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reader-of-year-TSS2 I have been remiss. Readers, I have dropped the ball. Won't be the last time, of course, but this oversight is a whopper. Somehow, it fell between the cracks, into the sofa cushion crack of life.

I didn't figure out who was TSS Reader of the Year was for 2011.

Which faithful and insightful reader-commenter stood out in the boxing year 2011? Who followed in the Bigfoot-sized footsteps of 2007 winner Radam, 2009 winner Fe'Roz, and 2010 winner Brown Sugar?

Not sure I will ever be able to scrub this stain from my resume. But I will try…By this Tuesday, I will pick, with my executive committee, the reader of the year for 2011. If anyone wants to lobby for themselves, they can do so in the Forum. or, if they're bashful about self promotion, they can enlist a surrogate to bolster their claim. Yeah, we know we're already well into 2012, but remember how you used to get Ring magazine, and the cover would say it was the June issue, but the rankings were from January, and the cover story was about an upcoming fight, which in fact already occurred?

Also, with the intent to lessen the sting of the egregious flub to our readers who deserve better I am announcing a contest, “The TSS January 2012 Contest,” with an accompanying cash prize. It will be the first in a series of such contests this calendar year…Contest entrants please post an essay in the Forum. The subject is:  “Why We Accept Our Boxing Broken.”

So, I'm a day late, but I won't be a dollar short. Winner, chosen by an executive panel, will receive $500.

So, get to the Forum, and get cracking, crew.

—Editor Mike

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