“Miss Pac Man”: What We’ll All Be Doing On May 5

MayweatherOrtizArrivals Blevins16If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a tweet is worth … well, at 140 characters max, certainly a whole lot less than a thousand words. Maybe 32 or so, I’d guesstimate. Unless there’s a Twitpic attached, in which case it’s worth about 1,032 words.

Nevertheless, this Twitpic-free tweet from Floyd Mayweather on Wednesday is certainly worth a thousand words of reaction: “I’m fighting Miguel Cotto on May 5th because Miss Pac Man is ducking me.” The tweet was just 14 little words long, but its emotional impact on this longtime boxing fan and writer is not so succinctly summed up.

A list of some of the feelings stirred by “Money’s” loaded declaration: anticipation, excitement, depression, frustration, anger, bewilderment, revulsion, confusion, and maybe even a little guilt and self-loathing. Allow me to lie down on Dr. Melfi’s couch and explain.

On the one hand, Mayweather vs. Cotto is a decent fight, the most marketable and second most competitive (behind only Mayweather vs. Sergio Martinez) fight Floyd could have considered if we take Manny Pacquiao out of the equation. It’s a big event. On certain levels, I’m looking forward to it.

However, I’d still need about 8-1 odds to even think about betting on Cotto. That’s not a good sign. Mayweather-Cotto is to Mayweather-Pacquiao as The Departed is to Goodfellas. It’s the difference between having Andy Reid reliably guide you to 10 wins a season and an early playoff exit and Bill Belichick take you to 13 wins and a Super Bowl title. It’s serviceable vs. spectacular. And of course, relativity works both ways. This ain’t Mayweather-Pacquiao, but at least it isn’t Mayweather-Robert Guerrero, right? In a year in which nothing has gone right so far for fight fans, Mayweather-Cotto is both a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and a slap in the face.

Then there’s the “Miss Pac Man is ducking me” part of the tweet. Never mind the misogynistic derision from a man who recently pled guilty to beating a woman. I’d rather focus on the word “ducking.” Is that what we call it when a man expresses an interest in fighting you and suddenly you find a new way to sabotage negotiations by insisting a 50-50 purse split is unacceptable? Just when public sentiment had turned in favor of Mayweather and against Bob Arum, Floyd found a way to turn it back against himself. You get the feeling that if Manny said he’d let Mayweather keep 100 percent of the money, Mayweather would say there’s no deal unless the fight takes place in his Las Vegas mansion with both fighters riding Segways for 90 seconds of every round.

If Mayweather doesn’t want to fight Pacquiao, for whatever reason (and there aren’t many that make sense after how human Pac-Man looked against Juan Manuel Marquez in November), then so be it. But, please Floyd, at least have the self-awareness not to accuse the guy of ducking you five minutes after you publicly ducked him!

I guess I should appreciate Mayweather vs. Cotto for what it is: two of the three most bankable fighters in the sport facing each other, neither of whom is totally shot (even if Cotto is significantly less potent than he was five years ago), with a chance for entertainment value because Mayweather picked an opponent who’s never been in a bad fight. But I can’t commit to that positive spin. I just can’t. And that makes me feel a few pangs of guilt, like there’s something wrong with me.

The sad reality is that, even with the signing of the somewhat appealing Mayweather-Cotto fight, 2012 has a chance to be the worst year for boxing since World War II. Granted, we have a tendency to exaggerate everything in the moment; if you believe what you read on Twitter, Blake Griffin’s dunk on Kendrick Perkins was, for a few hours, the greatest play in the history of sports. So I’m probably guilty of some hyperbole here if I call this boxing’s lowest point in 70 years.

But look at what fight fans have been subjected to so far in 2012: the latest month-long BS Mayweather-Pacquiao tease; the postponement of January’s only big fight, Erik Morales vs. Danny Garcia; the postponement of February’s biggest and best fight, Victor Ortiz vs. Andre Berto; and rather than a can’t-miss fourth fight between Pacquiao and Marquez in June, probably Pacquiao-Tim Bradley, which could be a stylistic nightmare and rates to be far less competitive than Pac-JMM IV. There’s so little going on that some folks have gotten excited about Epix airing three heavyweight “title” fights in three weeks, even though those fights are Vitali Klitschko-Dereck Chisora, Alexander Povetkin-Marco Huck, and, God help us, Wladimir Klitschko-Jean-Marc Mormeck. 2012 has not been kind to boxing fans so far, that isn’t likely to change over the next few weeks, and there’s nothing coming up that convinces me it’s going to change in the spring, summer, or fall.

Ending where we began, with Twitter: My follow boxing scribe David Greisman tweeted on Wednesday, “I can’t get excited about Mayweather-Cotto. I don’t know if this makes me jaded or realistic.”

I know what it makes you, David: both. Everything is relative. Relative to the fight we all want to see and probably never will, Mayweather-Cotto is a miserable excuse for a superfight. Relative to the rest of the 2012 calendar, Mayweather-Cotto is a true superfight.

Because it’s the only superfight we’ve got.

And if you think your emotions are conflicted now, wait until mid-April when an injury postpones the fight.

Eric Raskin can be contacted at RaskinBoxing@yahoo.com. You can follow him on Twitter @EricRaskin and listen to new episodes of his podcast, Ring Theory, at http://ringtheory.podbean.com.

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-Radam G :

With this being "Black History Month," George Washington Carver said watch what you say, because someday you may or will be in the same spot that you are criticizing. How right he was! Money May was always jivin' and convivin' and gettin' his groupies, fanboys, fanfaronades, flunkies and fools all hyped-up about Da Manny "fighting his [so-called] leftovers." Now bytchy Lil' Floyd is in the same spot throwing down with a PacMan's so-called leftover, who has a very good chance to kick Money May's arse. Okay, muthasuckas, don't start on me! I know about George Washington Carver -- the inventor of a whole lot of stuff, including peanut butter -- because my Pinay cousin, straight from da P-Islands, is teaching "Black History" in the Washington D.C. school system. Wow! Just imagine that, you haters! The U.S. school teachers are so terrible in the capital city of the USA, that you have to recruit my relatives from 10,000 miles away to teach the future -- whatever they will become -- leaders, followers and ?s of America. I just got to get my laugh on. Hehehehehehe! Holla!

-DaveB :

There is always a moment when these fights are made that I groan. So as the fights get closer and the supporting arguments ensue about what could happen and how this opponent has gotten better or has a good chance and maybe I start to think - Yeah, that's right this could be an upset, but then I have to go with the gut feeling I had at the time when I heard of the fight's announcement. And I think - Yeah it's possible just like it is possible I could hit the lottery but it's not likely. Very few of these fights excite me anymore and especially the fights of the two guys that long ago should have fought each other. Really excellent writing by the way.

-amayseng :

yes radam i touched on that as well , floyds rhetoric is exhausting, stating pac fights his leftovers and now here he is fighting cotto as a leftover, after jmm as a leftover, a bad version of cotto at that. dont get me wrong i am a cotto fan, but he is a shell of himself. i went back and watched the rematch with margacheato and although cotto did well he looked slow, has lost agility and does not have that sharpness on his punches like he used to. margacheato was a walking zombie, straight lines, stood and took punches nothing threatening. i am not excited for this fight. floyd priced himself out and is the one ducking pac. if floyd truly thinks he is the best ever why didnt he just step up and fight sergio at 160? floyd walks around at 150ish , he says skills pay the bills, a few lbs shouldnt matter, especially since sergio is more of a boxer than a knockout artist. i would be fired up for that fight and that would have gotten floyd a lot of respect mainstream. i will not be buying this fight, nor will i be buying pacs fight. althou bradley will bring it and it will be exciting as pac speeds combinations off of bradleys head on his way in.. in fact i think pac knocks bradley out in under 6. kinda like hatton...

-amayseng :

in fact, at this point i kinda feel like that fan in major league, totally defeated and when things even got exciting again he was in a slump and couldnt pull himself out of it, remember? hahah

-ali :

@amayseng Martinez has a fight in March I believe so he couldn't fight him may 5.

-Money Jay :

Miss Pac man did duck him...manny has fought almost double the fights Floyd has in the last 6 six yrs and has made half the money Floyd has. Ya'll ever ask yoself why Manny needs a promoter anyway?? Cotto is his own boss now..manny has to get his business right, but he still had to answer to another man, Mr. Arum. Floyd offer $40mill, and he averages $7.4mill a fight. Now he gotta fight a Bradley, or get his a$$ kick by JMM again, Lmao! It sounds like he was ducking him too me...

-amayseng :

moneyjay i respect your opinion but dont believe everything you read. pac may not clear more per fight but he brings in more revenue. in the united states where floyd is from and pac is not, pac brings in more and also world wide. and floyd does have a promoter, it is golden boy, he is not his own promoter. let me respectfully ask you this jay, at your job lets say you and one other employee are the two best at what you do. no one is better, you both are up for a promotion and you both are offered positions. your co worker is offered 70 grand a year and you are offered 30 grand. are you down with that? are you cool with that? also, you bring in more clients and profits. would you take that? you have to look at it in pacmans perception, pac is fighter of the decade, has been fighter of the year, lb for lb the best while floyd is in and out on vaca......all of a sudden he is to take that huge cut and give floyd 70? im telling you, floyd priced himself out..

-OneTonMan :

Yes, definitely, Mayweather will surely MISS Pacman, of his own doing.

-amayseng :

@ali, yes i heard some things from sergios camp, prob rumors that he would drop out of it and take the financial hit for a floyd fight,,

-Shoulder Roll Defense :

Arum f**ked up the Juan Manuel Lopez vs Yurkois Gamboa mega fight by not making the fight when it was ripe and Lopez was later knocked out by Orlando Salido. Do you see a pattern here? Manny will probably fight Timothy Bradley next, a fighter that has a better than average chance of beating him. If this happens the world will be cheated out of the fight of the century because Arum has an ax to grind with Mayweather. There are always exceptions, but the best fought the best during the golden years of boxing. Bob Arum is killing boxing, just like Al Davis methodically killed the Oakland Raiders franchise, holla!

-Fe'Roz :

Floyd's 'offer' was a non-starter. In fact, his less than 50/50, which he agreed to previously, was a joke. A bad one. He knew it when he offered it. Ask yourself why? Two reasons. He could still make big money fighting Cotto, a man already decimated by Manny. And ...he never really wanted the fight he claimed and postured to make; the fight with Pacquiao. Arum called his bluff. He countered witha 50 million guarantee to each man but a 55-45% split to the winner. Floyd, a man who claims to be the best EVER, refused. Now that was a real offer. The only reason to refuse that offer was because you do not believe in yourself as much as you say you do. Otherwiose it's a gimme. Floyd bluffed and he lost. he will get to fight a former victim of Manny Pacquaio...because when psh came to shove...he never really meant to fight Manny himself. Thems the facts.

-cokierebz :

I am just concerned that this Bird will ask Pac Man to fight him at 154lbs comes negotiation time, the mega fight will never happens if that is the case. You need to feed the Pac Man like a horse to be able to attain such weight. Looks like the bird has concocted another excuse not to fight "Miss Pac Man." What an intelligent bird and what a coward, tweet for tweet bird of the decade Tweety Boy Floyd.

-jae.anthony29 :

I respect mayweather as a skilled and gifted boxer of his generation. But how can you respect this guy with his excuses to fight manny? With regards of the 50/50 purse, it fair enough for both fighters. I intend to agree right now that he clearly avoided manny for the past 3 years. He has the edge to beat manny, but he's too scared to fight manny and risk his 0 record. What if manny agreed with this purse? Then drop the defamation case? and if manny does, then fight him @ 154 lbs? and calling MISS pac-man really priced himself out of the fight. Psychologically wise, Floyd ducked Manny. These 2 great fighters deserved a big purse at the end of the day and the 50/50 is the best thing in here. Don't mention about who's the promoter or the boss in here and even the fight per year. It doesn't make any sense anyway at the end of the day. The important here is that Boxing is all about money nowadays...

-Cabby :

The last sentence of this article is kind of omenous. If Cotto gets hurt, he can wait and heal. If FMJ gets hurt, he will heal inside prison.

-isulanboy :

This will be a good test for Mayweather and I think Cotto will win. Though i have a doubt this fight will go thru. Floyd evaded Cotto for a long time and why will he challenge Cotto now after some stellar performance. I think Floyd will do a "berto" a week or two before May 5.

-Radam G :

Pay that small-money dude, outside the bank staring, no attention. He knows what time it is, and just want to be blinded to the fantasies of HOW BIG THE BANK ROLLS are of BLACK athletes, in particularly Money May. Everybodee and dey momma with a fraction of a brain know how to check the pay and play of Money May. [We live in the AGE of super-flash, reliable information. Bin Laden or Somali kidnapping criminals couldn't hide their arse from ST6, and Money May can hide his money from the old-arse FOI, IRS and public records.] Dude is playing his pied-piper flute to his believe-all-types-of-money-fantasty groupies, nuthuggers and Ebonicans, looking for anybody their hue to be a ZERO -- I mean hero -- against an establishment that they hate and don't want to trust. Da Manny has been making more world-wide fight money than Money May for three years now. And more endorsement money for five years. Just as "most people don't know syet 'bout boksin,'" in the words of Uncle Roger. They don't double-fudge know syet about true money. Especially, when they are from an environment where lies about "havin' BIG MONEY are more than the roaches, rats and crackheads running through da hood like dey own sh*t. But da muthasuckas are just freeloading and making loud sounds. GIVE me a BREAK! And break on da tru-tru [sic]! I'm FINISH with this subject! The truth bounces upside da noggins of fibbin' tongues like a B-ball and knocks the hebejeebeez outta 'em, but their snaky tongues forever keep spittin' doze lies. OOPS! Gotta go and catch diz cat sellin' bean pies. Hehehehe! Holla!

-Money Jay :

@amayseng, Floyd is his own boss...Cotto is now his own boss...and Arum is Mannys boss. I hear the point you tried to make, but you still danced around the real issue....Manny is not his own boss. Mannys biggest payday in vegas was $7.4mill, this is public record. He's getting pimped bro..Floyd just made $25mill agaisnt ortiz, also public record. Manny needs to take 55/45, and be happy he's getting that, because he's obviously not getting paid like all the Da Manny fans think he is.. @ Radam G, you're a straight up racist too. You're always bringing race into this, you're a rambling racist, cyberthug..miss me with all that tea party talk bro, it's 2012 muthasucka. The numbers don't lie..from 2006-present Manny has made $46mill, Floyd has fought half the amount of fights and his numbers total to $91.5mill, plus yo boy Arum keep 27.5% of the PPV gate that Manny generates. Ya'll blame Floyd all you want, but Mannys getting raped by top rank, which is the reason Mayweather and Cotto left...now how ironic is it that their fighting each other, with no Arum in the picture? FYI nobody wants to see a Pac vs Bradley fight either, his PPVs are going to suck, LMFAO!!!

-Radam G :

Wow! Somebody is trying to live in an imaginary world of utopia after he started the nonsense about what he called "black athletes' dominance." Now da muthasucka is suffering from some type of distorted illusion that your's truly is "a straight up [sic] racist too." WhattttEVVEEER! Call a spade a spade and quit hiding in the dark spots, shadows and shade. Small Money J-J, I guess the truth hits you like a PacPUNCH! KaBOOM! KaPOW! KaZUNK! You can put it out, but you cannot take it in. You dudes are always exaggerating and straight fibbing about the size of your cojones, harem, house and paychecks. YMBC if you truthfully believe that I'm anywhere near being a racist. Besides you are simply quoting ____ _____ hoodeee figures. If you were truthfully legit, I would give you the HIGHLY reliable sources where you can find and rely on Da Manny money and the Money May imaginary HIGH payouts. The muthasucka has never, never -- and I REPEAT NEVER -- made a purse of 40mil in any year. He didn't make that last year against Vicious Victor O or the year before against Sore-foot -- I mean Sugar -- Shane or the year before against crybaby Juan Manuel Marquez. And against Big Money O, da fibbing sucka Lil' Floyd only made close to 25mil. I stand by my statement that most black boxers lie about their boxing purses. And everybodeee and dey momma and everyone and his cousin know it. Don King is the GREAT rip-off ARTIST, not the Bobfather. DK use to announce that he was paying Larry Holmes 1.5mil when he was just giving the contrary one 350thou. C'mon, DUDE! In this hurt bitnezz, I'm in da loop, not in da hood-talking, feel-good poop. Besides, just as I sued DK, Da Manny sued a black crook -- Muhammad Murad Muhammad -- who was stealing his purses. Chillax, small Money J-J! Take a chill pill and get outta my grill! The truth and the whole TRUTH is what I always SPILL! And not an iota of it, can you KILL! Instead of engaging me, ignore me. Don't you have a bit of brains and cojones to do that? Hehehehe! Holla!

-Radam G :

Hehehehehe! JUST wait and WATCH! Once again, the PPV sellouts and the live gate of Da Manny are going to be more than Money May. But, like always, Money May will fib, play his pied-piper flute and send his _____ going ape syet off the cliff like always. Posting that Radam G is "rambling" is a peabrained-malignant effort to convince a muthasucka's self of imaginary superiority and a cry for help from his groupie mates, know-nothing cohorts and fellow May-nuthuggers to get da righteous spittin from Radam G off a fibbin, manufacturing-racism butt. Small Money J-J, just put me on BLOCK, so you won't be possessed to read my "rambling" posts. Don't you have a brain to figure out how to do that? It doesn't take rocket science -- just a bit of sweet science. Hehehehe!

-blue4cor :

Clottey, De la hoya and Margarito have wider frames and taller and bigger than Floyd. Pacquiao faced all these guys in the ring not in Twitter, unmindful of all the risks of the weight and power of just a single punch that could drop him in the canvass unconscious. Manny Pacquiao DOES THE FIGHTING WITH HIS FIST not WITH HIS MOUTH.

-nashingun :

Floyd is his own boss? no wonder he just keep using pacquiao's name to sell a fight. first he presents something against pac to stir the public, then he drops them pretending manny is ducking him then in the middle of negotiation he picks another opponent calling pac a ducker? come on! the scheme is obvious! floyd didnt even tried to open up negotiation. he is fixed with CINCO DE MAYO (non negotiable), then MGM venue (non negotiable), 60-40 purse split (non negotiable)... what else is there to negotiate? floyd dont even have proper people to negotiate in his behalf cos he is his own boss! this is clearly a scheme to pretend floyd wants pacquiao but in reality he is only playing the situation to sell another fight. there's still time to make this fight in may but floyd already set or has made done deal with cotto, what the hell happened with pac when floyd is in negotiation with cotto???? arum wants a bigger stadium of 40K seats, thats not even a hurdle on making this MEGA FIGHT, but why is floyd not willing to give up his CINCO DE MAYO MGM date when they could earn more in a bigger arena? and also 50/50 cut is the usual deal between two big names! but floyd pretends he's the cashcow (pretending). im not surprise if floyd decides to call manny "MISS" on his twitter, floyd needs to do this to get his balls up and feel better from ducking.

-nashingun :

@MONEY JAY you say pac is being raped by toprank? WTF is wrong with you? pac's next fight is a sure $28M. you cant even make a million for 10 years in your stinking job and you call pac being raped by toprank? damn, you sure know ****! lol btw, check out pacquiao's financial asset, its around P3Billion being the wealthiest congressman in his country. so whats your point of pac being raped? maybe you are.

-Money Jay :

@nashingun...STFU!! you dont know shyt!! If yo dumb *** think Manny will make $28 mill against Bradley, you dumber than that post you just posted...BTW, i didn't make these numbers up....its public record byoootch! Even Manny suspected he wasn't getting a fair share, which is why he hired an outside accounting company to check his financial affairs...but Arum convinced him to fire that company...again, this is all public information..Do yo homework before you jump on Mannys nut sack sucka. Hes getting pimped...billion my ***..you stupid as hell..STFU

-Radam G :

Like I told you guys, pay that small Money J-J outside the bank shinning shoes and singing songs no attention. Some people just don't know syet, so they think that everybody else -- except their bragging zeroes, I mean Heroes, -- don't know syet either. A brain is a terrible think to waste, but reality, actuality and knowing of the truth, many muthasuckas have never gotten a taste. You could never squeeze commonsense into 'em. They are always up in your grill, but on their pied piper trickster's teeth like squeezed-out-of-the-tube toothpaste. Money May is cutting up at the Super Bowl, and is ready to catch another case. Spraying on his arse, somebody should just release the mace. Da Manny, da sucka will NEVER face! Holla!

-Radam G :

@blue4cor, fakers and faders roll that way -- STRAIGHT UP on Twitter. They feel great pride being champions in rhetoric and talking much smack, but never will step up to the actuality and reality of dat squared jungle to take their fistic arsh thrashing like a REAL MAN [men]. Muthabytches are just straw men. Holla!

-undisputed34 :

i wish we could set up something where the brass at the sweet science would set up some exhibition matches for guys here on the forum. now THAT might get some of my PPV $ lol. Radam G in the main event against TBD LMAO..

-Radam G :

I'm double da fudge dangerous, und34. I will pass your wish. Holla!

-dino da vinci :

i wish we could set up something where the brass at the sweet science would set up some exhibition matches for guys here on the forum. now THAT might get some of my PPV $ lol. Radam G in the main event against TBD LMAO..
As luck would have it, the brass at TSS also promotes boxing. Based on his writing style, I picture Radam as being reed thin with a monster jab. No other punches really. Oh, he can throw them all, be it on the bag or hitting the mitts, but simply doesn't use them when engaging opponents. I picture this borderline insane jabbing machine throwing 200+ jabs (piston-like) per round versus an ordindinary opponent, and up to 400 jabs a round in survival mode against world class guys. Never gets hit. Never!

-undisputed34 :

LOL @ dino, well sign me up. i dont mind fighting on the undercard. built like a linebacker, good at cutting the ring off and likes to hit anything from the chest to the hips...

-Radam G :

Yup! I'm one razor-thin cat, but my jab cuts like a 1,000 razor blades. My left cross is Da Manny to the max. It will make a sucka canvas kiss and stick. My hooks and uppercuts are like Texas chainsaws. My writin' ain't nuffin' on my fightin.' But I'm down with hiding in plain sight. Holla!

-Radam G :

Time for me to shut da double fudge with a cherry on top UP! Good try, DDV. You are trying to draw me out to see exactly who I be. Hehehe! Danggit! That manly ego of mine almost turned me into a showing-my-arse ___ ___! Holla!

-dino da vinci :

I'll finja in time Radam, I'm gonna. Question: Tell the truth. Crazy thin with long arms?

-Radam G :

Hehehehe! It's all so hazy! Some of us are a little dazy! Holla!