PREDICTION PAGE: Who Do Ya Like, Margarito or Cotto?

Cotto Margarito weighin 111202 001aI said during the Friday night taping of HBO's “Fight Day Now” at the Madison Square Garden Theater that if I was going to pick one card to pay for this year, the Cotto-Margarito rematch card would be it. I wasn't being a shill, either. I feel that. The backstory to this one is beyond juicy. The world thinks Antonio Margarito is a serial cheater, and the only way he can convince them that he isn't a bold-faced liar–because almost everyone finds it waaay hard to believe that a boxer can't feel plaster-hard pads on his knuckles–is to beat up Miguel Cotto tonight.

The world wonders if Cotto can deliver on his apparently fierce desire to punish the man he's taken to calling a “criminal” and erase the pain from that 2008 night when he was made to submit, take a knee and quit, by the Mexican.

I'm just hoping that we get a hard-fought prizefight Saturday, one not marred by semi sucker punches or separated shoulders. Hopefully, we got all the silliness out of the way during the licensing flap, and Brandon Rios' inability to make weight, which played out during the Friday weigh in. He tried once (136.4), stepped off, tried again (135.6), and then went to sweat it off. Back less than half an hour later, when he was given an hour to make weight, he was 136.6. His body rebelled against him, and told him 140 is the place for him. He will pay Brit challenger John Murray $20Gs out of his $325,000 purse and must weigh 146.6 pounds or less on a scale at his hotel this morning (9 AM). If he does not, Murray won't fight, his management said. Murray said he was angry at Rios for not making the weight, but he said that when he didn't know that he could still win the WBA lightweight crown. Indeed, he can win the crown, though Rios has given up all claims to it.

On Tuesday, FWIW, Rios' trainer Robert Garcia said his guy had “five or six pounds” still to drop and admitted “we still have some work to do.”

Cotto asked for this bout to be at 153 or under, and he made 152 1/4, while Margarito was 152 1/2 on the scale. Bob Arum stood in between them and acted as a wall to deter them from having a prefight fracas.

I have a feeling, as I said on that HBO show, which will run today on HBO Zone at 5 PM ET, that the main event will be a thriller. Cotto may well fight with anger, and that may fuel him positively at MSG. Put yourself in his boots; what if you were pretty darned sure that the guy standing across from you could well have been using foreign objects in his fists when he fought you? Wouldn't it be hard for you to operate with professional dispassion?

TSS Universe, fire us your Cotto-Margarito rematch predictions, please.

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-the Roast :

Cheeto is a shot fighter. What other fight could he get for big bucks? He's playing his part in this drama. Cotto will box smartly and pound out a UD or bust open Cheetos face for a late TKO.

-amayseng :

even those these two arent what they once were, (i mean who is if they arent 24 years old anymore) they are still good enough to present with a good dramatic scrap. i think cotto gets margacheeto out of there by body work in 9 rounds...

-ultimoshogun :

I got Margarito winning this one by TKO rd 9.

-Real Talk :

I'm pulling for Cotto but my gut is telling me Cheato. Cotto doesn't look confident and he has to be to win, then again Cotto has a good poker face. Cotto has to sit down on his punches, he didn't in the first fight. Cotto has to use better ring generalship, he gave up to much ground to Toney in the first fight without making him earn it. Be first Cotto, his hands can't hit what his eyes can't see. Put that glove in his face and use angles. Dig to the the body and tie him up to slow him down and speed up the rounds. He can get under Margarito and dig to the body and climb that ladder. Tony will want to protect that eye which will give Cotto shots at other targets. Box smart Cotto and place your shots, mix in the power, blend it in with the speed shots so he doesn't know when it's coming and chop that tree down. Cheato is relying on the intimidation and bully factor, stand up to him and do this for your father and your family and represent for PR and the sweet science. I'm pulling for you Miguel. Get'em!!!! Put the hands on him!!!! beat that body. Dueces

-brownsugar :

Realtalk in the house, ..... I'm hoping for a Cotto victory as well.

-amayseng :

REAL TALK is legit, he knows what he is talking about... i agree completely especially with sitting down on those punches and mixing in power and speed. tying up cant hurt as well.

-DaveB :

I agree with Real Talk too. I'm wishing for Cotto but Margarito probably has the edge and will get the victory. Margarito seems like a thug to me and psychologically has something over Cotto. I hope with the fight being at the Garden it gives Cotto the extra umph he needs to get it done. Cotto has to box him like he did in the first part of the first fight where he was dominating and he must invest in the body. Margarito can definitely take it to the head but the body seems to break him down. The pressure of Margarito I think will be a problem for Cotto. That type of pressure affects a person no matter how well they have trained so like Harold Lederman says Cotto will need to use ring generalship and control the action. No matter what happens this should be a good one. Let's go Cotto.

-Radam G :

Bitting off Uncle Snoop Dogg: Let me spit, "Cheating was da charge dat dey gave Tony!" But now we will see if it were the tiger claws of Tijuana Tornardo Tony whup arse or some type of ancient Aztec warrior mummy hardening handwraps. One thing that it wasn't, is this "Plaster of Paris" bullspit. That is cheap syet, any way. What is Paris known for? Love and romance! Not whup-arse and byching because you thrashed your own arse with excess moving, picture posting and jitterbugging like you were on a dance floor, instead of in a squared jungle. One needs to know when to go gorilla and be a beast blood spilla. And when to go play-acting killa and just perform a fantasy-a$$ dance thrilla. Boksing is a seedy theatre of strange jive. Since this bout is in the Big Apple, Miguel may just worm his way through a home-cook victory. Isn't New York called "The city that never sleep?" Bunch of tired-eye muthasuckas can't see nuffin' da's ratt [sic] way. Hehehehe! MFJC! Clean dat sleep syet outta yo' eye! Holla! Holla!

-brownsugar :

just saw the worst robbery in history,.. Helenius is exposed as he loses 9 out of 12 rounds to Chisora and still gets a homemtown split D in Helsinki, Wish I could catch Cotto/Margarito. Put me down for Cotto.

-BHarper85 :

I'll come out and admit that I'm completely biased in this. I hope Cotto seriously messes up that cheating d-bag. That being said, I think Cotto needs to control his emotions toward Margarito and use them to fight a smart, deliberate fight where he goes to the body early and then starts to work on that eye. If he does that, he should win. If he lets his anger control him and comes out brawling trying to prove a point, Margarito will crack him and end it early. Basically, I think it's in Cotto's hands to win or lose (no pun intended), depending on how he fights.

-dino da vinci :

C'mon BHarp, it WAS pun intended! ;-)


Well... time for me to talk. I will like to say hi to all of you guys who still hang around. I read the post periodically. TONIGHT... we Puertoricans taste well earned victory again. Not for Tito Trinidad, Wilfredo Gomez or Ben?tez but from this guy who has always kept things simple. Simple in the way that he is exactly a BOXER - not a promoter, not a trash talker nor a trying to get famous guy. Miguel Cotto in a sense wraps up what a real boxer should be. A proud guy who represents his country and besides being in the hurt business, shows A+ gentlemanship and honors every code. Me, as a boxing fan, can't be more proud of him. Those tears you almost saw coming off from his eyes are the tears that every Boricua were holding as well, feeling the pride and the honor of watching Miguel Cotto fulfill his rightful revenge to the PLASTER MargaCHEATO which clearly couldn't rely only in his granite chin to win this fight. Those "F* Cotto, he is always crying" he said in 24/7 and those clowny smiles he gave to the cameras even as he approached the ring tonight, was only the portrait of a scumbag who DID PUT Cotto, Kermit, Williams and even Clottey (I believe) health to risk. So tonight a page has turned and we see Miguel Cotto rightfully claiming his revenge. Those who defended Margarito for years saying he wasn't cheating has a lot to explain and "schooled us" now how come Margacheato is not that knockout artist since Cotto's first fight and Nazim Richardson's discovery. You know what... If only people relate to Roberto Amenaza Garcia fight to predict this fight... you would have found the answer of the outcome... meaning, how a guy with no pro experience lasted 12 rounds to Margacheato and didn't look busted??? did anyone comment on this?? well, that was the clue to know if Magacheato was using plaster or not. Anyways, tonight we ALSO FOUND OUT that Miguel Cotto, with only one clear loss to Pacquaio, had been unfairly relegate from the top ten P4P list since 2008. Tonight I say he is #2 or #3 in the world, not for beating Margacheato only, but because he gave a boxing clinic to all boxers, non-boxers, trainers, fight writers all around the world. He truly proved that he HAS ALWAYS BEEN, among with Pacquiao and Mayweather the #1 (before Pacquaio started to move weights in 2008) or #2 (not counting Margacheato's first loos) or #3 (now, because he has hold a title every year and defeat the plaster man to erase any questions to his legitimacy) . So I will say to the boxing press around the world to fix that top P4P list and write Miguell Cotto to the #2 position right now because he has face better fighters than Mayweather and HE HAS NEVER SAY NO TO A CHALLENGE (that's part of his cemented history in boxing). So.... as you can tell, and after many months not commenting in this home-like website, I'm back or celebrating tonight and I'm proud.. PROUD to be Puertorrican and show the world this 100 x 35 miles island is full of people who has the same courage and dignity and gentlemanship honor as Miguel Cotto. I'm one of them..... God bless Miguel and his family. Tonight his dad is indeed looking down to him and us saying " I'm proud of you". And tonight there are a bunch of Mexicans who should expatriate that SUCIO DE LA PUT* MADRE DE MARGACHEATO who dares to wear the mexican colors and flag to the ring trying to be an honorable fighter. Tonight history was fixed. In the Garden. Full house. Filled by proud puertoricans who show the support he deserves. He is our champion, and he is from Caguas Puertoooo Ricoooooooo, Miguel, el Angel, Cottoooooooooo. Yeah!!!!!!! (regards to editor mike and all long time users here!!!! - great show of boxing - great article!!!!)