Klitschko-Chisora: Better Be Better Than Pac Man or Money

adaThis might be the only blow Chisora lands, if Vitali enters the ring in Munich in a mood to destroy. (Photo courtesy KMG)

FROZEN RINGPOSTS – There should be a lot of added pressure on Vitali Klitschko this Saturday evening in Munich, where the beer is somewhat warm and the air is somewhat frozen, andeach can snap yourbobbing head back.

For Klitschko, the medicine ball was already in his court tokeep the K2promotional juggernaut rolling. Now after DereckChisora'sblindside slap at Friday's weigh in,many people will be watching just to see if thesupremely composed but obviouslyfumingKlitschko can and will become the type of wrecking machine that once upon a time made heavyweight boxing special.

There should also be a lot of added pressure on Chisora, who wants a piece of the big paydays pie and looks willing to go to any extreme to get it.

Really though, the addedpressure should be on both Klitschko and Chisora not as autonomous opponents butas a performing pair, beyond the single scope of their scheduled 12 rounds. There should be pressureto do everything they can toregain respect for their weight division.

Klitschko – Chisoramight be a pretty big fight in this part of civilization, but it isn't really significant to mainstream, present day sportingimpact. The fighters and their teamsneed to aknowledge this. When a guy used to say he'd rather get knocked out than stink out the joint before booing fans, it was the kind of attitudethat made boxing a more popular distraction.

This fight should be about more than just Klitschko, Chisora and related bragging rights. This fight should spotlight the entire division, recognizing current inadequacies in relation to the fans.

This fight should announce the return of the giants. The return of blood, sweat, tears and inspiration, XXL sized.

Within the next 30 days, the heavyweights have a chance to regain at least a fair portion of lost glory.That means both Klitschkos, Chisora, Alexander Povetkin, Marco Huck and even generallydismissed long shot Jean Marc Mormeck should feel a sense of obligation to their livelihoods.A recovery mission at all costs.

Financial dataon boxing paydays is more hard to come by around here than in the States, but there's no doubt that Klitschko, Chisora and the restarecollecting some prettygood euros, pounds or bucks. Let's hope they earn as much newfound respect.

Style wise, the heavyweight fights should guarantee more splattering sprawls and highlight reel thuds than either Manny Pacquiaoagainst Timothy Bradley or FloydMayweather against Miguel Cotto. There's no reason that by mid-June, the 200 plus pounders shouldn't have taken a big step back toward respectability.

First up this Saturday, before a sell out crowd of over 12,000, Klitschko and Chisora will try and do their parts. Vitali may be unspectacular in his approach, but hehas been so effective overall that every performance from now on is further evidence of hissolid historical status, debated not all that often these days but probably soon to be.

There is probably not afoe Vitali hasclobbered latelywho didn't enter with decent skills and a decent plan. There is probably not a man among thatgroup whose plan didn't start getting altered after the first or second overhand right slammed in, usually by the end of the first frame.

Consistent aggression is definitely the requisite starting point. Based on recent form, Chisoraseems torate pretty high on the scale of proven pluck. That won'tcount for muchunless he backs it up with an effective attack, but at least it gives hima fighting chance.

Whether he can prove more effectivethan Arreola or Tomasz Adamek, other boxers of similar size and strategy, is the question.

If Chisora, around a 4 – 1 underdog,somehow triumphs in any manner, the bout becomes a much bigger story and Chisora's low grade antics will be elevated toeffective cunning. If he gives Klitschko trouble but gets stopped early, Chisora will still be looked at favorably and with marketability. Klitschkoneeds to cream Chisora or explain what happened.

A week later, Povetkin and Hucktake the baton in a fight that widely favors Povetkin, but the swarm in Stuttgart won't care because Huck will press the action until it presses him.

On March 3rd,Wladimir Klitschko should promise to stop Mormeck within 5 rounds or donate a quarter of his purse to charity.

This is an election year in the US, once and maybe again somedaya lucrative market for heavyweight boxers. Any global heavyweightmulling around the K2/EU watering holeshould elect to let the punches flowmore freely and regain abandoned territory in the public consciousness.This three weekend stretch is likelythe division's biggest chance to shine in years.

What else”should” happen isobvious.

The pressure should be shared, not only to win, but to go for it. Spectacular knockout or out onthe crackedshield.

Never throw fewer than a hundred punches a round.

There's much more to it than just showing up in shape and going the distanceif you want fans to return. Still, rumbling redemption for the heavyweights could be closer than many critics claim.

Remember, although the Kbros actualy battling in aserious competition beyond game boards is beyond doubtful, they did go throughsparring motions togetherduring a workout, feinting and shadowboxing from a safe distance that didn't illustrate much in regard to an actual matchup.

It was only a training exercise, but they were in the ring, throwing punches, however restrained. That's already more thanPacquiao and Mayweather are likely to doin the same ring anytime soon.

The Klitschkos may never equal Mayweather's fluidity or Pacquiao's propulsion, but that doesn't mean they can't be inequally or evenmore exciting contests.

Chisora may lack class as a citizen, but he'sperforming at a first class level of boxingand backed up some previous boasts.At least he tries towalk the walk.

Chisora's slap at the weigh in was a cheap shot. Unfortunately, it may also besymbolic of the type wake up call heavyweight boxing needs.

Perhaps the immediate future will provide a tellingmicrocosm of the division for 2012 and beyond, better or worse.

If the next three weekends don't see significant strides by the big boys, they have nobody but themselves to blame. Ongoing audience derision, or worse, continued indifference, wouldcertainlybe deserved.

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-Radam G :

Chisucka -- I mean Chisora -- is an idiot. He could be out of a lot of money for injuring his meal ticket before the bout even started. It is time for the powers that be to stop all these uncalled-for tough-boy acts of the combatants. Save hitting one another for the ring. Chisora is all bad and jive and hitting syet because the start of the bout, but I'm willing to bet that he won't find Doc VK all-night long in dat squared jungle. Chisora is a skunk. And his stench has already started. And this is one time that I hope one of the K-bros/doc knock the smell out of an opponent. Now I'm going to eyeball the bout just to see if it will happen. Holla!

-amayseng :

that is what i call a bitch move...head to head during a stare and dude sucker slaps him... vitali is a professional and true to the word, i can see him aggressively stepping on the gas early on and getting dude out of there in 4 rounds... he will take this personally.

-the Roast :

Ditto that Amayseng, total bitch move. Just saw the footage on FNF, Chisora stepped away as soon a he slapped Vit. If he really wanted to tag Vitali he should have blasted him like Riddick Bowe did Larry Donald. Donald was too scared to throw a punch the next night during the fight.

-amayseng :

dont get me wrong i am all for fueling a fight and getting some fire going on both sides for a good fight... however, to sucker slap another man like that, i would rather someone punch me than slap me, that is disrespectful

-the Roast :

Yep, yep, agree again.

-brownsugar :

the look on Vitalis' face was priceless, his response was almost brotherly... as if he wanted to coach Chisora on how to hype a fight... now Chisora will have to deal with Vitalis wrath... but I think that's what he wanted all along.

-ali :

Amayseng I feel you!!! I'd rather be punched then slap...The good thing about it is Vitali gets to kick his *** for doing some punk sh*t.

-Radam G :

C'mon, B-Sug! It's the right hand over the left fist, not vice versa! The humble Zen Buddhists would be rattled by that Zen pose of yours. They may have to go; "Everybodeee was Con Fu fightinnnggggg! Those fists were fast as lightninnnggggg!" I hear those lyrics when I was a little farts. And I'm bored as a mutha waiting around for all these takes and retakes of Da Great's 7-0 celebration in Sin City. I was about ready to commit some sin, but my evil-twin wife showed up look liking Sister Belinda Ali, when she [Sister Belinda] whupped the GOAT's arse in that suite at a hotel in Manila back in 1975 before "The Thrilla in Manila" when Radam G -- me -- was still a bad-arse rugrat. Hehehe! Man, Sister Belinda was all dat and a bag of chip and a ton of whup-a$$. And "those who forget history, are condemned to repeated it." Ain't forgot nuffin.' And I don't want to end up taking a Buffrin! There will be no wife whuppin' my arse tonight. The rest of the night I'm a saint, and I'm telling every lady of the night -- AIN'T! Holla!

-amayseng :

well at least chisora went for it, applied pressure, went to the body, followed a bit up top..... vitali won, but it was still a bit boring, im kinda disappointed in vitali, dude slaps you and then spits water in your brothers face and you dont starch him out of there.. also, vitali was on the run all night, on his back foot, this wasnt ali boxing away masterfully, was was vitali doing enough to win rounds and keep his distance...

-DaveB :

This was the most Vitali has had to fight in a long time. Too bad Chisora didn't come in 10 - 15 pounds lighter. After the slap heard around the world at least Chisora tried unlike all those other guys that were discouraged after three rounds and gave up. As much as all their fights are boring, there is no competition around, and the height differential they enjoy which influences the outcomes of their fights, I have to like the Klitschko's because they conduct themselves well and no matter how boring they win. This was the best fight I've seen either of them in, in a long time. David Haye should go some where. He is still talking like he did before he did the big flop in the fight that was a big flop. Chisora's stock as a fighter rose tonight.

-Grimm :

Chisora is a shitcan of a man, all the way, and for the first time ever, I wished that Lil Bro would loose his cool, go headhunting after the final bell and create a classic bareknuckle-follow-up-fight. Wlad will take on this guy - the storyline is already there, with personal need for revenge, etc, and he will use his more fluid movement and better jab to smooth him up for the kill. And down the line, in 3 years time, when none of the Big K's is around anymore, I will miss them sorely - not for what they did in the ring, but for what everyone else is not capable of doing. Good damn, it's really depressing when Chisoras performance is hailed as the arrival of a saviour.

-brownsugar :

Kudos to Chisora for making it interesting, While the Brittish Wildman Dereck "Del Boy" Chisora is certainly no model citizen,...he is a model challenger, with only 20 amateur fights under his belt and 17 pro fights he's proves that the main factor to challenging the Kbrothers is simply being a "Big Dude". Chisora landed 45% of his punches to Vitalis' 35% but thru 20% less. Mainly a scrapper and not a precision boxer,.. Chisora did well with his limited resources.

-mortcola :

B-Sug - about that 45%, I'm watching it over - over and over, Klitschko is picking and parrying, sliding his head back and away from rights - there is no way that punch stat is accurate. A very small percentage of Chisora's admittedly busy efforts actually made contact. Take into account, too, that Klitschko didn't use his left after the fourth round, and barely until then, due to some injury - he won it by that much of a margin one-handed.