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Pacquiao Bradley NY PC 120223 009aHe was his typical self, jovial, gracious, and loveable, basically. Manny Pacquiao hit New York City to trumpet his June 9 showdown with 140 pound ace Timothy Bradley, and promised fightwatchers a fan-friendly tussle with a young gun who will get in his face and look to rumble.

Retirement rumors, and rumors of a full-on immersion into matters religious have dogged the Congressman lately, but he told the assembled media at Chelsea Piers that he’s not done with the sport yet, expects to fight two or three more times, and that he listened when his son said he wanted him to fight Floyd Mayweather before hanging up the gloves. He still targets a November clash with “Money” even though his promoter, Bob Arum, seems to be totally lacking optimism that Pacman and Mayweather will be able to come to terms. Check out my chat with Arum here.

Pacquiao pulled off a feat that would’ve had critics torching Floyd Mayweather on Twitter, when he told those in attendance to read their Bibles, and also make sure to check out his new commercial for a brand of cognac. Yes, he has a special appeal and likeability, does Pacquiao. When given the opportunity to hammer Mayweather, who took a shot at NY neo-legend Jeremy Lin, the out-of-nowhere point guard for the Knicks who has lifted the team out of the gutter, Pacquiao simply said that he prayed for Mayweather.

That’s not to say the 54-3 Pacman has gotten soft; he said that he’s not going to go for Mayweather’s pitch, of a $40 million guarantee, and no piece of the PPV sales. He said that he liked his last counter-offer to Mayweather, from a few weeks ago: a $50 million guarantee for both men, and a 55-45 split off PPV revenue, with the bigger chunk going to the winner.

Bradley came off as a little too thankful for the opportunity for my liking, but he assured me after that he’s not coming to pick up a paycheck (cough, cough, Shane Mosley). He appreciates the opportunity, he said, but he’ll be in it to win it come fight night.  He said he foresees a “war” on June 9.

–Pacman also said that he wants to make sure that Bradley doesn’t impersonate a bull, and get him with butts.

—This is Manny’s 13th time on HBO PPV.

—Arum said 80 percent of seats were allotted in pre-sale, and tix go on sale tomorrow, so he expects a quick sellout of the MGM.

–Pacman isn’t so keen on a Marquez rematch. He said he didn’t think people would like to see the same movie again and again.

—Manny didn't touch base with Knicks PG Jeremy Lin, but said he hopes he and Lin can connect on the West Coast during the team's West Coast swing upcoming.

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