Pacquiao Kills on Kimmel Again; Duets With Host on Bee Gees Tune…WOODS

Manny Pacquiao, indisputably the world’s number one boxer-Congressman-singer, once again killed it on Jimmy Kimmel’s late night talk-variety show.

Pacman did a duet on Thursday night with the host himself on the Bee Gees classic “How Deep Is Your Love.” They stood back to back and banged it out, with Kimmel proving that he made the right choice going into the segment of show business he did. Manny nailed the falsetto high notes pretty well, drawing applause from the live audience.

The 1977 release by the brothers Gibb went to number one on Christmas Eve 1977, and stayed in the top ten for a record 17 weeks. This tune started a monster run for the Gibbs, as the first of six number one consecutive hits for the boys. Perhaps Pacman’s rendition will do for that song what his rendition of “Sometimes When We Touch” did for Dan Hill.

Pacquaio was his usual charming, relaxed self with Kimmel. He giggled at the site of his impersonator in the front row; said he thinks Kimmel is a lucky charm for him; and said he’s amped to show Marquez that he is the better man, though he’s not angry.

Kimmel asked if he’ll so something similar to his entrance in his last bout, against Shane Mosley, when the lead singer of “Survivor” strolled out to “Eye of the Tiger.” Manny said he didn’t have anything planned yet, but joked that maybe he’d sing himself enroute to the ring to meet Juan Manuel Marquez for the third time, on Nov. 12.

Kimmel asked about a Pacquiao-Mayweather bout. Manny said he is ready for that bout and didn’t know why Floyd hasn’t signed on. Kimmel suggested a winner-take-all purse. Would he do that? “Of course,” he said, to mad cheers, though he said he didn’t think Floyd would go for that.

Pacquiao showed off his new produce product, Pacquiao broccoli. “It keeps me strong and healthy,” he said.

It wasn’t clear till late in the game what song Manny would sing. His team asked Sony if they could do “Let It Be,” the 1970 Beatles tune, and Sony said no. Perhaps they were preoccupied and that was the reason for this public relations snafu; on Wednesday, Sony announced they expect to lose $1.2 billion on the year, and reported a $346 million net loss for the quarter.

The OK to sing “How Deep,” from a few publishing companies, came in late Wednesday night.


-Radam G :

Da Manny is on a roll. And with him, everybody in da money and in show biz wanna stroll. Recognize, people, what I said years ago. Da Manny is going to be da most recognized face in the world and biggest money draw for endorsements of all times. I know that you haters and faders wanna hate and will get on your fade, but just call a spade a spade. Holla!