pacquiao what the latter claims was about a 70-30 cut by offering him a guaranteed $30 million while Mayweather kept the rest. I understand Manny Pacquiao has taken a lot of blows to the head during his career but not that many.

Old boxing hands experienced in the dark art of negotiations understood what that offer was. It was an offer you CAN refuse. Pacquiao knew it and so did Mayweather.

It was the kind of offer you make when you want your supporters to go “Whoa, that’s a lot of dead Presidents, bro’’ while knowing it was nowhere near enough dead Presidents to bring Mayweather-Pacquiao to life.

Speaking with Ray Leonard recently, he said he understood the position of the two fighters but at the same time, as a fight fan and a guy who agreed to a lot of dangerous fights during his career, he knows the difference between two guys who want to make a fight and two guys who don’t.

“It’s more business with these guys,’’ Leonard said when asked to compare this negotiations with the ones that led to his historic bouts with Marvin Hagler, Thomas Hearns, Roberto Duran and Wilfred Benitez, the four best of his era in his weight classes.

“They’re more business oriented than we were. We wanted to get paid but we wanted to fight each other too. These guys look at it from what makes sense to them business-wise.

“They figure they can fight three times for $120 million or something or fight each other once for $40 million and face the possibility of losing. It depends on how you look at it. But if they really want to fight they can make it happen.’’

Leonard’s old nemesis, Thomas Hearns, was even more emphatic and more disgusted, saying last week in Atlanta that Mayweather and Pacquiao “need to go for it. We believed in taking on all comers. Every fight wasn't necessarily a good fight, but to us we knew we had to take the fight in order to move on. If we didn't take a fight, we couldn't move ahead.

''We knew we had to perform because if we didn't do that, another man would get up on us. We never wanted anybody to have the upper hand over us. You wanted to have the upper hand.

“If not, just think how fights would have been different,'' he said. ''You wouldn't have had the chance to see all the fights you saw. You wouldn't have had a chance to have all the thrills from seeing us fight, me and Ray Leonard and Marvin Hagler and Roberto Duran. You would have never seen that. I thank God because God allowed that to happen in my time and I fought great fights.''

Mayweather and Pacquiao may have some great fights themselves but unless the two of them agree on the most fundamental thing – that they really WANT to face each other – one of them won’t be Mayweather-Pacquiao I.

That being the case, why don’t they both shut up, cash their checks and stop saying how much they want to meet when obviously they don’t. The proof of that is simple: if they really wanted to they already would have.

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-deepwater :

if Manny and roach agree to the testing and agree to let mayweather have the 60-40 split the fight can be made. floyd will have no excuse if manny says he'll take 40%. make it happen. it should be a 50-50 purse but hell life isnt fair sometimes. Manny take the 40%, try and get the win and retire.

-Money Jay :

Manny needs to call his bluff and take less money, and just to make the fight. If Manny wins (which he won't) then do rematch, and double his purse. They both are running out of legitmate opponents, and they need each other at this point in their careers.

-TotoyBato :

Stop talking about it. Floyd jr. does not want to fight.

-Radam G :

Wow! Will the bullsh*tology ever halt? And now vast amnesia from some back-in-the-day greats. First, Lil Floyd doesn't want to fight Da Manny, and that is all right. Next, Sugar Ray Leonard may need to get his noggin check. Something is definitely going foul with his memory. Maybe the Sugarman can give Mortcola a call. Anyway, Money business has always been the first order of the hurt bitnezz [sic]. "We wanted to get paid, and we wanted to fight each other" is some of the Sugarman's classic bullcrap. Of course he wanted the biggest bucks for the biggest fight that would make bucks. But he too was guilty of "talking about a non bout" or two. He did his talking about a non bout with Aaron "Hawk Time" Pryor and again with Don "The Texas Cobra" Curry. Bottomline, like my soon-to-be 109-year-old Uncle Mamoy says, "Nothing ever changes in the game, but the players." It will forever be same old syet, but just different bullsh*tters. Don't let me have to start naming names. From the top of my head, I can go back a 100-years plus of fighters, who did the same jive bull that Money May is doing in getting out of tangling with Da Manny. Holla!

-Fe'Roz :

Manny called his bluff. Floyd offered, like a wiseguy, to "buy Manny/TR out" for 40 million and not one cent of the projected upside; a deal only an idiot would consider. When they countered with 45%/45% and 10% to the winner, essentially saying that they were confident they would fight and win the bonus, Floyd did what he always has done. He moved the goalposts and found another excuse not to fight the fight that even his hardcore must now know full well he NEVER wanted to fight. I imagine its because he wanted to dedicate himself selflessly to the cause of Drug Testing in Boxing and, as he told Costas, his own 'health", the former task for with his has done exactly jack ****....and the latter for which I wish him well. Please note that no fighter under Mayweather Promotions has been subjected to madatory testing. For his fans however, he has made it clear for all to hear...with a big **** YOU.

-Saint666 :

Manny definitely wants to fight. He also wants a fair share of the money that comes with it - just half. Floyd wants a much larger share, a sharing scheme as if he will be fighting a newbie, it's his definition of fair. Except in his mind, to sacrifice his health, he should at least get a goodbye treat from Manny and boxing. There are ways to bend the truth but after giving to Floyd's numerous demands and offering a fair 50/50 sharing, there should have been a go. Now Manny is hoping Floyd would commit to a 70/30 to the winner split which he offers just recently. Ironically, such offer will reveal Floyd's level of cowardice and fear. Let's wait. Already, there's a long list of notable personalities, mediamen who have been cornering Floyd to make the fight. It's hard to accept the truth that it's all Floyd. Admitting he is, is like admittting the boxing fandom had cuddled a boneless, chicken-grooved puzzy champion. Breaks down the difference between the credible sweet science and theatrics of WWE.

-Saint666 :

if Manny and roach agree to the testing and agree to let mayweather have the 60-40 split the fight can be made. floyd will have no excuse if manny says he'll take 40%. make it happen. it should be a 50-50 purse but hell life isnt fair sometimes. Manny take the 40%, try and get the win and retire.
FYI, they've agreed, testing and all. Mere 50/50 was their counter. Floyd didn't want it. Now Pac camp is putting on the table a 70/30 to the winner split. What's it gonna be for Floyd? Manny's left hand tight to his back all throughout the match?

-gibola :

Floyd is a fool to himself in so many ways - he can get paid more than he's ever earnt to beat a guy everyone thinks he can beat handily and shut up all his critics in one simple action - by signing for the fight. It isn't rocket science. That the fight isn't happening is not because PBF thinks he will lose in the ring or because he's afraid (he's not), but because if he can't batter PacMan financially in the negotiations then it's more than his ego can take. He thinks he's too big to go 50-50 with anybody. Pacman has more reason to avoid the fight - he will lose, but he seems to NOW appreciate (he didn't always) it needs to happen as long as he gets a fair deal. Tommy Hearns is right, neither guy seems that concerned about proving who's the best and that's the saddest thing of all. Neither of them can claim to be the best welterweight or P4P king if they're not willing to fight the next best guy. The world won't end if they don't fight - it's just a damn shame especially as I think Floyd wins easily and he should be jumping through hoops to make sure he gets Pacman on his resume before he calls it a day.

-mortcola :

Apparently, after Floyd's interview with Bob Costas in which he both said that he has to worry about his health and the dangers of one shot ending it all, but that he fears nothing and no one, Pac has agreed to the 70/30 split. Hmmm, Cotto isn't a risk, but Pac is, but there is no fear?

-Matthew :

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Leonard did NOT duck Aaron Pryor. In fact, prior to his first professional retirement in '82 he had signed contracts to fight both Aaron Pryor and Alexis Arguello, which obviously never came off. If anyone is guilty of talking up that bout that never came to fruition, it was Pryor and not Leonard. The talk of Leonard facing Donald Curry was fleeting at best, and was over following Leonard's unimpressive performance against Kevin Howard. The point is, neither one of those "non-fights" was given the same extensive attention as a proposed Mayweather-Pacquiao bout.

-deepwater :

if pac man agreed to a 70-30 split then no excuse. floyd is ducking and his legacy will be tainted if it doesnt happen

-mortcola :

Please note that no fighter under Mayweather Promotions has been subjected to madatory testing. Yes, please note. If it is not already clear, principle has nothing whatsoever to do with Mayweather's choices.

-Radam G :

Defind it any way, you like, Matthew. If it is too strong for you, use "avoided," or "not interested," or whatever poison you dig. Ducking a punch inside the squared jungle, and DUCKING not to fight inside that squared jungle with certain boxers for any reason -- will always be a part of hurt bitnezz. If you are so hypersensitive about word usage and love self-denial or like to play games, that is on YOU, mate! No offense, Matthew, apparently you are just a fan and don't know about the deal breaking and making of the game. Or the backrooming, siderooming, screwing, lying, stealing and killing, etc., etc. [Forget that I exist in this Universe for a second. And just holla at any other readers or writers that have been fighters or trainers, or promoters, or matchmatchers, or just freakin' flunkies trying to made a buck, a living or just get a break. They can tell you for-real syet that will make "Jaws" look like a bytch-out goldfish.] And I guess that you have forgotten all about the step-aside-and-shut-da-double-fudge up money and lawsuits, Matthew. Sugar Ray Leonard, in his own words, "avoided fighting" Aaron "Hawk Time" Pryor because the "cash to hit was not a BIG smash hit." And Sugar Ray Leonard was going to fight Donald Curry, "signed, sealed and delivered." But when a BIGGER MONEY deal came up with Haglers, SRL violated that contract and took the bout with the Marvelous One. He won against the Marvelous One, but settle a lawsuit with the Texas Cobra. @Matthew, why don't you holla at TSS Supermaster Pugilistic Investigator S-To. Dude can found the hardcore truth about any boksing business dealings from time immemorial. F*ck what any reader, who's was and is on the inside of the game says. This is cyberspace, and there are some lying, delusional muthasuckas flying ragged-arse ships all over the place. [I'm being a bit sarcastic for those slow know nothing New Jack phonies, who are anxious to butt in.] Holla!

-Radam G :

Hehehehehe! Mortcola, take off your shrink hat and quit putting Lil' Floyd in that chair. He know not what he says in real time. He is just trying to escape the at-that-moment pressure. In all honesty, he believes that Da Manny is more of a danger than Cotto. Nowadays, off-the-record, he openly call Cotto "Cotton." And says I'm gonna knock dat ole soft bytch's a$$ out! Maybe on HBO 24/7 all of this will come out. It will definitely help the weak ticket sales. Holla!

-Radam G :

BTW, Editor Mike, why don't you get one of your Spanish-speaking super top guns to translate that great copy "Acusan a Pacquiao de evasion de impuestos" into English. I'd just love for the Money May groupies and nuthuggers to get a glimpse at how naive that they are in believing Money May's fibs about being the "top paid athlete in the world." That's RIGHT! The sucka has gone right pass his lie about being the top paid boxer last year to the top of the money ladder of all athletes of the world. I don't mean to break naive hearts, but this is a boxing site, not a fantasy thrower of the Money May lies that be. Holla!

-mortcola :

Hehehehehe! Mortcola, take off your shrink hat and quit putting Lil' Floyd in that chair. He know not what he says in real time. He is just trying to escape the at-that-moment pressure. In all honesty, he believes that Da Manny is more of a danger than Cotto. Nowadays, off-the-record, he openly call Cotto "Cotton." And says I'm gonna knock dat ole soft bytch's a$$ out! Maybe on HBO 24/7 all of this will come out. It will definitely help the weak ticket sales. Holla!
One of my favorite shrinks once said to a lying sociopath in a locked ward, who said, "boy, I could be lying to you about everything": "it doesn't matter - you lie the way you live, and we'll know you by your lies". Out of the mouths of babes and divas come truths that weren't meant to be told. But there they are, for all to see.

-brownsugar :

Mayweathers interview has been spun in more directions than the opening speech at a Tea Party Rally in Texas. Mayweather has consitantly spoken of the dangers in boxing for years. NOTHING NEW........ It's part of his well memorized spiel that's been committed to rote memorization for the last decade.
I agree the NON-Mayweather Pac fight is almost as big a bummer as impending $5.00 per gallon gas prices,.. In a perfect world the fight should have happened 2 years ago.
We are being told that main motivation for the Fistic carrot being dangled above our heads is Fear. But that same logic can be spun in the opposite direction when you consider Cotto was the leading challenger to face Pac after Pac narrowly escaped a close decision Marquez with a disputed decision. Arum's plan was to feed another weight drained Cotto to Pac next,........That was until Miguel ("I work for the company")Cotto, pulled a U-wee and vacated Top Rank to face the Money Man(and keep the $30million proceeds in his own pocket) after Pac refused to face him at his natural weight class of 154lbs. Makes me wonder which direction the stench smell of fear is really coming from. Could it be Manny's provence?
Then there's the Low ball theory....Which originated because Floyd offered Pac $40 Million to fight on May 5th without the inclusion of any PPV proceeds.... Sounds like a hard deal on the surface , even insulting when you consider the fight could gross anywhere from $150 to $200 Million from PPV. However Mayweather did do his homework, (whether you consider it fair or not)
Floyd knows Pac didn't hire Vison Quest because he simply had too much money to count.
He Hired Vison Quest to find out where the money went. The Pinoy Congressman is currently battling charges for tax evasion and it was reported several months ago that an insatiable gambling habit, poor oversight of his proceeds from Top Rank, as well as hangers on and a leaching entouragae has caused the #2 P4P living legend to scrambling for a way to keep his head above the fiscal waters. I silently wonder if this is the reason for Pac's newfound dedication to his faith? (I would too.)
But back to BOXING........
........Bob Arum himself said that Manny's asking price was $25 Mil per fight. Pac has never kept the PPV proceeds but he wants to get a piece now(who wouldn't). But the raw truth is, 40 Million would be the biggest purse Pac ever received. If you think I'm making this up,... go google get back to me later right here on the TSS.
For those who appreciate the #1P4P Ring Wizard,... You'll be please to know that Mayweather is already sparring with the up-and-coming Cotto look-alike and pugilistic prodigy,..... Omar Henry....... who is also of Puerto Rican decent. YouTube Omar Henry and you'll find a young tank-like boxer who Mirrors the type of come-ahead engine of destruction that Cotto was in his early years as a pro before he adopted the more strategic style.
Unless Pac decides to get Arum out of his business pursuits expect Mayweather (if successful against a reenergized Cotto) to face Canello in a late 2012 clash....which could be the biggest fight ever witnessed since Oscar Vs Mayweather(or was that Tyson vs Lewis???) anyway I can't wait to see how this drama unfolds... If Floyd can get past Cotto and Canello then Martinez is next on deck (Yes Mayweather has mentioned Martinez as a possible match.....and he's also another guy Pac refuses to face unless he fights him at the point of starvation or if he suddenly grows old in the ring) If Mayweather can remain uninjured and unbeaten this and many options remain limitless.
sure the non-Pac vs Mayweather fight sure sucks swamp water... but the alternative matchups it creates will possibly fill the bill.
Overall the so called indecent proposal Floyd made is not so bad afterall when you look at the entire picture. and

-brownsugar :

CORRECTION ON PARAGRAPH #3 Pt A ..........We are being told that main motivation for the Fistic carrot being dangled above our heads is Fear. But that same logic can be spun in the opposite direction when you consider Cotto was the leading challenger to face Pac after Pac narrowly escaped a close decision against Marquez. Arum's plan was to feed another weight drained Cotto to Pac next,........That was until Miguel ("I work for the company")Cotto, pulled a U-wee and vacated Top Rank to face the Money Man(and keep the $30million proceeds in his own pocket) after Pac refused to face him at his natural weight class of 154lbs. Makes me wonder which direction the stench smell of fear is really coming from.... Could it be blowing overseas from Manny's province?

-Radam G :

No! Naw! Nope! All the smell is blowing from Money May's cowardice and arse like the syet river in Olongapo CIty! Hehehehe! Along with the fright in his heart, mind and soul. Money May is frighten of Da Manny. And that is all right that many cannot see it. [Ya' gotta believe in sumptin!' And hope that it is eternal.] You know the deal. And the truth it always attempts to steal. But that is what cognitive biases, unconscious blind spots, actuality make believe and reality distortion will give you. Money May doesn't make his own decision. He cowards in the dark and send out his flunkies to light up the ___ ____ ____ of his _____ _______ _____! And then he plays his piped-piper flute and lead their a$$es off that cliff of __ ____ ___ -- ____ ___! Hehehehehe! Da Manny is in charge of his fate and is a dealer, not a phony-a$$ faith healer. Since Money May is scared as ______ ____, he ought to just play Da Manny in a game of one-on-one basketball. Da Manny would kick his arse in that too. Or he can have a crooning and/or dancing contest with Da Manny. Da Manny will kick his arse in that too. Da Manny kicks Money May's arse in every whichya way, but in fibbing, bull****ing and beating the heck outta women. It must be a Mayweather faulty gene or something. Uncle Roger is gulity of knocking his baby's grandmomma teeth out. WTF! Fam May know beating women and ducking boksing men. OOPS! I musta fo'got! And straight-up fibbin' their a$$es off. One thing I will say, though. Uncle Roger was not a coward. He hardly every ducked. And, during his boxing days, he took getting knocked da double-fudge out like that pugilistic sweet science soldier that Money May always claim to be. Holla!

-Radam G :

Money May is playing his _____ _____! He cannot offer anybody syet. He doesn't run da game or da moola that is generated. He control his believing-anything groupies, fanfaronades and ____ _____ and _____ _____! [Could you imagine GOAT Ali telling the late, great super "Smokin' Joe Frazier that he'd give him such-and-such money? Or Sugar Ray Robinson telling Jake LaMotta that he'd give him blah say, blah say bucks? Or Sonny "Night Train" Liston telling the young Cassius Clay that he'd give him so-and-so moola? It is a crying shame that anybody with an iota of a brain believes Money May's super bullsh*tology about how much money that he is going to laid on any grow-arse man.] In the last four years, Da Manny is the drawing card, has more PPV [$55-a-shot real homes, not Big-screen $25 a shot] buyouts and has been making more money than Floyd for three years now. Lil Floyd's money-making lies and the-Bobfather-is-stopping-Da-Manny-from-him-illusions work on only the not-da-know weak minded, haters and in Money May's own words: "[his] fans." Holla!

-Radam G :

It is typical of Money May to use the Bobfather as an excuse. And get the Money May followers to believe that syet. I'm reminded of the time when some Michigan dudes told me ____ ____ _____! YUP! I ask them how long have they been free? And how many people did they meet that were actually in that situation? Of course it was none. And that is what I thought. Yall oughta quit making excuses for Money May. Maybe if we are lucky, Cuban Doc Diaz and Miguel Cotto will put an end to that nonsense. Holla!

-Radam G :

OOPS! I did forget! Before somebodee and his sidekick and nine of dey hos jump into my s***! Don't get caught up with first reports of negative copy about Da Manny coming from the P Islands. It is exaggerated bullspit about Da Manny's so-called tax troubles and money problems. I'm reminded of the black propaganda fibs of Imelda Marcos having bought 3,000-pair designer shoes for display in her closet. WTF! Whatever happened to the shoes? I guess that they faded out of ___ ___ brains' consciousness like the world coming to an end for the last umpteen years and Jesus coming back riding the Long Ranger's white pony, Silver, on a white cloud. What is he gonna say? "Hi O JeSilver!" Hehehehe! I'm always amazed at the vulnerability of a human to believe the slightest amount of negativity about a world shaker, big-money maker. But doubt the truth and the whole truth about a mudhole faker, big-credit taker. Money May has a lot of money credit. But it is Da Manny who has the hard cash. And moving up really quick, is the Filipino FLASH! Credit-rich, in-trouble-with-the-IRS Money May will be cash money broke long before Da Manny might be. Just give it time, you will see. Holla!

-brownsugar :

RG,.... you lost me when you brought up Emelda Marcos,.. there's plenty of footage of her personal shoe warehouse all over the internet. I don't believe she was ever on the agenda too be attacked by african americans... her own people cast her and her husband from office. Back to Boxing. Don't miss the Cotto/Mayweather fight. I'm predicting this will be the a potential FOTY. If all goes well and we are all blessed to see the show. Let me know what you think after the fight.

-Radam G :

BULLSPIT, B-Sug! Don't believe nothing [sic] that you hear and half of what you see. I don't know where that originated from, but it is grand advice. Cyberspace jackarses put all type of phony syet on the NET. And the lies get bigger and bigger. Wow! Now, you tell me there are cyberspace spottings of a warehouse of Lady Imelda Marcos's shoes. Bulls***! Of course that reality distortion and actuality imagination are max on the internet. Give me a BREAK! That jive is only a lie, but a DA^^N LIE about the former First Lady of the Philippines! And pure black propaganda of hating on a beautiful Pinay. And this agenda nonsense "too [sic] be attacked by african americans..." got my head spinning. How did you work in an American ethnicity? As for those shoes of FL Imelda, Pinoy shoemakers, who made those shoe in the Philippines, gave them to her. It is no secret -- and you know that -- most of the shoes that you Yanks wear were/are made in the Philippines or Korea or Taiwan. Famous and rich people hardly ever buy certain things. People give you syet. When GOAT Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier were in the P-Islands in 1975 --and that is no jive -- they and their entourages were given so many shoes that they hired cargo planes to bring back to the USA. I heard of "the [American] public be damned!" But people, who were in the U.S. military be like dumb and blind! No Filipinos "cast her and her husband from office." You need to check your history. The United States of America, under the presidency of the late, great Ronald Reagan tricked President Marcos out of his Palace and onto a windowless military plane headed for Guam USA. Before the plane got there, President Reagan had aides to tell President Marcos that he was going to be flown to the Marcos's province until things died down, then that he could go back to Manila to again run the country. But in the end, Prez Reagan was persuaded by administration top guns to let Prez Marcos be flown to Hawaii, thus defacto overthrowning the Marcos government. [I bet you believe that Noriego of Panama was overthrown by the Panamaians. Hussein of Iraq was overthrown by the Iraqis. Qadhahi of Libya was overthrown by the Libyans. C'mon, man! The USA is in the overthowing-your-arse business.] C'mon B-Sug, quit being saturnine. We live in the age of rapid, super-zoom info. It is not like you cannot find the truth about most things, it is that you don't want to, because apparently you are "on the agenda..." to reducing the sting of things that with you don't ring. You can holla at the truth even by going onto "the Internet" search engine BING! Holla!

-Shoulder Roll Defense :

One way or another, "Desert Storm" (Tim Bradley) will put an end to the Bob Arum created cash cow known as Manny Pacquiao. I'm predicting he will defeat Pac-Man and even if he doesn't the fight will be highly contested, thus exposing Pacquiao worst than Marquez III did!

-brownsugar :

Spare me your personal history lesson RG, I was there before you were born. Nobody gives a damn about either Marcos. I'm just here to talk boxing. If you disagree with my post about Pac give me some specifics, not some pointless fillabuster.

-Radam G :

It is all right to be wrong, B-Sug! I don't know where you were before I was born. You probably heard Chinese, Spanish, Pilipino, Arabic, Malay and Urdu before I was born, but that doesn't mean that you can speak any of it at all, or better than your's truly. And I know you saw money before I was born, but that doesn't mean that you have the depth of my pocket or the amount that Money May fibs he makes every fight. Filibustering is not I. But I do know a lot of older people are age ranked and hate to be wrong. Loosen up! Be loosey-goosey like the oldtimers say. I'm here too to spit boksing. @SRD, NUTCASES are predicting and have been predicting that the cashcow earth is going to end. And that the imaginary devil is going to fight the imaginary Jesus C in the great A-battle. YUP! RIGHT! Dessert -- I mean Desert -- poop is going to get KAYOED EARLY. His big, ole dome will not save his arse against Da Manny's missiles, and you know this. Keep HOPE ALIVE! Give your DOPE a low FIVE! Holla!

-brownsugar :

RG, just STFU and enjoy the fight, it will be the FOTY guaranteed.

-Radam G :

No it won't, B-sug. Money May has never been in a FOTY match -- in the amateurs or pros. He's a standout fighter, not an outstanding fighter. He either safely whoop arse, or lost like he did against Jose Luis Castillo, and is given a gift decision. Money May and I are real boys and real fighters -- me, a former one, who occasionally still spar for a very BIG FEE-- and this is the way we go. Telling us to STFU up is like saying, "Say it loud, I'm right and I'm proud." Oh, YUP! Any know-something fighter -- worth his salt -- will spit at you to shut da double fudge cookie up and drink a malt. Hehehehehehehe! I'm a master of da rhyme and Money May is no longer a whole dime. I wouldn't be surprised if he lost this time. His nowadays fibbing will make you react as if you have just sucked on a lime. Holla!

-Kid Blast :

Good stuff Sugar

-musicaccountant :

So....i'm under the assumption (and yes, this is simply my opinion as a fight fan)....Bob Arum should be blamed for MUCH of the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao "rubbish".... I believe that Manny WOULD fight Mayweather and would have a long time ago...... however his handlers are modern day "slave owners"...... robbing fighters of their just due! .....ponder this..... even at a 70/30 split.... Manny would get anywhere from 45-60 Million.... his biggest pay day and even his "master's" (Arum) biggest pay day!!!.... Arum knows that Floyd is going to beat Manny.... at this point, he just wants to secure as much money as he can for the fight..... because it will be his biggest and last payday for Pac, once Floyd wins.... .... on the other hand, Mayweather has all of the leverage because he "promotes" himself and based on previous numbers, will sell regardless!!! ...not a boxing issue, but a BUSINESS issue!

-Radam G :

Hum! Huh! OMFG! Money May told Da Manny that he was scared that Da Manny would beat him, then he [Money May] would have nothing to fall back on, because boxing was his [Money May's] only money outlet, but that Da Manny has a job as a congressman. As I've said many times, fanfaronades, haters, fakers, faders, busters, groupie mates and the kind don't know syet about the backroom, sideroom, or even the frontroom business of boxing. They have this fairly new outlet -- new to most of them, anyway -- of cyberspace to spit ____ _____ ___ ____ ___ __ _____ and make up all type of syet. The Bobfather is not -- and I repeat NOT -- standing in the way of a Pacquiao-Mayweather showdown. SO JUST YIELD! Money May is working more magic on muthasuckas and mud suckas than magician Dave Copperfield. Holla!