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alexander vs maidana posterIt wasn't always pretty, but what Devon Alexander did to Marcos Maidana in the main event which unfolded at the Scottrade Center in St. Louis, Missouri on Saturday night was pretty darned effective. Alexander never let the bomber get in a rhythm. He launched, and then tied Maidana up rather than sticking and moving quite often, leaving Maidana frustrated with no Plan B by midway. Alexander stayed smart through ten, and had his hands raised, recipient of a unanimous decision, by scores of 100-90, 100-90, 99-91. TSS saw a shutout win.

Maidana didn't look the bomber at 147 that he does 140, so perhaps he'll head back down. Alexander won the stats war, going 168-493 to 93-419 for Maidana. After, Alexander told Max Kellerman that he did better on this night than in some recent bouts because he felt better at 147, most of all. He said he is still working on relaxing, because he looks to hurt his foe. He thought he deserved a knockdown, as well. Up next? “It don't matter,” he said. “I'll continue to learn, I'll fight whoever.” Kellerman told Maidana he got dominated like he never had before. The loser said he was very fast, and a lefty, and that the division is not for him.

 Alexander (age 25; from St. Louis; 22-1 with 13 KOs entering; ex junior welter champ) was 146 1/2 pounds Friday, while Maidana (age 28; 31-2 with 28 KOs entering; from Argentina) was 146 3/4 on Friday.

Maidana, holding wins over Victor Ortiz and Erik Morales, looked to see what Devon had for most of the first. The lefty Cunningham, two fights from his lone loss, to Timothy Bradley, looked to poke and move. Trainer Kevin Cunningham told Devon to take his time, and that he was looking good. He did look comfy at 147. Corner Cristian Rodriguez told Maidana that his D looked solid.

In the second, Maidana recalled that the fight was set for only ten rounds. He got busier and looked to stalk more. Alexander landed and then grabbed, as noted Harold Lederman, who had Devon up 2-0.

In the third, Alexander tried to land and spin out, or clinch. He had a cut on his right eye, caused by a punch, and not unexpected since it happens almost every fight to him. Cunningham told his guy to relax, and he said it with a curse word, which maybe isn't the most relaxing way to hear it. The fight was a bit chippy, with grinding heads, some late shots, and the like.

In the fourth, we saw more wrestling, but then Devon looked to throw and maintain a distance. He did eat a counter right coming in, but wore it well near the end of another round he won.

In the fifth, Maidana, still plodding forward,  still wasn't in a flow. He kept getting wrapped up by Alexander. Cunningham demanded his kid relax after another round he won in effective if aesthetically pleasing fashion.

In the sixth, Alexander landed and then grabbed. It wasn't pretty but it was pretty effective. A right hook had the crowd amped. Maidana then went to the mat off a straight left and a shove but ref Steve Smoger said no knockdown.

In the seventh, Alexander scored high and low, and it was hard to see Maidana changing the game. Maidana threw late, his frustration showing. “You're waiting too much,” Maidana heard after. In the eighth, combos added up for Devon, who was clearly in a mode. The crowd sensed stoppage. In the ninth, Alexander, fresher, feeling in control, mixed low and high. Devon stayed sharp and smart in the tenth.

WBO junior featherweight champ Adrien Broner showed the goods in the TV opener, as he discombulated Eloy Perez in round four of his title defense. The Cinci-based boxer, age 22, threw a lead right which put the 25 year-old Perez on the mat, his brain cells buzzing hard, leaving him unable to gain his feet, and the end came at 2:24.

Broner (23-0 with 19 KOs), who used his A-grade handspeed to nice effect, went 58-189 to 26-160 for the California-based loser, who went to 23-1-2.

Broner talked to Max Kellerman after. He was shown the KO, and he said he wasn't trying for a KO. He talked up his footwork, and said he should be on “Dancing With the Stars.” he said he could fight at 130, or 135. “They call me the problem, but you can call me the can man, cause anyone can get it, Africans, Americans, Dominicans, Mexicans, anybody can get it.”

Readers, who would you like to see Broner fight next?

SPEEDBAG Bob Papa chatted with Lamont Peterson before the main event. He said he's blocked out Amir Khan's sour grapes in the last couple months. The DC-based boxer said he'll jab more and move his head more. “I honestly think I can knock him out this time,” he said.

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