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MayweatherCottoNYPC Hoganphotos(5)(Hogan)

Floyd Mayweather hit New York on Tuesday, to hype his May 5 clash with Miguel Cotto. The presser, open to the fans, sadly, because it makes the affair something of a circus, took place at the Apollo Theater in Harlem.

Mayweather was his usual charismatic self, at times braggy, at times humble. He thanked the press for covering him, and then later busted on them for twisting his words. He didn't leave the door open much for a fight with Manny Pacquaio, saying when asked if it will happen, “Absolutely not. The only way I think a fight the guy with three losses and I don't know how many draws, the only way that fight happens is for he has to leave Bob Arum,” he said. “And I'm not telling him to leave, because I know how the media is, they take your words and screw them up. They make it the way they want to make it.”

Mayweather was asked about his Jan. 13 Tweet on Jeremy Lin. He said that he has a few people Tweeting for him, but did take credit for that tweet, and said he wasn't backing off the content at all. The media, he said, twists his words to suit their needs. No, he won't be attending Wednesday's Knicks game at MSG, he said.

He busted on Manny Pacquiao, indirectly, for asking for catchweights, and said he wants to “fight the best Miguel Cotto,” which is why the fight will take place at 154 pounds. “He's one of the best fighters out there today,” Mayweather said of the Puerto Rican.

He said he could solidify himself as one of the all-time best with a win over Cotto. “Pacquiao's an amazing fighter,” he also allowed, after a fan yelled out the name of the Congressman. “But if you don't got nothing to hide then take the test.” (Note: Team Pacquiao said two weeks ago that Pacquiao agreed to any and all testing right up till the day of the fight, so I'm not sure what remains to the testing issue in Floyd's mind.)

He said the fight with Cotto would be a “toe to toe battle.”

Check BoxingChannel.TV for footage of the event. And watch this video Q n A I did with Floyd for ESPN.

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