Canelo Beats Ex Champ Cintron, Gets TKO5 Win

It was a career best win for Canelo Alvarez, I suppose, as he forced the ref in round five to halt the main event, against Kermit Cintron,  on HBO on Saturday night at the Monumental Plaza Del Toros in Mexico City. But this may be the last we see of Cintron, who didn’t look all that engaged, or crisp, from the opening. He rarely launched through his target, and while his name is a nice scalp on the resume, he does not present, in retrospect, more of test that Alfonso Gomez.

After, Max Kellerman talked with Canelo. The winner said that he wants Mayweather in May. Is he ready, Max asked? “Apart from the money, that doesn’t matter, we want to fight the best in the world, he’s the best pound for pound and that’s what we want, we want to fight him.”

The 21-year-old Canelo (38-0-1 with 28 KOs; from Jalisco, Mexico) was 154 pounds, while Cintron (33-4-1; from Puerto Rico) was 154. This bout was the third defense of Canelo’s WBC light middleweight title.

In the first, the ex welter champ Cintron ate a solid left hook. A straight right also snapped his head back.

In the second, Cintron came out more awake, jabbing. But Canelo was the lead dog, dictating pace and tone. Cintron wasn’t punching through his target, and didn’t look all that sharp.

In the third, Cintron worked from the outside, but he didn’t have the look of a man on a mission. He wasn’t all that busy, didn’t seem to be working a particular strategy, and had lost every round.

In the fourth, Canelo scored a knockdown with a minute left. A right hand did the trick. He then slipped with 35 seconds to go. He was also hurt at the end of the round, and blood came from the bridge of his nose.

In the fifth, Cintron looked a bit depleted. The ref stopped it, a real quick hook to me on first glance. Canelo went 79-215, to 41-285.

Roy Jones offered a summation. He said he thinks Broner is maybe the best at 130 right now, and that Canelo is an old soul. “I can’t wait to see whatever his future holds,” he said. TSS Universe, what do you want next for the redhead? Weigh in!


-Radam G :

Cintron should have kept his shaved dome. That was the only chance that he had. He could've blinded Canelo with the glare from that shiny dome or used it to ram into Canelo's mug, Tim Bradley style. Let this be a lesson. One who grows his bush back, gets that arse smashed by the greatest hyped-up redhead of our time. Holla!

-mortcola :

Cintron is not responding well. There's something wrong there - even when he was trying to fight back, and landing a few nice check hooks, his coordination was off, and he was VERY dizzy from several of those shots before the end. He needs to retire. Canelo, on the other hand, is showing himself to be the real deal. Still too easy to hit, but bricks in his hands, and good reflexes and setting up of his shots.

-the Roast :

I'm with you Mortcola. Hard to figure what happened there last night. Was Alvarez that good or is Cintron completly finished? I think it was both. Canelo looked good but Cintron is done. I expected a much closer fight. That loss to Molina was no fluke. I hope we get to see Alvarez vs Chavez jr after one or two more fights. They don't want to over cook it like Gamboa-JuanMa. Whoever loses has time to come back and have a good career. They are both so young. I have got to hire a few of those Corona girls to hang around with me.

-FighterforJC :

In this era of bums, a non-bum shines. Canelo is no bum and while at this stage of his career he's still a notch below the Miguel Cottos and Trinidads, he most definitely makes an intriguing enough matchup for Mayweather. He was exposed by GOMEZ and would've been in a world of trouble had Gomez hit at least as hard as a featherweight and Mayweather knows this. Mayweather can play the waiting game but he knows his clock is ticking and Alvarez's style isn't on the fast track to wear and tear the way Pacquiao's is, so if Mayweather is looking to really upstage Pacquiao without actually fighting him, Canelo is the biggest fight out there and he should seize it. Canelo has the physical tools and while he's relatively easy to hit, he seems to have a cool head and doesn't seem to panic. He's also deceptively quick with sharp countering skills.

-Radam G :

Actually Canelo has been talking about fighting with Money May, since Canelo was 19 years old. Now Money May's shiny chocolate dome would be glaring all up in the red-headed kid's eyes. Then those Money May's mits would be rapidly smashing into the kid's mug until KAPOW! Da kid would be out like red Christmas lights. His style is made for safety-first Money May. I believe Canelo appeared quick against the C fighters that he has been fighting. But against a good B, A or elite fighter like Money May, the kid would stand the chances of the world ending on !2-12-12 -- NONE! Holla!

-FighterforJC :

It doesn't matter. Canelo is still the biggest matchup for Mayweather outside of Pacquiao. Mayweather likes to go after mentally weak fighters, so far Canelo has not shown that he's the type who will shut down mentally, as vulnerable as he is. That might be enough to deter Mayweather.

-brownsugar :

I'd love to see the fight against Canelo if Pac isn't available... the harder the competition the more Mayweather brings and the harder he digs because he prepares for such an eventuality... love to see the man challenged. Floyd fights harder for the sake of vanity than most men who fight off of heart and a sheer love for the battle. We'll soon see, barring any legal obstacles or injuries... I believe we'll see the most determined Mayweather ever in his next fight no matter who it is... I also think his toughest challenger is Amir Khan..Not quite the boxing genius yet,.. but as close as it gets for guys not named Mayweather.. plus he has the physical tools and gifts to pull an upset.

-Radam G :

Wow! B-sug, when it comes to Money May, you are doing a lot of thinking. But up the pugilistic house, Money May will be stinking. I know that you love him, but he is not all that and a bag of chips any more. He can still sell a fridge to an Eskimo -- I mean bullsh*tology to many boksing fans. But not to boksing clans. Fam May knows how to play, so that they can get that BIG PAY! Holla!