Mayweather Accepts Plea Deal in Criminal Cases

MayweatherOrtizPostFightPC Hogan20The laundry list of legal troubles for the world's best pound for pound boxer, Floyd Mayweather Jr., just shrunk considerably.

Mayweather struck a plea deal with Las Vegas prosecutors, and will enter a guilty plea in Clark County (Nevada) on Wednesday, to charges of battery domestic violence and two counts of harassment, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal. The paper also said that the fighter will next week plead no contest to a misdemeanor battery charge, stemming from a beef with a security guard in November 2010, and be fined $1,000.

That will squash his two remaining criminal cases, and will give fight fans some hope, that a considerable hurdle to the skilled pugilist meeting Manny Pacquiao in 2012 has been removed. The fighter, age 34, faces $3,000 in fines and up to 18 months in jail, the paper reported, for the domestic situation. One can read in between the lines and surmise that there is likely no way he will get 18 months in jail, not after prosecutors were open to the plea deal.

Mayweather was facing charges stemming from a Sept. 2010 incident involving the mother of his children, Josie Harris, and the man who immense power to make the Mayweather-Pacquiao match, Pacquiao promoter Bob Arum, has said he would need to see how the legal situation shakes out before he could truly know if Floyd would be in a position to talk boxing in 2012.

Just yesterday, I was talking to a fightgame insider who speculated that Mayweather would be getting jailtime, and that no plea deal would be made available. He still faces some civil suits over some battles his bodyguards allegedly had with patrons at clubs, but we can assume that tonight, “Money” will be in rare form, toasting his good fortune.

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FighterforJC :

How 3rd world of us to let rich criminals get away like this.

Radam G :

That is the 1st world rules of the day. If you pay, you play and in jail you won't go or stay. Unless you are OJ. Hehehehehe! Wow! Dude is in jail for stealing his own syet! Only in America. You kill your ex-wife, you are set free. You take your syet back, Big Bubble will be watchin' yo' arse in a cellblock gettin' on yo' peepee. Wow! I wonder if OJ is sleeping without pain in da-you-kno' what! Holla!

Fe'Roz :

Well sadly for justice, ther is none. With our elite athletes... a little smack here, punch there, on a woman at home ... followed by a little money with the right lawyers every time to get our men free and clear. Back....and ready to perform. But this is a boxing website, so no further digression necessary. Floyd is, I believe ready to meet Manny if the money and terms are right. I know that he has spoken with Todd duBoef privately and informally about working together, 'just you and me; no middlemen". But we have been down this path before. Today there is a very real dialog. tomorrow, who knows. I just hope that whoever Floyd and Manny do fight, they match them well. Until contracts are negotiated and signed, everything else is pure speculation; something we enjoy but unfortunately nothing that helps in getting these two into the ring.

brownsugar :

Whooooo hooooo Mayweather only gets 3 mos (3mos on the shelf)!!!!!!!....coulda' been alot worse. When you have as much privelege and access as FMJ that can seem like a lifetime. His agreement to fight Pac will automatically nullify the slander suit. I dare say Manny can finally get his butt whoppln summer of 2012!!!!! YESSSSSSSS!!!"