Robert Guerrero REALLY Wants To Fight Mayweather

Robert Guerrero REALLY Wants To Fight Mayweather – Last week, fight fans heard the good news when Floyd Mayweather announced his intent to return to the ring on May 5th in the MGM Grand, Las Vegas, Nevada. But many didn’t expect The Ghost to come calling. Lightweight champion Robert “The Ghost” Guerrero wants to move up two weight classes to challenge undefeated pound for pound king Floyd Mayweather on Cinco De Mayo. The southpaw says a bout between the two crafty boxers would be great for the sport.

With news of the super fight between Mayweather and Pacquiao being in jeopardy, Guerrero has pulled no punches in his quest to get Money May in the ring. Multiple press releases and appearances on sports shows are a few of the ways Guerrero expresses his viewpoint. Robert sat with me to discuss the potential Mayweather fight and why the “so called best fighters” (as he says) are afraid to fight him.

The Ghost says he will be ready in February if necessary and Floyd will be up to the task. “He is a champion,” Guerrero said of Floyd Mayweather. “I think this fight will be made. Everything makes sense.”

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Ray Markarian: Hey Robert how’s everything?

Robert Guerrero: What’s up Ray? How are you doing man?

RM: I’m good. How’s that shoulder injury treating you man?

Robert Guerrero: Oh, it’s great. There is no injury anymore. I am ready to go.

RM: I have seen you call out a lot of fighters in the past. But not many fighters have gone to the lengths you have to call out Floyd Mayweather. Everyone wants to fight him. But you are doing it differently. There are press releases talking about the potential fight, predictions from boxing experts, and you have gone on talk shows to call him out. What makes this fight any different from the other challenges you have made?

RG: You know Floyd is the ultimate challenge. He is the best fighter in boxing right now hands down. And I am like those throwback fighters man, I want to fight the best. Every time I call out the best like Marquez, Pacquiao, or Khan, none of them want to fight. We are approaching this challenge like ‘hey, let’s make it happen. I know he set that date. Cinco-de-Mayo. I am Mexican-American right here. Let’s do it.

RM: Floyd also talked about fighting in February. Would you be ready for a fight with Floyd if it took place in February?

RG: Yeah, that is the around the time frame I would be ready to go. But May 5th, it is even more icing on the cake. More time to get ready. More time to train and prepare for a fight.

RM: I am sure you saw Floyd fight Victor Ortiz and other south-paws in the past like Judah. Floyd had some trouble with Judah early in the fight. And you could even argue that he had a bit of trouble with Victor Ortiz. Stylistically, how different would a fight with you and Floyd be than his fights with Judah or Ortiz?

RG: Well for one, Zab Judah is a one-two puncher. You can’t be that way with Floyd Mayweather. Same with Victor Ortiz, he is a one-two puncher. They only threw one or two shots at a time. I am 5’9. I have a great jab. I throw a lot of punches. I have good power on both sides. And I have great feet. I could box on the inside or outside. I could do it all in the ring.

RM: No doubt. I have seen you fight. And you do a lot of great things in the ring. But the nature of this interview is for me to play devil’s advocate. What makes you think that you could be a fighter that has never been beat before?

RG: I have a lot of faith in my ability. I believe I could beat anybody in the world. If you go into the ring without confidence, it haunts you. A guy like Floyd Mayweather, who is intelligent in the ring, takes advantage of weaknesses like that. I am that type of guy that is here to fight. I am here to take care of business. Nobody intimidates me. I ain’t scare of anybody. I go in the ring to win the fight. I don’t go in there just to fight.

RM: Do you think some of Floyd’s recent opponents just went in the ring to survive?

RG: You have to have a killer instinct. You have seen me fight. I go in with a killer instinct. Some people doubt themselves. Floyd has the utmost confidence in himself. That is why he is so dominant. That is why he hasn’t lost a fight. I am 100% confident in myself.

RM: You have to go in 100% confident right?

RG: Yeah, you have to be. The one thing I love is doubters. When I am the underdog I step up. I am a playmaker. When it is time to make that play, I am there. I will hit that home run.

RM: Do you think that Floyd is hearing these call outs?

RG: Oh yeah, it has been all over the media. I know he sees it. It’s all there to make the fight with Golden Boy. I am a five-time world champion in three different weight classes. You know, I have gone overseas to win world titles Floyd hasn’t. And I defended the titles many times. What more can I do? I am Mexican-American; he wants to fight on Cinco De Mayo. I could talk Spanish and English. It is all there. There is no reason that fight shouldn’t be made.

RM: You have never fought at welterweight. Would you accept any terms Floyd would offer for a potential fight?

RG: I carry the weight well. I go up weight classes and get better. Shane Mosley went from 135 to 147 to fight De la Hoya and beat him twice. Marquez just did it against Pacquiao. It’s been done before.

RM:  What did you think of the Pacquiao/Marquez fight last weekend?

RG: I had Marquez winning eight rounds to four. He had good range, good distance. I think he outsmarted Pacquiao.

RM: I think you have a lot of options outside of a Mayweather fight around 140 and 147 pounds. If the Mayweather bout does not materialize, would you accept a fight with Marquez, Pacquiao, Bradley, or Khan? Or is Floyd the only fight you want?

RG: Mayweather is the guy I want. Like I said, I want to fight the best. Khan called me out before. I signed the contract to fight him. Then he disappeared. I am tired of talking about him. Bradley is with Top Rank. I’d love to fight him. You’re right. There are a number of fights out there. I have been the number one contender to fight Marquez for the last three years. But that fight didn’t happen. There’s a reason why I haven’t got that fight with Bradley, Marquez, Pacquiao, Khan, or Mayweather. None of them want to fight. That is the problem I’m having. I am a 5’9 lefty with quick hands and feet that could fight on the inside and outside. You know, I know they call me The Ghost but nobody has to be spooked.

RM: So, you want to fight the best. And Floyd is the man with the guts to take you on. Is that how it boils down?

RG: He says he takes on all challengers. Everything is there to make that big fight. I could sell a big fight. The last fight I was supposed to have with Maidana was a sellout. It is all there for us to make a big fight with me and Floyd Mayweather.

RM: What’s your prediction for that fight, maybe a knockout?

RG: With me and Floyd?

RM: Yeah.

RG: Who knows? I believe in myself. I believe I could knock him out. Anything could happen in boxing. If you believe in yourself and have faith, anything could happen.

RM: Do you expect Floyd to accept your challenge? Or do you think he is not really paying attention?

RG:  I know he is paying attention. Floyd Mayweather would not be pound for pound best fighter in the world, if he wasn’t paying attention. Even when he retired he was paying attention. I am expecting him to take on the challenge.

RM: Do you have a message for Floyd Mayweather?

RG: Yeah, the only way this fight will not be made is if he doesn’t want it.


RG: I could tell by the way you are talking that you sound pumped already. You want to see this!

RM: Of course man. I think it will be a great fight.

RG: Hey, like I said. I have the utmost confidence that I could win this fight. I believe in myself. And I know he believes in himself. I don’t need anybody to tell me ‘You could do it.’ Because I know in my heart I could beat this guy.

RM: Thanks Robert. I hope you have a great holiday season.

RG: I just want to tell all the fight fans that read your page to follow me @GhostBoxing for all the latest news on this FloydMayweather fight.

RM: You got it.

RG: Alright Ray. Thanks. Have a great Thanksgiving. God bless you.

RM: Thanks Robert, same to you.

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-the Roast :

Why on earth would Mayweather fight Robert Guerrero? Guerrero is a nobody. Nobody in the mainstream has heard or him. People would be saying,"Mayweather is fighting Kelly Pavlik?" No, not that Ghost, the lightweight Ghost. Critics would slam Floyd for fighting a blown up lightweight. What's the point? Also Guerrero has a history of pulling out of fights. He gets injured. His wife has a relapse. Fight off. Finally, Guerrero would have no chance. Floyd would toy with him. Next idea.

-Radam G :

WOW! Holla!

-seler :

LOL? Seriously? Is this a joke? Why is Floyd considering fighting these fighters that the general public has never heard of before. See, im a boxing fan so ive heard of Ortiz and Guerrero. But the non-boxing fan, like my friends, theyre gonna say, "Robert who?" Damn, they all heard about Pacquiao for three years now, why cant Floyd get that fight done? Now they gotta feed us Guerrero? Seriously? Is this what the #1 P4P fighter ranked by ESPN and Yahoosports do?? Fight dudes thats not even in the top ten?? Shit, Pac is #1 by Ring Magazine or #2 by ESPN and Yahoo, why cant Floyd fight that guy instead of the Victor Whos and Robert Whos of boxing???