Gamboa No Shows Miami Presser; Rios Fight in Jeopardy?

gamboariosMany of you were hoping that we’d get a Fight of the Year type fight on April 14, when Brandon Rios, the young gun brawler, and Yuriorkis Gamboa, the slick ‘n quick Cuban, got it on in Las Vegas.

Well, it looks like you might have to place your hope elsewhere, because the 26-0 Gamboa was a no show for a press conference in Miami today to hype the Top Rank show, and all involved are worried that Gamboa is not going to show up at the presser in LA tomorrow.

“Gamboa was a NO SHOW at Press Conference in Miami. I hope he shows up to L.A. tomorrow,” Rios Tweeted.

A source tells us Gamboa is beefing with his promoter Ahmet Oner, that maybe just maybe new pals are whispering in his ear that he can make more money fighting easier foes than the 29-0 Rios, and that possibly the only ones that will be happy with a potential outcome here are lawyers. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves…we hear that Rios is going to fight on April 14 regardless, and we know the kid has a fighting heart, so even if Gamboa jets, the fight could still be a FOY candidate.

Hey, if you see Gamboa, do me a favor and tell him that he signed a deal, he should go through with the deal, that he should act like a pro, and get back on track. Thanks.

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-deepwater :

gamboa is a clown. why let the fight promotion go on when your not even going to fight? punk move. if gamboa beat rios then skys the limit.guess he figuered 2 weight classes is a big deal.

-Fe'Roz :

**** Gamboa....and all 'Fighter's' who say they want this and that fight...and don't do squat when they get it. Prima frigging donna. Pardon my French, Gentlemen

-ali :

Hold on y'all the fight might be still on let see if he shows up in L.A first if not then we can pass judgment.

-Fe'Roz :


-riverside :

Gamboa was the one begging for bigger and better challenges when the juanMa lopez fight fell apart. I'm slightly leaning towards Gamboa if they do fight, But his chin/heart/courage will be tested, Acosta is a bigger puncher and very agile boxer, and Rios walked right through him, I still hope the fight happens.

-Radam G :

I don't need to say it in Chinese, because just about all you guys wouldn't know Chinese from Japanese. So I will just say that maxim in English: "Watch you wish for, because you may just get it." Gamboa was wishing on a star and criusing in his Bentley car. He got a boxing high and started to believe all the hype about himself. Then he got GBG Manny Steward to calm him down and cool his heels. And you know that "boxing is the threatre of the unexpected." Trust me! At Gamboa, GBG MS got a peep. And right away going against Rios, "No way, the GBG MS know that he has to keep. First, nobody on Team Gamboa believed that Rios was going to get serious and get rid of da fat off his arse. Danggit! Team Rios is serious as a heart attack and everybody and dey momma on his Team Rios have his back. So this bout has been knocked off track. It is all about money first. And when the moola ain't gonna be dat big, you no longer have a thirst. Especially if you are taking too big of a risk. Everything is timing in boxing. Probably the most important part is when you fight and not fight a dangerous opponent. Gamboa has learned his first lesson: Listening to one of the greatest boxing guru in history, Emmanuel Steward. Yall bettah ask somebody. It ain't Da Manny time only in whup-a$$, it's a Manny time in teaching the whole nine of whup-a$$. And oftentimes, the best part is staying away from a particular a$$. I'd not be surprised to see Gamboa pull out of this bout. It'd be better than Rios embarrassing him and turning him into a lout. OH, YUP! Just a bit longer, Gamboa needs just learn and listen to GBG Manny S shout. Holla!`

-gibola :

First reactions to a fight are usually right and from day one I just saw Rios the winner by knockout. He may lose rounds, he may get hurt or cut by a quick, talented guy in Gamboa, but Rios will survive and as the bigger, stronger fighter wear Gamboa down for a kayo in 6-8 rounds. It is a bad fight for Gamboa on all levels and I agree I'm not that surprised he's having second thoughts. It's a no-brainer really, Rios is a beast of a lightweight and a real puncher. Broner would possibly be a better fight for Gamboa, he might lose that too but at least there are unknowns about Broner that give Gamboa a decent chance. The bottom line is Gamboa is not a big featherweight and I think he's going to struggle with any decent fighters at 135. If I was him I would consult my nutritionist and try to stay at 126 and hope the Juanma Lopez fight comes off if he wins the rematch with Salido. Going through with the Rios fight is career suicide and I don't think the fight will happen now. We'll see.

-deepwater :

gamboa thinks he deserves a mayweather mansion after seeing mayweathers stuff. floyd earned it.gamboa has not earned it yet and pulling out of a fight shows he was scared to loss his 0. punk move

-Radam G :

Smart "punk move," deepwater. No way was GBG Manny Steward letting Gamboa get into the ring with a serious, well-conditioned, disciplined Rios. Gamboa is not ready for the type of deepwater that Rios was going to take him in. Besides, can Gamboa even swim? Now I know that he cannot swim without getting wet, because that is some Genie Naazim jive. Hehehe! Holla!