Is New Suit Versus Oscar A Quest For A Payout?…WOODS

The NY Post has released a bombshell exclusive against ex fighter and current promoter Oscar De La Hoya. The Post reported this morning that a woman named Angelica Marie Cecora, age 25, has put in motion a lawsuit against Oscar, alleging emotional distress, false imprisonment, and assault and battery, stemming from a so-called sex and drugs party she says took place on March 15, 2010.

The Post says Cecora, who is described as a “model,”  admits she never contacted police. Defenders of De La Hoya, who entered rehab in May 2011 to battle an admitted substance abuse problem, will perhaps note that this suit could be seen as a legal extortion attempt, and that Cecora may well be seeking the sort of payout received by the first woman who unleashed a similar bombshell against the former champion. Milana Dravnel, an ex stripper, received a reported $20 million, it was revealed in September 2011, after she put out photos of Oscar in fishnet drag in November 2007. He at first said the photos were fakes, but two months ago came clean, saying that the photos were not doctored. The payout to Dravnel, reports said, were furnished in exchange for her silence on the matter. Might Cecora be seeking a comparable windfall?

In the Post piece, Cecora said she partied with Oscar at the Central Park Ritz-Carlton. He drank heavily, used cocaine, indulged in sex, mimicked Charlie Sheen by screaming “Winning!” and wore the underwear belonging to Cecora and a dancer pal she invited over. The “false imprisonment” charge is a seeming head scratcher, as Cecora in the Post story doesn’t say that the boxer locked her and/or her pal up.

De La Hoya’s attorney, Judd Burstein, said that he had been unable to reach Oscar for comment, as of last night. Oscar was active on Twitter, writing on Wednesday night, “God please give me the strength to continue on my journey. good night.” On Thursday morning he wrote, “I’m holding on strong and never letting go,” and, “I’m doing great. last night I received my 6 month chip. wow I can’t believe it. How time just passes when your doing the right thing.” Later, he wrote, “I experiencing new emotions and feelings in this sober journey. im realizing that life doesn’t have to be so complicated after all” as well as, “I’m still working on “me” so I can be strong enough to work on everything else that matters in my life.”

Bottom line, my opinion: Cecora is perhaps seeing that alleged romp as a potential lottery win. It is no secret that Oscar liked to party, and he admits in a self-destructive fashion. Here’s hoping Cecora isn’t allowed to exploit the situation for her gain.


-Radam G :

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-brownsugar :

a former stripper,.. never made a police report,... went willingly to a hotel room with a wealthy man. No credibility no matter how you look at it. on the other hand. Oscar had better be extremely careful with the type of people he's associating with.