Hollywood Swinging: Mayweather, Mosley, Cotto, Canelo and More

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HOLLYWOOD-Just a few days ago the motion picture Academy Awards were held a few doors down and the statuettes known as the Oscars were presented to the many winners.

On Thursday, an Oscar with a famous last name and just as golden was presenting “Ring Kings” to the media and the adoring and not so adoring public at Graumann Chinese Theater in Hollywood.

One day you’re on top of the world and the next day you’re an also ran. Just like the motion picture industry an actor can be hot one day and gone the next. So it is in the not so gentle sport of boxing. But in boxing, you get clobbered in the face.

Floyd “Money” Mayweather and Miguel Cotto were presented Hollywood style with all the glitz and glamour befitting tinsel town. Not so much for Sugar Shane Mosley who fights the new darling of Mexican boxing Saul “Canelo” Alvarez.

As Mosley began to speak to the media and public somebody shouted, “You’re washed up.”

You might as well have assassinated Mosley because those words cut to his heart with a look of pain on his face that hurt more than a dozen Mayweather, Manny Pacquiao or De La Hoya punches combined.

“Somebody better escort that person out of here,” said Mosley, but the hurt look remained on the proud warrior from Pomona, Calif.

Boxing is like Hollywood, it’s all about “what have you done lately?”

Because Mosley lost three of his last six and fought to a draw that many saw as a loss, more than a few doubt his ability to fight on the grand scale. But not those who actually exchanged punches with him in the ring.

“You can never underestimate Sugar Shane Mosley,” said De La Hoya who fought Mosley as an amateur and twice as a pro. “I know. He’ll surprise you.”

Mosley hasn’t won a fight in three years and that came against Antonio Margarito in January 2009. The match against the Mexican welterweight ended with a resounding knockout for Mosley. One thing the Pomona prizefighter knows a thing or two about is fighting Mexican style fighters

“I grew up fighting Mexicans,” said Mosley, who was a regular at the now defunct Brooklyn Gym where boxers like the late Genaro Hernandez, Zack Padilla and visiting fighters such as Julio Cesar Chavez would look for sparring. Mosley fought everyone in grueling battles that a few privileged spectators saw for free.

Now 40, Mosley faces a young, super strong junior middleweight who has only been slightly tested but has youth, youth and more youth on his side.

“It’s an honor to fight someone like Shane Mosley,” said Alvarez, 21. “I watched tapes of his earlier fights.”

One thing Mosley knows is how to fight Mexicans. It’s second nature to the Pomona fighter. That fan shouting out derisive remarks would have been slapped silly had he said it face to face.

“Nothing against Mexicans,” said Mosley. “I love the Mexican people.”

Just don’t step in that ring against Mosley.

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-amayseng :

i cant believe someone shouted that. that is pretty disrespectful i dont care if a fighter has lost ten straight it takes guts to get in that ring. they should have let shane punch him out and see how his opinion changes when he wakes up.

-ali :

Im with u amayseng I wish shane could've went down there and beat his punk *** up.

-riverside :

I know Shane, not only does he know how to fight Mexicans, lots of his friends are Mexicans, he has the number to beat Mexicans, DLH ,Vargas etc he grew up in Ganesha hills, just about a mile from my parent pad. Shane is one live dog! don't be surprise in an upset! Canelo might have picked the wrong cat.

-the Roast :

I know what you are saying amayseng and ali but Shane Mosley has too much class for a move like that. He will give his best effort in the ring with Canelo. It may well be Shane's last stand so I expect a very live underdog on fight night.

-ali :

Margacheato too ..Riverside side u might me on to something...I wonder what the odds are going to be for that fight... Im a putting money on Shane

-kidcanvas :

mexican italian whatever .... everyones different and mosely has always been one to adapt to what was in front of him . as for the arm chair quarter back who yell that at mosely ,well i sure he never put on a glove ...no class. i think shane should of hung them up but again hes fighting the cream of the crop which not many young guys do . my hats off to him ,i wish him well and love this card !