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IMG 6745From left to right: Randy Gordon, TSS 2011 Reader of the Year Mortcola, and Gerry Cooney

Confession: It is with the slightest hesitation I bestow the honor of TSS 2011 Reader of the Year. Because the communication skills shown by the 2011 TSS R.O.Y. is of a caliber that can put a “pro” fightwriter, a full-time practitioner, to shame.

I suppose it's the same feeling that a singer, even one of some renown, feels when they tune in to “American Idol” and see some barmaid from Biloxi, or cruise ship crooner from Kansas belt a rendition of a tune that blows them out of the water. Well, time to get over the bruising of the ego..because the contributions “Mortcola,” the 2011 TSS Reader of the Year, has made to TSS over the years have, quite simply, lifted the site to another level.

When he weighs in on the Forum, his wisdom, both on the technical aspects of the sport, and the mental and emotional facets, is obvious and immense.

You'll get a hint as to how and why Mortcola is seen as an integral part of the TSS Universe when you check out his bio in the Forum. “Psychologist, musician, former amateur boxer, currently training with a great bunch of former and present fighters and world class trainer and referees.” Under interests, he lists: “Music, boxing, writing, loving my family.”

To me, it's clear this guy lives an examined life, and that's the sort of person I'm so pleased is attracted to TSS, because I know that when Mortcola weighs in on a post, and leaves a comment, his take won't be trifling, or flip, or condescending. It will be reasoned, and well-structured, entertaining and useful.

He joins Radam, El'Feroz and Brown Sugar, past winners of Reader of the Year.

Mortcola, thank you for taking the time and energy to help make this site a much better place. Congratulations on this honor,

Editor Mike

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