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Veneno-Rubio2Marco Antonio Rubio, in an exclusive interview on the Boxing Channel, insinuated that Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. used an illegal supplement or supplements, which gave him an advantage in their bout which took place on Saturday at the Alamodome in San Antonio.

View the video, in which Rubio, who lost by unanimous decision,  said he was surprised at how big Junior was–he was 181 pounds, to Rubio's 171 on fightnight–and took issue with what he deemed favoritism towards Junior by the Texas commission. He said Texas didn't do drug testing for the fight.

 “I feel he recouped exceptionally fast,” Rubio said in Spanish to interviewer Marcos Villegas on TBC. “This really took us by surprise. There was no testing done, and in a championship fight, testing needs to be done. There was no weigh ins done the days or weeks before the fight and I feel that he was very well protected.”


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