Bernard Hopkins vs. John Scully: It Would Be A True Grudge Match…WOODS

HopkinsDawson Hogan32I am always amazed when boxers retire, and stay retired. There is something about the pull of the ring which acts as a magnet for people who have the best of intentions to hang up the gloves, and not reach for them again. The challenge, the clapping, the money…the temptation to spit in the face of the aging process in a manner far more honorable than via Botox injections.

Periodically over the years, I've corresponded with the former super middleweight and light heavyweight title challenger, John Scully. The 44-year-old Connecticut resident fought his last professional fight on June 22, 2001, winning a split decision against Cleveland Nelson in Canada. He gave a good go of it in title cracks against Michael Nunn, in 1995, and Henry Maske in 1996, but dropped a decision each time.

He hasn't seen fit to get the game out of his system, as he spars hundreds of rounds each year, and also trains boxers. Casual fans got introduced to Scully when Chad Dawson hired him to work his camp and corner against Bernard Hopkins on Oct. 15. You'll recall that fight ended before it started, when Hopkins and Dawson got into a tangle, and Hopkins, who turns 47 on January 15, fell to the mat in round two. He hurt his left shoulder, cried out in pain, indicated that the injury was severe, and thus, referee Pat Russell ended the bout. He gave the win to Dawson, via TKO, and much debate ensued if Russell made the right call. Dawson was handed Hopkins' WBC title off that bizarre situation, though the WBC quickly ruled that the bout was a technical draw, and handed Hopkins back his crown. That determination isn't official, as the California commission has to issue a ruling on the affair.

After the bout, Scully was quite vocal; he slammed Hopkins for being so demonstrative, and accused him of playing up a negligible ache. He hasn't let up. I got this email from Scully today.

Hopkins said in an interview yesterday he'd be sparring by January!!!!!! When I injured my shoulder in June of 1999 fight (supposedly not as bad as Hops did his) I wasn't able to spar for well over six months!! Four months after my injury (strained rotator cuff) I jumped in the water in Kissimmee, Florida and my shoulder felt like it was being torn out of the socket!! He's gonna' spar 3 months after an injury like that????!!???? BULLLLL SPIT!!!!!!!!!
If this man spars anyone in January then, for me, it is PROOF POSITIVE that his injury is a complete fake job!! ASK ANY DOCTOR IF YOU DON'T BELIEVE ME!!

 Hopkins received an MRI in late October and said that the doctor found he had separated a joint. He said he would need six weeks of rehab. That six weeks is just about up.

But Scully ain't buying it. And I don't see Scully buying it even if Hopkins has 100 notes from 100 doctors.

So I have a solution.

Hopkins (52-6-2) vs. Scully (38-11).

The age parameters match. Hopkins will be 47, while Scully turned 44 on July 28. Scully fought his last bout at 184 1/2 pounds, but I'm pretty sure he could get back to the 175 he fought at from 1994-1999. Hopkins has fought in and around 175 since 2006. Scully would admit he wasn't of the same caliber as Hopkins at his peak, but he is a couple years younger, so that could even things out.

The blood is bad between these two, and wouldn't have to be played up or manufactured. The drama going in to the scrap would considerable. TSS Universe, what say you? You like this hypothetical, if Scully is a go, and Hopkins is game?

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-Radam G :

B-Hop would whup Scully severely. Scully was a good fighter doing his time, but he also believe in a lot of mythical, phony syet like being appointed greatness and God's Gift to being some type of demigod, entitled fighter. He dreamed that he'd be a "superstar, but he didn't get far." B-Hop did the darn thang [sic] the right way and WORKED HARDER and HARDER and HARDER. He believed in his manly syet -- no-god-appointing-him-type of bulljive. In other words, B-Hop never thought of himself being entitled or super special. J Scully did. But he shoulda and coulda just hid [sic]. Holla!

-dino da vinci :

Radam, MMH vs BHop, both in their primes. What happens?

-Radam G :

Hagler all day and night. A prime B-Hop was similar to the great, late Archie " Ole Mongoose" Moore. He'd beat the ___ da ___ outta slow and medium speed and pace fighters. But he couldn't handle the murderous punching of Rocky Marciano, Harold Johnson or the speed and slickness of Charley Burley, Floyd Patterson and GOAT Ali. Similarly primed B-Hop couldn't handle the speed and slickness of a prime Roy Jones, and a prime Marvelous Marvin would have been too loosey-goosey and punching murderous. Holla!

-dino da vinci :

Attention Frank Lotierzo!!! The great Radam G agrees with me! Frank and I have discussed an unlimited number of topics, and I must say he has incredible range. Actually, the very best I know of. And we seem to agree on just about everything but this one topic. Frank has them on equal footing. It baffles me. But you have to respect Frank's stance. A fighter himself, Frank trained in Philly under Georgie Benton. Another of his trainers was the great World Champion Joey Giardello. Not to mention he sparred with Marvelous. If I hadn't seen either fighter I'd of taken Frank's opinion as my own to the end of time. His opinion is that good.

-the Roast :

I agree with Radam. Hagler was the best middleweight that I have seen. Prime vs prime, Hagler would bust up Hopkins and get the KO or pound out a wide UD. Hagler's chin was one of the best in history. Took bombs from Hearns and Mugabi that would have crushed most men.

-dino da vinci :

I now have two, Frank! Two! Show yourself Frank! don't make me start a signature taking campaign, Frank, 'cause I will!

-mortcola :

I agree with Radam. Hagler was the best middleweight that I have seen. Prime vs prime, Hagler would bust up Hopkins and get the KO or pound out a wide UD. Hagler's chin was one of the best in history. Took bombs from Hearns and Mugabi that would have crushed most men.
Hagler breaks him. Period. Love B-Hop. But his savvy and skill would not have kept Hagler away for long. Marvelous is the top three of boxers I've seen in my lifetime, and and #1 middleweight.