After 11/12/11 Pacquiao-Mayweather Not As Compelling

Well, maybe Floyd Mayweather was right. He knew all along, as some writers and fans did, that he had the style to trouble and perhaps beat Manny Pacquiao. But those beatings Pacquiao administered to a dried out Miguel Cotto, an empty package named Antonio Margarito, and an always disappointing Joshua Clottey (fighters Floyd ducked when they were legitimate challengers to him) spooked him from going near Pacquiao. Now after watching a focused and determined Juan Manuel Marquez, 38, out think, out-box and sometimes out-muscle Manny for the better part of 12-rounds during their third fight this past weekend, Mayweather must be frustrated inside realizing now that Pacquiao is vulnerable and not un-beatable. Floyd now likely knows he over-thought things by not fighting Pacquiao sooner.

After seeing Marquez weighing 143 fighting Pacquiao, who weighed in at 144, manage to stay with Pacquiao physically, it’s not hard to envision Mayweather duplicating what Marquez did. It was thought before the fight that meeting Marquez above 140 was to be an advantage for Pacquiao. This is something everybody, including myself, missed. Remember how Mayweather made the natural featherweight Marquez look like a bantamweight when they fought? Mayweather will look like a middleweight next to Pacquiao when they meet.

Sure, styles make fights and some observers will state that just because Marquez can be successful countering and forcing Manny to reset, this doesn’t necessarily mean that applies to Mayweather. And they would be right. But on the other hand we heard before the fight how great Pacquiao was looking in camp and how he wanted to distance himself from Marquez, which he didn’t. And we’ve also been told how Freddie Roach (who predicted a Pacquiao win inside of five founds) has made Manny a more complete fighter, yet he seemed more bothered by Marquez’s style this time than he was when they last fought in 2008. I’m sure some have overreacted to Marquez’s showing and think it spells trouble for Pacquiao if he fights Mayweather. But if you’ve always felt the style match-up favored Mayweather, not so much so. And just because Floyd has shown trepidation to fighting Pacquiao, which he most certainly has, doesn’t mean he wouldn’t or couldn’t beat him.

Pacquiao-Mayweather Isn’t Such A Super Fight Now:

Due to Floyd Mayweather making a mockery out of the contract negotiations the fight didn’t take place when it should’ve over a year ago. And after seeing Marquez not only survive Pacquiao, but frequently better him, how ridiculous do Mayweather’s demands for Olympic style drug testing look now? It’s obvious that due to all the tough HOF fighters that Pacquiao has faced, along with his crowd pleasing and wide open style, he’s slowed some (evidenced against Shane Mosley in his previous fight) and is on the decline. Couple that with Manny’s ineffectiveness against straight punches and fighters who can disrupt him and force him to reset, where’s the intrigue or drama for Pacquiao-Mayweather now?

Mayweather has once again won the waiting game and if he fights Pacquiao, it’ll be the perfect time for him. The only problem with that is, aside from him being able to claim victory over Pacquiao on his record, how much will it really mean? It’s not like Floyd would be beating Manny while he was at the zenith of his career. It’s almost as if the win would be a little tainted and it can easily be said that Mayweather again fought another big name fighter when they were on the decline. However, that doesn’t matter to Mayweather as long as he can retire undefeated. Which is all he’s ever cared about, and in some ways that’s not so bad, is it?

Floyd could’ve really pulled one over on his critics and the boxing world had he fought Pacquiao in 2010 and did to him more thoroughly what Juan Manuel Marquez did on 11/12/11. As some have tried to maintain since Pacquiao’s ascension, as terrific as he is, he has been out-boxed by Erik Morales and Juan Manuel Marquez. And Mayweather is longer, stronger, faster and bigger than both Morales and Marquez, not to mention he hasn’t had nearly the tough fights and career that they have, partly because of his skill-set and partly because of his unwillingness to ever meet the best of the best who were in his division when they were at or near their peak.

If Mayweather beats Pacquiao of course he’ll be unbearable. Then again, beating him after Juan Manuel Marquez did this past Saturday night, in the ring if not on the judges’ cards, does take some of the historical significance away from it. After seeing Pacquiao, at the worst neutralized and made to look ordinary by Marquez on 11/12/11, the prospect of Pacquiao-Mayweather doesn’t seem all that compelling anymore.

Sure, the names Pacquiao and Mayweather will sell and make for a big fight, but as far as intrigue, not to me.


-Radam G :

Money May is no Sonny "Night Train" Liston. After the Night Train saw loud-mouthed Cassius Clay knocked down by "British bum Henry Cooper," he and his momma and everybody and dey momma and everyone and his cousin were certain that Liston was going to button up the Louisville Lips. Well HE DIDN'T! And history is long to repeat itself on foolish men -- "the [predicting] experts" -- who always are highly sure that they can predict the future and be RIGHT about picking the baddest mothafu*ka alive in the art of mano-i-mano sweet science pugilism. Well! I hope that Money May bites like a dumb-arse fish in the sea. And over Da Manny, come and get the victorEEE! NYET! I just love the bravery of fools. And, oh YUP, in beating Da Manny, Money May has all the tools. And that is only if Da Manny believe this superiority advantage that _____ always give their kind. Wow! I'm reminded of a donkey's behind. Why waste your Time! Haters, ___ hopers and faders see from one ____ clouded mind. They're always hoping that another victory that blindness, biasness, the belief of superiority entitlement and ____ boldness find. Money May's been there, knows this, and saw that. Unlike his nuthuggers and groupies, he doesn't get fooled by hope sighting. And a little of match lighting. He knows boxing. And when it won't work with some b*tch-a$$ foxing. Marquez fought to get by. Maybe da sucka shoulda stuck with sippin' his peepee, because this time, he didn't try. He kept stepping on Da Manny's toe and then running like a thief, and then running like he was entitled to steal the title. What a PUNK! I bet he had on woman panties under his trunks. Holla!

-Coxs Corner :

Bit of a reach to say Marquez was able to "out think, out-box and sometimes out-muscle Manny for the better part of 12-rounds" alot of those rounds were close and Manny was the busier fighter and forced the action most of the time. Really think a draw is a fair verdict. No different than their other fights except this time Marquez didnt go down. Mayweather may have th style to trouble Manny but I still think FM Jr. is a sissy for not fighting him 2 years ago and coming up with every excuse in the book to avoid Pacquiao when he was peaking.

-brownsugar :

Ummm..... that's incorrect Cox,....The 35 year old Mayweather called out Pac for a May 5th fight well before the Marquez fight,..... When Pac should have been at his best. Pac is just 32 years old with a 15 fight win streak, the most charismatic Asian Athlete since Bruce Lee and was expected to send Marquez home on a stretcher before fans could finish thier first can of cold beer. I don't know about you but my Heinekin got warm before I picked it up again as I watched with astonishment as Marquez used a little footwork and slick counterpunching to make Manny look like he woke up on the wrong side of the bed that morning. Arum no longer wants any part of Mayweather and Boxing Websites are already proclaiming Mayweather the best P4P fighter of this generation. and the two favorites haven't even thrown a punch at each other in anger. I have to agree with the article,.. the only way Pac beats Mayweather is if he to goes to jail.

-brownsugar :

The part of the article I don't understand is how a 32year old boxer on top of his game is now supposed to be finished and on the decline. Yet the 35 year old Floyd is still as fresh as the driven snow. The only difference with Pac is that his last 2 opponents used a little lateral movement. Something Pac has never completely learned to cope with. Lets not put Pac into the grave just yet. This article comes off very hypocritical with a heavy dose of double standards... I've seen better work from this writer.

-amayseng :

straight punches by jmm? jmm prospered due to using angles and combinations... combinations, something floyd doesnt use. in fact, jmm is an offensive powerhouse....floyd is not, floyd is a great defensive fighter and a pot shotter... still favor pac today, 2 years ago floyd wins, today pac wins... floyd lost his legs and foot agility....

-Coxs Corner :

Brownsugar Mayweather could have had a fight with Pacquiao anytime in the last 2.5 years, and instead of signing on the dotted line he tried to control every aspect of a potential meeting with his bogus testing scam. Everyone knows it. As far as Mayweather being the best fighter of this generation that is highly disputed, most historians I know would disagree. Certainly Pacquiao has had a better career in level of competition and when he fought them by most men whose opinion I respect.

-teaser :

manny didn,t have that "fire" in this fight.....and actually didn't show it a lot against mosley....tell me how many times did you see manny bang his gloves together in this fight ?....not like him at all... he just couldn't let his hands go ....mentally he wasn't prepared for a focus after Marquez countered him a few times ....and those body shots....maybe he thought it was going to be easy....should have pressured hit too many times while trying to figure marquez out...yes floyd and manny should have met 2yrs it's almost like someone telling you the what happens at the end of the movie...the time for that great fight has past...:( we all lose

-FighterforJC :

Those who favor Mayweather to beat Pacquiao based on his performance against JMM last Saturday are bigger fools than the oddsmakers who made Pacquiao the 9 to 1 favorite over JMM.

-TerryIgnacio :

I still feel that this is the fight to make, although I could understand why its not as compelling for you anymore. His performance against Mosley was not to the usual levels, and now we witnessed a really subpar performance against Marquez. This may be attributed to a possible beginning of deterioration of Manny. His next fight would go a long way in confirming this suspicion. This is one reason why I want the Mayweather fight, since Mayweather would really test him.

-TerryIgnacio :

....The 35 year old Mayweather called out Pac for a May 5th fight well before the Marquez fight.....
I think it's a stretch to say that Mayweather called out Pacquiao to fight. If his camp were serious about negotiating with Pacquiao, do you pick the date and venue already? Do you do that less than two weeks before his fight, when they were busy preparing? They should repeat to offer to fight in the next several days if they are indeed intent on making the fight. They also did not mention Pacquiao by name. They said they're looking for the biggest fight possible, against the "little fella." I don't know if I'm being too sensitive, but I see that as disrepectful. Also, note that it was not Mayweather who said this; it was Ellerbe. Anyway, let us see in the next week or so.

-Radam G :

Wow! "It's a stretch" that has had happened. Mayweather has not called out Da Manny. The Money May nuthuggers, groupies and faders have. They don't tell Money May what to think or say. His mouth is the lone one that will make a bout between he and Da Manny sealed, mailed, delivered and OKAY! Holla!

-amilesqmarleya7103 :

Certainly. I agree with told all above. We can communicate on this theme.