Alvarez-Mosley: Hopefully The Referee Or Shane’s Corner Will Be Merciful

It was recently announced that WBC junior middleweight title holder Saul “Canelo” Alvarez 39-0-1 (29) will be defending his title against former three division champ Shane Mosley 46-7-1 (39) on the Floyd Mayweather vs. Miguel Cotto under-card, this coming May 5th. Alvarez-Mosley is just another in a long line of set up fights that boxing history is replete with. Of course Mosley won’t lay down for Alvarez, but he’s only getting the fight because the money/management behind “Canelo” believe he doesn’t have enough left as a fighter to score the upset. No one reading this can have a morsel of doubt pertaining to the outcome. Alvarez wins, but will it be by decision or stoppage is all that remains to be seen.

So let’s be honest, the only real intrigue of the fight is can Alvarez become the first fighter to stop Mosley? Because in reality that’s all he can do in order to garner high praise from the boxing media and set himself up for a mega fight with Mayweather most likely later this year. Floyd has already boxed circles around a washed up Mosley, but never once over the course of 12-rounds did he hurt Shane. If Alvarez can be promoted as the only fighter to stop Mosley heading into a fight with Floyd, the anticipation will be even greater for a more hyped up Alvarez to confront Mayweather.

Remember back in the late 90s the debate over who was the best pound-for-pound fighter in boxing used to go back and forth between Roy Jones and Shane Mosley. Depending on who looked the best in their most recent fight was usually the fighter who was seen as the consensus best over all in boxing. Those days are long gone now. Today both Shane and Roy are nothing but resume builders for up and comers, with the big difference being Mosley has a cast iron chin and Roy doesn’t. Which in fact may turn out to be a detriment for Shane, because along with Alvarez not being the life-taking puncher some have portrayed him to be, Mosley will probably endure more unnecessary punishment as the fight labors on.

Alvarez, 20, has good foot movement. He’s not flashy but his balance is good and he’s always in position to punch. He’s not real fast and can be easily tagged with lead shots, something that will be a big contributor to his downfall when he fights Mayweather. Saul can hit if you stand there and pose for him, but if he has to reset he isn’t the shocking type power puncher some see him as being. This something that won’t come into play against Mosley because at almost 41, Shane has no legs and can’t get off.

Even at his advanced age the declining Mosley is willing to engage if he thinks the target is right there the way Alvarez will appear to be, something that wasn’t the case when he fought Mayweather and Pacquiao, therefore his offense was almost non-existent during those bouts. And against Pacquiao it was obvious he signaled to Manny that he wasn’t trying to win, in exchange for which Manny carried him for a few rounds.

At this time Mosley has five things, at the least, going against him heading into his fight with Alvarez.

He’s willing to fight if pressured, takes a great punch and is very hittable. In addition to that he can’t fight for a full round and his punch has all but left him. Shane hasn’t been able to set up or create openings for years. So unless Alvarez stands in front of Mosley with his hands down and walks into something, it’s unlikely Shane has enough left to hit and hurt him enough to swing the fight in his favor. Sure, Mosley landed a lottery shot against Mayweather two years ago, and after hurting and getting Floyd’s attention, he never came close to hitting him on the chin again. As I said, it was a lottery shot.

There was a time when Shane Mosley was the pound-for-pound best fighter in boxing. He was a beast during his lightweight tenure. During his prime at 135 he just may have been the best lightweight since Roberto Duran. However, that was over 12 years and 20 pounds ago. On May 5th Shane will have to make a painful decision after he leaves the ring after his fight with Saul Alvarez.

This is no doubt the fight that most sophisticated boxing fans knew was going to eventually happen regarding Mosley and his career swan song. Part of what made him a one time great fighter is the same character that will be the reason he’ll have to take a shellacking before he retires. His toughness and belief in himself that he’s good enough to beat anybody keeps him going. On top of that, the fact that he’s never been stopped gives him that last one percent that he can beat anybody on the right night. Therefore, until he gets thoroughly manhandled and stopped, he’ll keep fighting.

Sadly, Mosley’s ability to take a big shot will be a recipe for a long one-sided beat down before he’s stopped by Alvarez. Hopefully either his corner and or a merciful referee will save him from himself.

Alvarez-Mosley: Hopefully The Referee Or Shane’s Corner Will Be Merciful / Check out more boxing news on video at The Boxing Channel.


-teaser :

hmmmm somehow i think Canelo will get buzzed a few times ...especially if he keeps those legs planted...battle of the chins.... we will see what happens from there ....Mosleys last stand...he will fight !

-Radam G :

It will be up to the referee to stop the bout, if by some freak of nature, SSM is taking a severe beating. Genie Naazim is not known for telling any pugilist to surrender. He does just the opposite. He tells the cat that there is no quitting with him in the corner, and that the cat will not be able to live with himself if he quits. Let's not forget how Sorefoot -- I mean Sugarfoot, or is that Shane -- begged the great and powerful genie to halt the bout against Da Manny. Oh, YUP! Sugar Shane is down with quittin' and blaming the corner, but Genie Naazim ain't having it. Sugar Shane, with the magical instruction from Genie Naazim, is going either pull one of the greatest upset known to boxing, or lose by decision, or will do something to get disqualified. The red-haired, hyped-up kid ain't gonna beat SSM silly or kayo him. I can see a runaway decision for Saul Alvarez. But I doubt that he could even kayo a seventy-year-old Sugar Shane. Some fighters just cannot be kayoed. And Shane is one of those. Holla!

-mortcola :

Clearly, this is not a good fight for Mosley, if you go by standard boxing logic. He's old, he's looked poor in his last few fights. But let's look more closely. Againt Mora, he was in with a slippery, annoying, hard to pin down opponent; against Pac, he was in against extreme reflexes, unusual angles, and a freakish speed-power continuum that nearly took his will; againt Mayweather, he was in against a master counterpuncher, one of the sharpest fighters ever. Mora is a good spoiler - he could make anyone look bad. The other two, unusual for a fighter on the final decline, were against two historically great fighters. Not the sort of sad, beat-up-by-B-fighters cliche we see so much of. Alvarez is a tough, strong, talented kid. But he is a straightforward fighter, easy to hit, and will not show Mosley anything Shane will be surprised by - and, he's not fast enough to take advantage of Shane's reflexes, which, by the way, are still pretty good, evident in a defense that was good enough to survive the ridiculous speed of Pac and Money. So, what I'm saying is, cliches aside, Mosley has a decent chance of schooling the youngster. you heard it here.

-Blakehoc :

Totally agree with this article. It's a sad trend in boxing to see stars fade into punching bags to collect paychecks.

-Cabby :

Mosley has been written off by many a long time ago. But when least expected, he knocked out the terror from Tijuana, Margarito. So, that scenario could very well be repeated.

-TotoyBato :

They need a Mexican Superstar to sell the PPV event on Cinco de Mayo. Saul "Canelo" Alvarez will sell that event not little Floyd jr.


I think Mortcola makes a good point. However, Shane must put in the performance of a lifetime. This kid is young and hungry. Experience alone isn't going to cut it.

-amayseng :

mortcola is correct shane is coming from the speed of pac and mayweather so he has a good chance to adjust to the timing and speed of alvarez.. shanes biggest flaw is that he has not adjusted as an aging fighter as bhop has he instead tries to out athlete and out speed his opponents instead of setting up shots, setting traps and using timing and ring generalship to win rounds.. if shane adjust and fights in spots controlling the distance and conserving energy he has a good shot ... gomez won 3/6 rounds from alvarez before the stoppage... so shane has a shot..its up to him though if he has adjusted

-ali :

Alvarez defense is a lot better then people think and the naysayers is going to have to give him his props after this fight.. I really belive Alvarez is going to put on a great performance against Mosley

-undisputed34 :

mosley by upset KO

-hazeanatomy :

I love that People are counting Shane out on this one. Lets look at the facts. Mosley Loss to Probably #1 and #2 P4P Best in the World. He's other fight was a draw with Mora who is a slippery Puzzle and can be a difficult fight for even the Best fighters. Canelo has beaten Alfonso Gomez(C+ Fighter) and Kermit Cintron(C+ fighter at this stage of his career). The Fact is, We have yet to see Canelo in the Ring with Even a B+ Fighter and I think Shane being "shot" is only a perception that has come to be because of his opponents. Im pretty sure any WW in the World wouldnt Look Very good against his last 3 Opponents. And Remember how everyone Was saying Pacquiao will KO Marquez in the 4th Rd or Manny is going to demolish Marquez easy? Well I think we all know that Talk is cheap and I have watched that fight 3 times now and still dont understand how Manny was awarded the W. But back to my Point, I cant say Shane is a C Fighter based on his competition level and I cant say Canelo is an A Fighter based on his Competition Level. That being said I think we have to B+ Fighters and that we make it a lot More interesting than people Think. I also think Shane at this Point in his career is better suited for 154. Mosley TKO in 10. You Heard it Here first!