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MayweatherOrtizWeighIn Hogan14Floyd Mayweather was supposed to report to jail today, but received a postponement from the court in Las Vegas and instead will report June 1.

David Mayo of reported that Mayweather’s attorneys argued that the boxer has a fight due May 5, and a Jan. 6 report date would impinge upon the early summer bout. Mayweather was sentenced to six months for battery, and the justice of the peace  suspended three months of the term. He’d have been released in early April, giving him only a few weeks to get ready for a May 5 contest, against a foe to be named. The justice said she didn’t know of the early summer set-up when she sentenced him before Christmas.

Off the top of my head, this reads like a concession made to a person of stature which would not in a million years be given to a “Regular Joe.” Maybe a TSS reader more versed in our legal system wants to weigh in and tell me otherwise. Perhaps an argument could be made that the economic benefit to the community where the fight will take place takes precedence over the timeliness of the commencement of his incarceration…

Mayo also spoke to promoter Bob Arum, who kicked the Mayweather-Pacquiao can down the road. Arum said that Pacquiao won’t be ready to fight till June, so Floyd’s postponement doesn’t mean we will see the two megastars collide in May.

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