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Pacquiao Marquez 111112 004aI am no technical wizard. I do not possess the acumen or the authority to dispense advice and expect it to be followed to a T. I am merely a pundit, a man with a keyboard, some passwords to post stuff myself and a level of interest that has left me having watched a boatload of boxing matches.

But please allow me to furnish some advice to Juan Manuel Marquez, and his trainer Nacho Beristain, or whoever trains him in the future.

Sir, you have fought Manny Pacquiao three times. You have been “awarded” a draw, and two losses. You are not doing something right.

You can dispute this, you can argue this till you and I are both blue in the face, you can dismiss me as a dope. But the record book says I am not wrong. The record book says that Pacquiao hasn't lost to you. The record book is speaking to you, and telling you that if you want to turn that around, if you two do fight again, you must do something different.

In my inexpert opinion, I'd recommend you changing your tactics and strategy, and go from being a guy who capitalizes when the other guy makes mistakes, to being a guy who relies more on volume, more on being first. I'd recommend you being less of a counterpuncher, and more of a puncher, period. I'm not recommending you switch your style wholesale, Juan Manuel. You should still do what it is that makes you a Hall of Fame talent. But in all three fights, which you maintain you won, you threw fewer punches than Pacquiao. Next time, make damned sure you throw more than him. Or at least, try to do so. If you get all offensive minded on Manny, and come at him, you are fighting the sort of style he prefers. So it might not work. You'd be wise to throw more punches than Pacquiao to increase the likelihood that judges who're unwilling or incapable of rewarding a style such as yours against the icon that is Pacquiao smile upon you, instead of screw you.

It might not work. But what you've been doing hasn't been working either. That's not me talking, that's the record book. That's Boxrec talkin. And you know what they say about those who do the same thing over and over and expect a different result? They say they're crazy. I'd argue that maybe crazy isn't the right word. But stubborn is. Stick to stubborn and you're likely to lose again. You will hold your principles intact but you will be 0-3-1 against the Filipino in the place that matters most, right or wrong, the official record books.

Juan Manuel, unless you get the terms of fight four to your liking, and the clash takes place in Mexico, the same darn thing will quite likely happen again. You will fight a smart fight, the rounds will be hard to score and subject to debate, and the guy who generates more money printing than the Fed, Pacquaio, will have his hand raised. If and when you fight again, tweak your strategy and tactics, or accept another loss as a foregone conclusion.

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