We Keep Hope Alive For Floyd-Manny in May

We Keep Hope Alive For Floyd-Manny in May – We can still hold on to hope. It’s all we got, at this point, as most signs point against there being a Mayweather-Pacquiao fight in May.

The people that want this bout to happen, and that’s most boxing fans, though I think some have stopped caring because this two-year flirtation has dragged on too long, were encouraged at a sign of détente. They heard that Floyd Mayweather called Manny Pacquiao on the phone the other night, and had to be happy at that development. Because it makes sense that walls could be torn down, barriers could be busted, if the two athletes removed some middlemen who might be looking a bit more towards their self interest than the interest of the fighters, and the people who put the money in their pockets, the fans, from the equation.

Dan Rafael reported that the men chatted, and among the topics was the purse split. Pacquiao, it is said, wants a 50-50. We don’t know how Floyd took that, but I guess I see that as being a bridge too far, a pie-split that Floyd wouldn’t be open to. A good part of me takes offense at this gulf, because if you really think about it, arguing over who gets the bigger portion of such an immense sum, which could feed a starving nation for a year, is obscene. (Yes, that is the side of me which I try with all my will to hide on Twitter, so as not to offend a goodly portion of my readers with my pointed political leanings, lol.)

In an ideal world, both men would be open to making compromises, to making concessions. Floyd though he is seen by and large as the favorite, the better boxer, and for that reason perhaps should be apportioned a bigger chunk of the take,  could say heck with it, and acquiesce to a 50-50 split. And Manny, though he has been smeared by allegations of steroid usage, without apparently a shred of credible evidence beyond hearsay to back that up, could drop his defamation suit against Team Mayweather, for talking that PED smack.

Ah, but whatever gave you the idea that this is an ideal world?

But we hold on to hope. Even though the signs are ominous.

Pacquiao advisor Michael Koncz confirmed to me that Pacman promoter Bob Arum did indeed lock down June 9 as the target date for Manny’s next fight. But that is apparently Plan B, with Plan A still being Mayweather-Manny getting it on before Floyd has to go to jail for a period of no more than three months for his domestic assault charge.

Hope is hard to find in this scenario; we’ve heard too many excuses, about Manny’s November cut being too raw still, about there not being a proper outdoor venue available, about there not being enough time to properly promote the endeavor, and we struggle to find something that has changed the dynamic. I mean, the fans have lobbied hard to this thing to get done for a looong time. Are all involved now all of a sudden factoring in the customers’ desires today more than they have been in 2010 and 2011? I guess that’s possible..

I stand by my theory: that when word drops that the defamation suit against Mayweather is dropped and stopped by Pacquaio, THEN hope can morph into certainty. Until then, I suspect we dogs continue to chase our tails.

I talked to the esteemed Angelo Dundee the other day, and asked him about this Mayweather-Pacquiao non-entity. His take:

“I think Pacquaio is being very intelligent, he knows he might get himself licked,” said Dundee, who bless his heart touted North Carolina Demetrious Jones, an Olympic hopeful who will train with Dundee for a couple weeks shortly. “But I think the fight should be made for public. They owe it to the public. You got to take care of the public, without them you got nothing.”

The man has 90 years of learning tucked into his belt. From his mouth, to Manny and Floyd’s ears…

We Keep Hope Alive For Floyd-Manny in May / Check out more boxing news on video at The Boxing Channel.


-JTJones :

Pacquaio would deserve a bigger slice of the pie as he has a bigger fan base that would actually show up to the fight.

-Radam G :

Money May wants no part of Da Manny. The phone bulljive was all for show on the part of Money May. That is the oldest trick in the world -- just pretend that you want it, but the other person doesn't, because he won't respect you for giving his inferior arse a chance, and thinks that he is equal to you in paid. It is clear that Da Manny will battle with Money May and kick his a$$, but Money May is just shucking and jiving and now hiding behind wanting a 70-30 split. And the sucka is getting 0N his Pied Piper act for his falling-on-the-cliff fanboys, fanfaronades, band-wagon jumpers, flunkies and nuthuggers. Many of these people deeply believe what the late boxing-show talking head Jimmy The Greek said about a certain type of athlete being superior "because of breeding." And da muthasuckas don't want Da Manny to bust up that myth and kill some serious dumb, sh*thead thinking. So they will be fine with talking about how Money May coulda and woulda destroyed Da Manny, but Da Manny wanted too much money and wouldn't take the test, or that the Bobfather blocked the bout from happening. The reality and actuality of the whole thing IMHO -- if this bout happpens, is that this bout will go one way. So knocked da double fudge OUT EARLY will be Money May. And he feels it crawling all up from the tip of his toes to the chocolate shine on his dome. Holla!

-ali :

JTJONES.. We understand your drunk so we forgive u....now go sleep it off and don't come back and post anything on TSS until your sober alright homie.

-Money Jay :

LMFAO! Pac would never get more $$ than Floyd. He's lucky that he'll get a half of the take. That boy, and the whole Top Rank camp running scared..Floyd called him on the phone!! That's too funny! I know Bob was mad as hell!! His old butt damn near had a stroke! LOL!

-riverside :

Dundee is the latest to have a clear mind, when the fight does happens, Pac will have a punchers chance at the most, With Money mays' defense, The chances of getting caught with wild swinging pac, Slim and none. i can't think of a top trainer who believes Manny will beat Money May, Roach? not sure.

-Radam G :

"Pac" doesn't want more money than Money May, but JT Jones is RIGHT! I know how sensitive Ebonicians and Urbanites are, and the truth hurts. But it is a known FACT that more than half of PPV hook-ups in da hood are Gerry-rigged freebies, and 95 percent of the paying butts in the fight seats are light on the skin hue. Money May has not captured the hearts of African Americans enough for them to pay to see him play. [This is why he doesn't fight in front of crowds in his birth state of Michigan.] He is no Sugar Ray Leonard, Mike Tyson or Muhammad Ali. For those dudes, black butts would get in paid seats and brown and hazel eye-balls behind PPV screens and closed-circuit telecasts. The televising powers that be have counted where every penny is coming from, so they know who is paying for every show. Don't hate me. I just know what I know. It comes with the territory of being in the loop. Money May is simply ducking the fight and playing to the audience who he says that he hate, because "_______will believe any type of bullsh*t with their fake a$$es!.... They won't pay for sh*t. They think everything suppose to be free for them." I don't know, but I guess the angry, game-playing Money May is on point. Holla!

-Radam G :

The GTOAT Dundee has also said that "boxing is like swimming." "You go to swim, you get wet," said Angie. "You go to box, you get hit." Money May has never -- and I mean NEVER -- been hit by the likes or speed of Da Manny. Money May will have none of the Marquez's tolerance for the Pac attack of speed, power and bone-crushing PAIN! On Money May's a$$, Da Manny punches are going to RAIN. And that RAIN with be like acid -- tearing and scaring Money May game and skin until he falls like a melting bytch -- I mean wicked witch. This game is for real. Not some playhouse jive. Holla!

-blue4cor :

Floyd had to work all night to barely escape a win against Oscar. Manny scored more knockdowns on Marquez while Floyd violated the terms on weight limit. Floyd needed 10 rounds against Hatton. Floyd did not fight the 2 best welterweights Miguel Cotto and Margarito. What is his basis for demanding the lion's share of the total purse and wouldn't settle for 50/50? Floyd's stream of excuses after excuses, demand after demand is an indication to me he is afraid to fight Pacquiao.

-jacubi50 :

I gave Floyd props for going as far as calling Manny on the phone. However, Floyd now rejecting the 50/50 split is completely ridiculous. Floyd is no longer the biggest PPV draw and should be happy to even get a 50/50 split. Manny did mention he would not take a smaller purse in the past but that's "IF" there were investors pumping up the purses. So if Floyd got 100 million and Manny got 80/90 million that would be ok. But the problem is now that Floyd doesn't' want to maximize profits as Arum has been pushing for through investors and a bigger stadium, so agreeing to a 50/50 split of PPV revenues is only fair. What is wrong wth a 50/50 split? If Arum is a greedy pig, Floyd is on the same boat. Some die hard Floyd fans keep saying that if Manny and Arum really wanted to fight Floyd, they wouldn't have so many excuses. Excuse me, but these "so called" excuses of investors, bigger stadium, etc have merit and Arum was right. They need to maximize profits because Floyd has a large apetite. So people need to stop blaming Arum for his so called excuses. He's a businessman and maximizing profits is what he does. People also needs to stop saying Manny is ducking Floyd. It was Manny who chased Floyd for two years. Once Floyd saw Manny struggled with Marquez, Floyd then came out of his shell and agressively called Manny out. So let's not twist the story around.

-estong bicol :

What's wrong with 50/50 share of the purse? Both of them deserve that portion. Or why not 40/40? and the remaining 20 goes to the winner? If the Mayweathers are sure, as they have been proclaiming since day one that Junior would whoop the *** of Pacman, why not sign for a 50/50 or winner-take-all scheme? Go for it fellas!

-ali :

Radam G on everything STFU!!!!!" U don't know **** about black people so don't speak on us....why do u have to take shots at black people every time the subject is about Mayweather that **** is annoying grow up...damn u grown man acting like a kid all the fucking time..u think its cool but it really ain't don't nobody want to read that **** all the time real talk..

-ali :

What's wrong with 50/50 share of the purse? Both of them deserve that portion. Or why not 40/40? and the remaining 20 goes to the winner? If the Mayweathers are sure, as they have been proclaiming since day one that Junior would whoop the *** of Pacman, why not sign for a 50/50 or winner-take-all scheme? Go for it fellas!
40/40 and the winner takes the 20 I've never heard anybody say that one but I like it.

-Radam G :

There you go again, Ali. My P posse and I are about to look you up in South Central LA. Dude, you need to chillax! You don't know what I know about African American "black people." C'mon MAN! I'm down! And you know dat, big homie! Don't hate because I've had more ebony honeys than you. WHADUP wif' dat? You ain't gettin' none? Or you backed up, or sumptin?' Don't made this Asian hot boy roll up in South Central LA and show you how a real G holla. Hehehehe! It all good, Ali Baba! CLOSE SE-SA-ME on yo' playa' hatin!' Don't be hatin' like dat. I ain't da kid from Malibu. Matter of fact -- at this moment -- some OGs and Native American Indian chieves are hangin' loose with me at Barona Casino in Lakeside, Cali. We are flying up to San Francisco tomorrow to see the beat down on the N.Y. midgets -- I mean Giants. Sorry Editor Mike. But you know your team won't have hearts in San Franciso. They left their hearts in New York! The 49ers are going to open up a can of whipa$$ on 'em. Holla!

-TotoyBato :

I guess Floyd's biggest fight will be fighting off Big Bubba on June 1.

-DaveB :

That would be a perfect solution - winner takes 60% loser takes 40%. That really would show some heart. It has about a snowball's chance in hell of happening but it would really show who has the balls. I've never seen anything like this in my life. Are there any other boxers, save the Klitschko's that wouldn't fight one another for that kind of money? I'm sure most of the fans would give it a go with another fan on the big stage for that type of money. Unbelievable. This will surely impact both fighter's legacies. The fight they didn't have will probably override every fight they did have. Isn't that ironic?

-TotoyBato :

Floyd does not want to fight Manny Pacquiao.

-ali :

Radam u ain't going to do ****...stop being a internet thug im on 39th and Middleton u the last person im worried about...

-Money Jay :

@ Radam G, not all blacks live in the hood, and have bootleg cable sucka! I make 6 figures legit, and I ain't never sold crack rocks, or had a wicked jumpshot. I pay for all the PPV's I watch...You just a hater, period. All you do is talk a bunch of mumbo jumbo, 2-3 paragraphs of nothing. I bet you listening to Da Manny wack a$$ songs while you typing that BS too..you a Manny nuthugger!! Go ahead and type a 2-3 paragraph response of nothing but rumblings and racist remarks, and praises of your hero...Da Manny...Holla!

-lerr1910@yahoo.com :

i think one more reason to ducking pacman is to dropped the lawsuit!!

-the Roast :

I know it will never happen but I love that idea about 40-40 20% to the winner. Welcome Money Jay, good call on the mumbo jumbo. I like Radam and TSS would not be TSS without him but I almost never make it through those loooong posts with the ramblings. Radam isnt a racist but he is the biggest Manny nuthugger on Earth. If the fight ever comes off I will be rooting HARD for Floyd just to hear what Radam will come up with.

-Fe'Roz :

When you say one thing and do another, there only one conclusion. You never meant what you said in the first place. Floyd said he wants the Pacquaio fight but he KNOWS with absolute certainty that it onlt happens if its 50/50. So what does he do? He asks for more. The fact is that he does not want to fight Manny. The man was profiling. Pure PR. BS.

-brownsugar :

Much respect to Floyd,.. his single minded campaign to get Manny into the ring has included everything except trying to "friend Manny on Facebook". An yet we hear Arum talking about not wanting to make the fight because he'd rather turn down $100 million, and take a lesser fight paying only $30 million,.... if he can't make $200 million with Floyd. Arum knows Mayweather will never go to Texas,.. and won't fight anywhere other than the MGM Grand in Las Vegas (he's just peculiar that way)...But Bob continues to insinuate himself in a negative way by creating grandios scenerios that only serve to alienate the Money Team. Mayweathers ploy of demaning 70/30 split is only a ruse to insure he gets a few extra percentage points to soothe his massive ego. At this point in time on the Pacman side of things it seems only Jinkee and multitudes of Filipino fans have the resolve to declare this is a fight that must happen on May 5.

-brownsugar :

BTW.........Mayweather called out Manny a full week before his fight with Marquez,.. The Money Team had already assumed Pac would win by blowout,.. (except for Jeff Mayweather who called it correctly by saying the fight would be close). Mayweather,......... thru whatever process he uses to determine who his next opponent will be was already secure within himself that he more than equal to the task. The claim that he took the fight because Manny struggled with Marquez is ludicris. (LOOK it UP). An ATG and bonefide HOF'mer like Mayweather, thru some kind of internal process, always becomes fixated on his opponent first,... before he goes in for the kill,.... in the same way a Cobra locks his eyes on a rabbit,... who first succumbs to the hypnotizm,.. then falls prey to the lethal strike.. Pac would do well for himself by avoiding Floyd at all costs.

-ultimoshogun :

I like estol bicong's idea too....40/40 and the winner gets the rest of the pot. I'm not on Twitter, but someone should throw that in Floyd's face and see what he has to say bout it. Makes perfect sense instead of this pissing contest these two are having over the purse.

-Radam G :

Naku! Money Jay, I never said that "all blacks live in the hood, and have bootleg cable, sucka!" Hehehehehe! My bro-n-law is black, and da cat has never been to "the hood." [But I've been there, kicked much a$$ and got my freaky dreakee ON!] My BIL grew up in Brentwood and Beverly Hills, Cali. My sister would kick his butt if he went to "da hood." Money May and I are boys. I'm not a hater! For you, LATER! Never do I ever make racist remarks. That jive is for weak cats -- probably like you and Ali -- talk dat talk, but when a real dawg get down with it, you cannot stand da noise or da WALK! Ali use to be mean and heavy on the smack talk about Da Manny never fighting "slick-fighting blacks" from the hood. And, let me note one thing, Money May is not from da hood. He grew up in luxury from Pops Joy May's drug trafficking. I'm down with Fam May. I've been knowing them my whole life, as they have been knowing me. In boksing, we roll that way. Talking smack is a part of our play and attack. If you cannot hit syet, don't throw syet. Now your boy Ali has been all up in my grill, gettin' on his thrill. Dude hates Da Manny and the Filipino Flash, though he pretends that he is down with the FF. Nonetheless, trust me, Mr. six-figures [small] Money Jay, da sucka will start tearing into FF sooner before later. But it is all good! I'm down with Knonk boxing sweeties too. GBG Manny Steward is da MAN! He gave me plenty of tips as a pro fighter and even trained me and worked my corner on trips with U.S. National amateur boxing teams against Poland, Cuba, USSR, Germany, etc., etc. Chillax Money Jay! Don't even try to ped your's truly for being a racist. I whupped so many Knonk boxers and talked smack with 'em that they made me an honorary black. Besides, "REAL" blacks know it is all about experience and character, not color or ethnicity. The NAACP and the Urban League made Billy Clinton any honorary black when he was U.S. Prez. What you cats oughta do, IS accept me, get outta my syet and quit tryin' to put me in a BOX. I'm down with the rainbow of humanity. And don't put me in a mudhole of 'em against us. Hehehehe! I will bring the trainer Anne "The Mermaid" Wolfe to South Central to straighten out Ali. He needs a timeout. And she will ____ _____ _____ his "homie-don't-play-da A$$!" AND YUP! Pay that Chicagoan behind the curtain no attention. He knows that Da Manny is gonna clean Money May's clock, if the bout ever happen. Which Money May doesn't any part of. He is a master of optical illusions and mass confusions to everyone, including Pinoys and lefties. Don't be mad and don't be hatin!' It's Pinoy TIME! It is lefty TIME! And YOU KNOOOOOOOOOOOW DAT! Holla!

-Radam G :

Oh, YUP! BTW, the Roast, I'm going to come up with, "Dat is da way a lefty put down a beat down. But it is all good, because Money May got PAID. He's a prizefighter and took a prize-arse thrashing. He was later for those pridefighters, who get doze arses whup for da fanboys, fanfaronades, groupies and nuthuggers." I truly luv me some Money May and I dig his every play. Holla!

-Radam G :

BTW, Money Jay! Don't be gettin' all uppity because Mowtown use to be in the Motorcity. It ain't there anymore. If Mowtown records were still BIG, they'd sign up Da Manny in a nano-second. You know talent and what tyme it is. This is why you holla out about Da Manny's singing. You just go to Youtube and figure out which one of the Asian boys is ME in the Missy Elliot superbad rap song about liking all kinds of boys [Hot Boyz] . Come ON, DUDE! "Can we all get alone!" And that is Rodney King -- dude who took one of the greatest a$$ kicking of all times -- not me. Holla!

-Radam G :

Oh, YUP! To all you muthasuckas, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR! And it is the year of the dragon, so watch the fire being put on-you-know-who's arse. #1 PacFan, it is time for you to drop in. Holla!

-FlashE :

Mayweather is at it again. Ducking and manipulating the public of wanting to fight MannyP. What a total JOKE!!!

-dino da vinci :

@FlashE. Pretend the fight happens this year. Who wins and why?

-Radam G :

What I oughta to do is roll up on 38th and Middleton. Hehehehehe! NAW! The next time, I'm in the SCLA neigborhood, I'm going to roll up on Crenshaw Blvd. and buy all the bean pies from the Nation of Islam brothas. Then I hope I and my P-Posse and P-Security get gas like muthasuckas. And then we will ride up on SCLA Ali's locale and get our farts on. Hehehehe! Pinoy gas like a bomb explosion. I bet we will clean up or probably dirty up the smog of da hood. And I hope that Money May will be visiting the area and gettin' on his jog and smack with SCLA Ali. Holla!