Report: Ortiz-Berto On For Jan. or Feb.

You just plain have to give the man credit. All of us are shaking off the tryptophan and Dan Rafael is breaking news.

Rafael writes that Victor Ortiz will take on Andre Berto in a rematch of their April scrap, on either Jan. 28 or Feb. 11.  Rafael says the bout will run on Showtime, not HBO, which is a surprise, because Berto is an HBO fighter. You’ll recall that Ortiz and Berto took turns hitting the deck in the first tussle, and Ortiz emerged the victor, via UD12. Berto seeks revenge, because that win gave Ortiz a shot at Floyd Mayweather and his career best payday.

As Rafael pointed out, this is a splashy move for the new Showtime captain, Stephen Espinoza. Boxing fans could be the beneficiary if a bidding war between him and ex Showtime boss Ken Hershman, who starts at HBO on January 9, becomes a regular thing. Espinoza used to work at Golden Boy, so we could see more Oscar fighters on Showtime.  Ideally, we see promoters offering the best fights to both nets, and we don’t have one network favoring one promoter excessively.

Ortiz-Berto II, who do ya like?


-amayseng :

good matchup ortiz by knockout.. ortiz didnt look over his head with floyd despite the sucker punch combination... ortiz will learn and be better from being in the ring with floyd... berto regresses every fight ortiz by knockout if he has a good ref who wont let berto hold 2 mins per round

-BHarper85 :

Berto by UD. He made a mistake in the first fight and fought Ortiz's fight by standing and trading with him. I think he comes out and effectively out-boxes Ortiz. That being said, I'm sure Ortiz will have his moments and could very well win. I just think Berto will have enough motivation to avenge the first fight and make his own claim for a big payday.

-Djtuck :

I like Berto by KO in this rematch. Really down on Ortiz and his behavour in the Mayweather fight. Would Marvin Hagler ever hug and kiss his opponent during the middle of a fight? WTF???

-Radam G :

Berto appears to be perpretrating a fraud. To me, anyway. Berto could also just be a bit delusional, and thinks that he is better than his can actually fight. Dude ain't that good of an so-called elite pugilist. Amayseng could definitely be right. Vicious Vic O may just KAYO Berto this second time around. Holla!