Rigondeaux Stops Ramos, Takes His Title

Rigondeaux Stops Ramos, Takes His Title

LAS VEGAS-Cuba’s Guillermo Rigondeaux wasted no time in showing why he was the favorite over the champion Rico Ramos and by ripping the WBA junior featherweight title from Ramos by knockout on Friday.

“I knew once I hit him with the lefts he wouldn’t get up from that,” said Rigondeaux.

Rigondeaux (9-0, 7 Kos) showed why he was the favorite over Ramos (20-1, 11 KOs) in front of more than 2,000 at the Palms Casino Resort. The title changed hands emphatically as the Cuban’s vaunted left cross proved too much for California’s Ramos.

A flurry of sizzling left hands beginning from the body to the head from Rigondeaux put down the new champion in the first round. The Cuban fighter attacked but was unable to capitalize. That round proved to be the most exciting for the next four frames.

“He was afraid of getting hit,” said Cuban southpaw.

Ramos seldom initiated the action and that proved his undoing as Rigondeaux won almost every round though not many punches were thrown. A punch behind Ramos’s head in the sixth stopped the action for a moment but referee Joe Cortez refused to give him time to recover. He needed it. Rigondeaux attacked with five more left hands that crumbled Ramos for the count at 1:29 of round six.

“I never thought it would be easy but when I hit him I knew he wasn’t getting up,” Rigondeaux said.

Next for the new WBA champion is Nonito Donaire or Jorge Arce.

Other bouts

In a rousing junior lightweight match Lancaster’s Joel Diaz (7-0, 6 Kos) survived a knockdown and registered three of his own against Sacramento’s Guy Robb (7-1, 3 Kos), as he scored a stoppage in round seven at 2:20. It was a back and forth between the two Californians, which saw Robb amazingly finish round three and roar back with a body attack and some well placed right hands. But Diaz finished the fight with a flurry of punches and Robb failed to return fire. Referee Vic Drakulich stopped the fight.

Two Southern Californian junior middleweights battled to a six round decision that saw former Olympian Javier Molina (10-1, 4 Kos) floor Riverside’s Alberto Herrera (8-5-1, 5 KOs) in the first round with a sneaky left hook. From there on it was Herrera trying hard to pressure the taller Molina into a fracas unsuccessfully. Two judges scored it 58-55 twice and 59-54 for Molina. Ironically Molina’s only loss came to a Riverside fighter in his previous fight.

“This guy was tough and came forward a lot,” said Molina, who was a member of the 2008 U.S. Olympic boxing team. “He was a little awkward and moved his head very well.”

Palmdale’s Matt Villanueva (7-0-1, 7 Kos) stopped Fresno’s Miguel Ruiz Jr. (8-2-1, 3 Kos) at 1:04 of round seven of a junior bantamweight match. A left hook staggered Ruiz in round seven and that was followed by a right hand and referee Russell Mora ended the bout. Ruiz had been knocked down in round two with a barrage of blows.

Heavyweight Razvan Cojanu (2-1) brawled successfully against San Jose’s Rodney Hernandez (1-1) over four rounds to win by unanimous decision. Helping the tall Romanian’s corner was former heavyweight champion James Toney. The scores were 40-36, 39-37 twice for Cojanu.

Las Vegas junior middleweight Yosmani Abreu (2-2) survived a staggering overhand left from Marcus Robinson (4-2) in round one to mount a counter attack with a vicious body attack. Abreu seldom took the fight upstairs and it proved beneficial in fighting the quicker Robinson. The judges all scored it 39-37 for Abreu.

Rigondeaux Stops Ramos, Takes His Title / Check out more boxing news on video at The Boxing Channel.


-brownsugar :

this is the expected outcome... Ramos was much ballyhooed by the media after winning the title,.. but it was clear that the young freshly crowned title-holder went life or death in his title winning effort and struggles with boxers at or near the championship level previous to that win. Rigo is like a spider who prefers to let his opponents ensnare himself rather than expending unnecessary energy. This sometimes makes him uninteresting to watch if your an action fan,... but nigh impossible to beat. Rigo says he wants Donnaire and what a treat that would be for the fans. Rigo is one of the best pure technicians I have ever seen. I hope the 31year old Cuban Defector has a few more years to showcase his skills. BTW,... I think he beats Donnaire.

-ali :

@Brownsugar U didn't just say what I think u said Rigo beats Donaire wow!!!U are right Rigo is a great technician and that could give the flash some problems but at the end of the day Donaire will beat him. I think there boxing IQ skills and speed r pretty much equal but in the power department Donaire has a huge advantage. I would like to see him beat a Gamboa or Jaun Manuel Lopez first before he get a chance at the flash.

-Radam G :

I think that the "Filipino Flash" KAYO RIgo in the two or three rounds. Dude is just another aged Cuban hype, who beat a greeny, who was far from a meany. A speed demon banger -- like JunJun, the Filipino Flash -- would put that B+ fighter to sleep in a mad dash. Da sucka Rigo is just trying to get some cash. Everybodee and dey momma can beat Pinoy punishers until they enter dat squared jungle and the bell rings. Then they just talk jive about the way Da Manny sings. Because 99.888123 percent of the time, a severe arsh thrashing, a Pinoy brings. And I'm expressing Pinoy PRIDE, not racism. It is Tebow TIME. And he is a straight-UP PINOY -- borne, bred and feed. Don't be hatin' and stealin!' Holla!

-the Roast :

Excellent ShoBox, best one in awhile. Tebow got his *** kicked all over the field last week. Tebow time is up.

-Radam G :

Danggit! Hey the Roast, I said don't be hatin!" Doze footballer suckas beat Tebow, the GREENY. Just wait until next this fall when Tebow, da MEANY, stroll down doze fields to serve Pinoy-style whupa$$es. Holla!

-Radam G :

Later -- MUCH later -- for you dudes. I bet half of you are 49ers haters. Any way, it's time to limo down to the stadium see the severe beatdown that the 49ers are going to lay on the N.Y. Midgets -- I mean Goliaths. Check that! I means Giants. They will be like giant shadows on the field -- just hanging around doing nothing. And getting served! Holla!

-the Roast :

Oooooohhh!!!! Any Ravens fans out there???? That had to hurt BAD!!! I was gettin ready for some OT but Nooooooo!

-dino da vinci :

Yeah, that had to hurt. They put themselves in a position to win it in regulation time. Not to mention the new overtime rules are in place.

-the Roast :

Another heartbreaker! 9ers go down in stunning fashion! That was one hell of a defensive battle. That was like Whitaker vs Benitez in terms of boxing D. I feel bad for that kid who got the punt knocked out of his hands. He won't get any sleep tonight. You gotta love football.

-dino da vinci :

You know, Roastman, football has been my favorite sport since I was a youngster. When Bill Sullivan made stock available in his Boston Patriots (soon to be New England Patriots), they were $5 a share. So I invested my entire bankroll of $100 with my friend's dad who was stockbroker. Did I get my 20 shares in the mail? Nope. I received 5 shares in the mail. How I wish they had Charles Schwab when I was a kid. Brady had an off game and they still won, so I guess that's a good omen. You had 2 well played games today, and it's a sin that someone had to go home. There will be a scapegoat for both games, and like you said, that's got to be real hard. A bit like boxing in that when you don't win, all eyes are on you.