The Naked Truth – Mayweather Vs. Pacquiao…AVILA

PacquiaoMarquezIII Hogan 32Politics dictate boxing.

Mention boxing to even the most casual fight fan and they immediately ask about Floyd “Money” Mayweather versus Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao. Will it be made?

Looking at that match as a neutral observer and with a purely financial perspective, there’s no doubt that it’s the biggest boxing match available for boxing fans, sports fans and even among the camera hounds of the day.

But does it make sense for both parties?

Mayweather probably rubbed his hands with glee while watching Pacquiao eke out a controversial win that 70 percent of the population surveyed felt he lost to Juan Manuel Marquez. Mayweather sees an easy victory and a monstrous payday to boot. The Las Vegas prizefighter with 2 million Twitter followers has no doubt of his boxing superiority over Pacquiao.

That’s why he’s calling out Pacman.

Meanwhile, Top Rank and Pacquiao’s advisors are dishing out alibis and rationalizations why the fight doesn’t make sense, such as: the Las Vegas stadium won’t be completed by Cinco de Mayo.


Pacquiao recently renewed a contract with Top Rank and like any smart promotional company they don’t want to devalue their investment. Not right out of the gate.

Do they think Pacquiao can beat Mayweather?

Yes, they do, but they’re not going to bet $100 million on it. That’s a bottom figure of what they would lose if Pacquiao were to be defeated by Mayweather in four months. His value would drop to 2008 levels of the real estate market. Boxing would foreclose on him.

“A lot of people don’t understand the politics of boxing,” said Emanuel Steward a few days ago.

He’s correct.

Most people think this guy should fight that guy and don’t understand it’s about making the most money you can.

So if Mayweather doesn’t fight Pacquiao then who should it be?


If you look at this objectively one needs to scan the list of Pound for Pound fighters in the top 12. Fighting anyone other than one of the Pound for Pound members is doing a disservice to the boxing fan and the sport.

Mayweather is no doubt the most skillful boxer from 147 pounds and down.

One name that has been rumored is Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, who holds the WBC junior middleweight title. Is he considered a member of the Pound for Pound list?


One day he could be considered, but not this year.

Number one on the list is Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero. He’s the closest in weight and definitely has the speed, skill and heart to battle Mayweather’s brew of boxing.

Guerrero doesn’t have the brand name of Pacquiao or even Canelo, but he has the boxing pedigree and even Mayweather was not a cinch to beat Oscar De La Hoya when they met in 2007. So why not Guerrero?

The southpaw bomber recently injured his arm but was operated on and repaired without a hitch. He’s eager to prove that he can fight anyone at any time. He’s also a member of my Pound for Pound list and with good reason. He can fight.

Number two on the list is Amir Khan. Yes, he lost to Lamont Peterson but he has the speed and style to give Mayweather fits. But that loss to the D.C. boxer has left a lot of doubts in some fan’s minds so a rematch is more in order than a fight with Money.

Number three is Timothy “Desert Storm” Bradley. Like Khan and Guerrero he is also a member of the Pound for Pound list and his speed could give Mayweather a hell of a time. He’s probably out of the picture because he signed with Top Rank. It’s more likely he’ll fight Pacquiao but probably not this year. He’s too good and could possibly upset the big plans for Pacquiao. So a fight between Bradley and Pacquiao is out of the picture for at least a year. A match with Mayweather is definitely not one that Money would make. Too much risk for not much in return.

The last feasible match could be Sergio Martinez. But the slick Argentine is a middleweight and that’s far too much weight for Mayweather to handle. Not that he couldn’t match skills, but the extra weight would be too much for Mayweather’s brittle hands. And like Bradley there’s too much risk with little return.


Let’s look at Pacquiao.

Top Rank wants to get their bang for their buck so Tim Bradley is out. He’s too dangerous.

The number one guy that Pacquiao could fight is Brandon “Bam Bam” Rios. He’s too strong and apparently too heavy to fight as a lightweight so he’s moving up in weight.

Rios can bang and he doesn’t run around trying to look for cover. It looks to be the best possible match for Pacman and an exciting one. Plus, both are Top Rank fighters. That’s important. Arum doesn’t like to share money with other promoters.

The other possibilities are rematches with Juan Manuel Marquez or Miguel Cotto. Sure there are people that would buy those pay-per-view fights but Pacquiao needs to show dominance over another fighter before selling either of those fights.

Could Rios give Pacquiao problems?

Rios is a wild card and though he’s never fought at welterweight that doesn’t mean he can’t enter the ring at 141. It makes sense to put the Mexican-American bomber in with Pacman.

If Pacquiao gets by Rios, Cotto, Bradley and Marquez, then you will see Top Rank put their guy in against Mayweather. If he’s still undefeated.

Don’t hold your breath.

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-dino da vinci :

[br] alt="PacquiaoMarquezIII Hogan 32"[/br]Politics dictate boxing.
Not for much longer...

-dino da vinci :

Sorry, I didn't mean to include the photo. Just the politics comment. That said, after looking at the photo, you realize, "Ohmygod, these two guys are amazing!" You know, history is always kinder to some fighters more so than others. JMM should be really bitter in how the boxing gods have treated him. Yet he appears to deal with it better than most.

-amayseng :

if these two dont fight eachother im going to try to fight them myself..thats how disgusted i am with the situation. time to drop the money maker excuse, these two have made themselves and their promoters enough money to give the fans who have paid them that money what they deserve... the ghost is NOT ready for a fight let alone that fight, not with rotator cuff sx, no way. canelo is green as can be but at least has a fan base and at 154 i can at least support it but think about it honestly, alfonso gomez won 3/6 rounds against canelo...canelos only hope is to hurt mayweather to the body and knock him out.....wont happen. pac beats bam bam i have no agility power or footwork rios to death. if pac doesnt knock rios out in 3 rounds then the sky isnt blue pac knocks peterson out as well.. a pac vs bradley fight is at least legit...bradley comes to fight doesnt back down and has some tools this is a joke. if floyd and pac fight other fighters i promise their ppv's bomb

-Money Jay :

Amayseng, I totally agree with you man. The one thing you take away from this article, is the fact that no other fight makes sense at this point, but May v Pac. If they don't fight, It's going to kill both of their ppv's, and kill the sport too. MMA has free fights now on Fox, and I'm not a MMA fan at all, but I'll watch something for free before I drop another $69.99(HD) for a Pac vs Rios fight...I think Floyd knows this too, and that's why he is forcing Manny's hand. This article is depressing when you read it, because it's really the naked truth..

-Radam G :

Da Manny is going to whup Money May's arse in the same way that Larry Holmes beat the GOAT Ali back in the day. And all the Yanks are going to be bytchin,' in shock and saying no WAY!. WAY! The greatest blindness is that of a human with a strong belief in looking backward, getting foolishly nostalgic and superiority thinking. Money May has not looked special since beating second-fight-at-welterweight Redcoat Ricky Hatton. And no matter how much media distortion about Money May's looking good against Vicious dumbass -- I mean Victor -- Lil' Floyd looked like ____ and missed the most punch ever in four rounds of one of his bouts. I've watched that bout in double slow mo, so I kwo!' Holla!

-amayseng :

radam i agree. in fact floyds footing was terrible, he was whiffing and missing punches and except for a very good round 3 ortiz was doing well. one thing floyd is exceptional at is rolling punches and deceiving the onlookers of what is landing and not, like you said replay it, even right before the round four headbutt ortiz catches floyd with a punch that buckles his legs and another sending him flying across the ring into the ropes....

-Real Talk :

@ Radam G, and then you woke up. Pacquiao only has a punchers chance. He get's a boxing lesson like never b4. You think Marquez gave him problems, Floyd is going to step on him like Super Mario does the goombas. Too fast, too furious and too much skill and boxing knowledge. Floyd adapts to any style like water. Pacman has been the beneficiary of good match making and Floyd's style is a nightmare for him. The curtain is being pulled back just like the Wizard of Oz. Tell Bob Arum and team Pacquiao to stop ducking that wreck!!!!! Dueces

-Radam G :

Wow! Real Talk is BACK and ready to battle! Straight-up gettin' on his hoping-for-Money May attack! Well! KNOCK! KNOCK! Knock on wood! So sad is gonna be da whole hood. Money May is going down. Da Manny is gonna make him look like a pathetic, sad clown. Hehehehehe! Dat Lil' Floyd's arse, Da Manny i gonna easily pound. TSSU readers Ali, Real Talk, Shoulder Roll Defense, Money Jay, d34 and even the Roast, and 50 Cent, Fam May, Posse May, Team May and all the May gangsta-wannabes, groupie mates, fanboys, fanfaronades, bandwagon jumpers and nuthuggers won't be making a sound. Their arses will be in total SHOCK!!! Not understanding why Da Manny has always had the victory on LOCK!!! He'll be struttin' like a peacock! Money May will be like a battled, fudged-up, broke-down ship in dry dock. Da Manny's whup-a$$ victory, da Mayphiles and PacPhobes will still mock. To pay off their losing bets, all of their syet, they will have to hock. And that is what a fader/hater deserves. Imagine da nerves. It's PacTIME, YALL! Money May will FALL! Holla! [Bring it on, Real Talk! I wanna see what you got. Free style, BABBBEEEEE! Money May will never know what hit him, until he sees the replay.]

-Radam G :

Where is da playa, B-Sug? Probably out macking. Holla!

-brownsugar :

What's up RG,... been busy working Unlimited Overtime,..with double time on Sundays,.. they're selling the company(merger) and nobody is considered too sacred to let go, It is what it is and everyone is prepared to deal with the bottom line if/and/or when the ax falls. But I'm never too occupied to let casual details like paying the rent stop me from keeping a roving eye focused on the TSS whenever I get a chance... I was shocked by some of what I read,.. you guys have been runnin amok with the most blasphemous anti-Mayweather stuff I've read in months. but it's all good,.. there's no better debaters than those readers right here on the TSS,.. However The day of reckoning will surely come... and those that scoff at the bonified ATG and possible GOAT (yes I mean Mayweather) will soon bow down and recognize............. whenever this "Who's fighting Who" mess is sorted out. LOL who's mackin who RG?,.. if anyone is getting played or macked it's probably me. Hopefully in a few days there will be something subtantial to talk about when the promoters stop spewing superheated steam and are finally become determined to make this "Fight of the Century" a reality.

-the Roast :

I'm with you B-Sug, alot of Floyd hating of late. The way I saw it, and I wasn't alone, Mayweather was dominating young Victor. Did Vic land some good shots? Of course he did, its a fight. Funny to hear Radam call out the nuthuggers. Who is the biggest Manny nuthugger on earth? Our own Radam G. Everybody and dey momma knows that. If/when Pacman and Money May do fight I'll be rooting for Floyd to win just to read Radam's excuses the next day.

-dino da vinci :

If/when Pacman and Money May do fight I'll be rooting for Floyd to win just to read Radam's excuses the next day.
I'm not allowed to go into great detail on just how hard we're working on finding out Radam's true identity, but I can say our goal is to have it completed well before these two take to the ring. Forget suicide watch. In leaving nothing to chance, we are going to abduct him and keep him in a drugged state until we feel he'll do no harm to himself or others. Yes, that is just one of the few, little known services we offer here at TSSU. In this case though, the reason is purely selfish. Stats show we lose 28.7% of all posts if something happens to Radam. We're here for you Radam!

-brownsugar :

@ Roast, Arum is killing boxing with the lame excuses and delays.... but it's still quiet, hope that means Arum and Hayman have at least spoken to each other.

-Radam G :

I'll get back to you cats, later. I'm having a thrill. YOU KNOOOOOOOW! In Louisville! Da GOAT Ali's party is gettin' ready to be bangin!' I'm about ready to get on my sangin' [sic]! Holla!

-Radam G :

All rights, CATS! I'MMMMMM BAAAAAACCCCCKKKKKKKK! And it's PINOY TIME! Hehehehehe! Wow! Everybodee and dey momma, everyone and his cousin and every sucka and his girl up in herrrreeee, got Real Talk's BACK! OMG! No Money May ATTACK! And no Stank -- I mean YANK -- luv for a Pinoy or da Pac? Yall are COLD! And to da mountain-top BOLD! Mean ole muthasuckas! Hehehehehe! No matter how you spit all of this blah-say, blah-say! Lil' Floyd is full of b-sh*t! And dancing with Da Manny, he doesn't want to lean that way. Money May has said that he' better than Sugar Ray Robinson and the young Cassius Clay. But if he ever rumbles with Da Manny, on dat squared jungle canvas da moola lover's arse will lay. So gone is the Money May's boksing magic. But his fanfaronades, fanboys, Mayhoodlums and always-down-for Stank -- I mean Yank -- nuthuggers can't accept that, and that's such a tragic. Lil' Floyd has hoodwinked 'em for so long. Spittin' dat he'll lose -- to 'em -- is so incredibility wrong. Being the pound 4 pound very best, he, they unconditionally hold. To 'em, Money May's every con and optical illusion, he's easily sold. No sport exposes a man, as the sweet science can. Lets call a spade a spade. Money May is the one, who doesn't want this bout made. He'll easily go down. And can't handle Da Manny making him look like a pathetic clown. For his metaphoric Pied Piper rats falling off that cliff, Money May plays the flute and talks da talk. But he will never sign the contract, and walk that walk. Holla!