What's Next For Nonito, Rios, Pavlik, Bradley, According to Dunkin…WOODS

DonaireMediaDay4Montiel TJHogan1He is THE manager in the game today, and to be honest, a pretty likable guy. Cameron Dunkin is fairly unfiltered and we keyboard tappers love that trait.

For instance, he admitted that he sometimes has to employ misdirection, and put out two names of potential foes, who in fact are not in contention to fight one of his guys, because if the real target knows he's wanted, that drives up the price. I humbly asked him to give me the real-deal scoop, and he chuckled, and agreed when we chatted at BB King's in NYC on Thursday afternoon. Dunkin was there with his guy Brandon Rios, who meets Brit John Murray at MSG on the Cotto-Margarito undercard. He told me that he'd like to see Rios in the ring the end of January, if he gets past Murray with no nicks. He'd fight someone maybe a step up from Murray and then take aim at Yuriorkis Gamboa, perhaps in May or June.

Dunkin also said dates are being sifted through for bantam titlist Nonito Donaire (27-1; age 29) to battle Wilfredo Vazquez Jr (21-1-1), the 27-year-old ex super bantam champ. That will go down in February or March, quite likely.

And what about Kelly Pavlik? “He'll go to Oxnard to train after after Christmas,” Dunkin said. “We want him to spend time with his kids, he's willing to go now. His future holds Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. He's in great shape at home, he's thin and strong. The Chavez fight, that's doable, they like the fight.”

And Tim Bradley, Dunkin said, could glove up again in March, but he will wait and see how the third round of Pacquiao-Mayweather negotiations play out. Dunkin said we tappers can hold off on the baseless speculation til after the New Year. He thinks we'll see some clarity on that megafight after the holidays.

Dunkin and I both agreed, we too will make that push to be thin and strong, in the New Year.

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