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Olympic Auditorium 1970sRetired fighters claim your money.

A large number of retired prizefighters are now eligible for pension money from the California State Athletic Commission pension fund. All those who fought between 1981 and 1995 in that state and no longer fighting professionally can claim their money that was set aside.

“It’s difficult to find out where they’re at,” said George Dodd, CSAC Executive Officer for the past several years. “We need to get the word out.”

Leading the list of boxers eligible for pension is Rafael “Bazooka” Limon, Lupe Pintor, Jose Luis Ramirez and Daniel Zaragoza, who are all former world champions from Mexico that fought in California a number of times during the 1980s and 1990s.

Limon engaged in some incredible wars with the likes of Bobby Chacon, Cornelius Boza-Edwards and Lionel Rose to name a few. Pintor was a former bantamweight and super bantamweight champion who warred with Puerto Rico’s great Wilfredo “Bazooka” Gomez, fellow Mexico City warrior Carlos Zarate and many others. One sad win came against Great Britain’s Johnny Owen who died after fighting Pintor in September 1980 at the Olympic Auditorium. Ramirez fought more than 110 bouts and had big wins over Pernell Whitaker and Edwin Rosario. He also fought Julio Cesar Chavez.

Other notable fighters eligible include former world champions Alberto Davila, Jaime Garza and Richard Sandoval. Two of those are prizefighters were managed by Bennie Georgino of Sun City, California.

Davila and Sandoval fought out of Pomona and were both bantamweight world champions. Sandoval now lives in Las Vegas and works as a trainer for Top Rank Promotions. Garza is considered one of the most devastating punchers of all time.

A few others on the list were very recognizable prizefighters like Eddie “The Animal” Lopez, a heavyweight contender out of East Los Angeles. He once verbally challenged the great Muhammad Ali by saying he would fight him “for two dollars.” Lindell Holmes was a former super middleweight world champion out of Ohio who fought eight times in California prize rings including a win over Billy Robertson. Johnny Sato was a Filipino southpaw out of Stockton, Calif. who was a popular attraction and once fought Hector Camacho. Kelvin Lampkins was a talented featherweight who fought Ruben Castillo, Roger Mayweather and Ray “Boom Boom” Mancini to name a few.

More than 100 former pugilists who fought in California prize rings are eligible for the California Pension Fund. Aside from an age requirement of 50 years old, pro boxers must have fought at least 10 rounds a year for four years without more than a three-year break. And, also they needed to have fought at least a total of 75 scheduled pro rounds without a three-year break.

Those fighters who want more information regarding qualifications can call CSAC at (916) 263-2195.

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